Your Husband Is Cheating On Us Season 1 Episode 4 – ‘Walk It Out’

In the aftermath of D’atra’s firestorms, everyone tries to find some sense of normality to make it through the next four weeks. Meanwhile, the drama in the house seems to be calming down, but a tense filled rehearsal triggers Taylour to reignite old issues. When one fire’s out, another one starts.

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  • Me

    Sooooo…..the sensitive gay guy is playing an insensitive straight player….who is bagging 3 grandmothers?
    This doesn’t look like it’s going to work out but…..okay.
    I’m not a dream killer….so I’m just gonna hush.

  • Yetunde

    She’s Australian, not British.

  • Marquitta Thompson

    I’m tired of the fake 4 tf the Kristen keep tryin to come for D’atra since day 2 she only said how she felt about not being able to sing white bitch took it and ran with it then when she got called out on it she tried to make it like she was helpin the her reason for movin out the room was for what tho? I mean fr then Jermain ass he need to sit down and be humble tf u keep tryin to mock D’atra for nobody makin fun of him being gay or that his daddy only fwh for the money D’atra aint did nothing to this man and he keeps her name in his mouth for what tho?? Mfs is followers period

  • KetaLorraine

    D’Atra was right to stay…the pact was to do what they gotta do as a team to make the play happen…they all agreed but then these numb nuts walk out on their 4 hour rehearsal.

  • India

    Lol I just read this and we are on the same page

  • India

    Cat lady ..

  • India

    That white chick is so two faced ..she was liking D’Atra…was all up her ass until she saw nobody in the house like her do now she wanna switch sides ..why is she even in that play

  • Jayne

    Lool everyone mocking d’atra about being the “Beyonce” but she’s the only person we see the background of sooo she clearly is and she’s not even the lead !

  • Robin S Argueta

    Oh my damn!!! Not The Beast from the old tv show! I can wit you, I CAN lls

  • Robin S Argueta

    Yes I agree about D’Atra. She is working for something bigger that they are obviously taking for granted. Acting like teenagers for real. Jermaine corny as [email protected]#. Maybe we are watching a play within a play or something this is strange….

  • Kimberly Haynes-Belk

    Oh ok

  • Tiffany Holman

    Hahaha sorry, I don’t know her name but she reminds me of the mother from that film sleep walkers, or the dude who played beast when they turned beauty and the beast into a show back in the day.

  • Tiffany Holman

    Yeah I like her too and exactly just do the job, then complain as a group later.

  • Danielle Murray

    I dont see what D’Atra did wrong and I’m so tired of them coming for her. Jermaine got jokes but dont know his damn lines. The daughters, the assistant and all the cattiness needs to go…

  • Alexis_Gloria

    Cat faced! LOL

  • KOKO 21

    I agree with you on that.. I for one like D’atra especially because everyone hates her. But at the end of the day she is there to do her job and does what it takes to get the job done

  • Tiffany Holman

    Oh, thank you. I suppose because they were ruled by the British is why she sounds that way.

  • QBee

    She’s Australian

  • QBee

    Did D’atra say ‘umble’

  • mish mash

    D’atra is HIGHLY annoying, and I for one would be unable to live in the same house let alone share a room with her. However, she was absolutely right not to walk out of the rehearsal. Never thought I could ever side with her.

  • T’Airicka Steward

    Yes they are.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Did you comprehend your original post? You do know this is an open forum, right? You do realize you made reference to all women in Detroit? And yes, I’m live in Detroit born and raised east and westside! Technical is what you should always be, so that you’re not misunderstood….Ignorant, is this b/s you wrote trying to defend yourself, instead of saying my bad I didn’t mean all women in Detroit…You would rather cut a coon to defend your action instead of explaining, that’s sad…WAKE UP…

  • Lovë 22

    Did I strike a nerve?
    Clearly you’re from Detroit since you are so offend *clap clap* well darling so am I, so I KNOW what I’m talking about. Quit being technical, we all know that a hoe is a hoe is a hoe no matter where she is from.

    Also did I question your character in way in my reply, which didn’t call for your comment? “…because that’s who you are…” really sis? Learn to have a conversation without taking an unnecessary dig, I’m a stranger so it holds no weight but nice try!

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Let me stop you right there sweetie! Those names that The Observer called Tondy is in women all ova the country, Detroit women don’t own the rights to them adjectives..Maybe that’s what you’ve experienced from women in Detroit because that’s who you are…..

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I thought this follow the leader shyt was cancelled!

  • EccentriciDee


  • EccentriciDee

    FACTS!!!! I can smell her desperation through the screen…

  • EccentriciDee

    This whole thing seems so obviously made for tv! The play is secondary…

  • EccentriciDee

    They’re a bunch of fuqqin petty ass bullies!!!!!

  • Tiffany Holman

    Why are they getting mad at D’atra for actually wanting to do what they’re getting paid to do? And if the cat faced lady feels D’atra was right(which she was,) why didn’t she speak up for her? Those people have a toxic group think mentality, they want to be mad but really have nothing to be mad for. There is a job to do, do it. How can one be fake for trying to focus on the bigger picture? I also think the lady that likes genuine and the guy are childish and silly, the British chick is just a follower and wack. Those sisters caused an unnecessary commotion.

  • Lovë 22

    Tondy give it up Ginuwine isn’t thinking about you in that, friend and flirt, that’s about it!

    I wish they give that damn raccoon some real camera time because he keeps making appearances

  • Lovë 22

    lol yup very Detroit lol typical!

  • Lovë 22

    I really don’t understand why they dislike D’Atra so much. She maybe extra but THAT”S HER, they knew that before coming in. Honestly she is the same on/off screen, I’ve met her a lot of times in passing in NYC!

    Jermaine what exactly did D’Atra do to you? I’m so lost, you speak more about her than you do your lines for the play!

  • Lovë 22

    Exactly, everybody jumped on the bandwagon, because I’m really trying to figure out what exactly D’Atra has done to everybody else in the house.

  • T’Airicka Steward

    D’Atra was right. At the end of the day you’re there to do a job. And if the other baby mama felt the same she should have opened up her big ass mouth and stuck by her. But instead she don’t wanna say nothing because she’s friends with the other bitch…FAKE AF…They just want any reason to not like D and to be honest they look and sound miserable AF. If I was D I would have smacked the shit outta her for thinking she’s bold tryna walk in my room. Her whole face would have been rearranged.

  • Princess

    Right. They don’t like her because of?

  • #ISaidWhatISaidHoe

    I don’t see why all the other copy cats I mean ppl don’t fuck with DeAntra.

  • #ISaidWhatISaidHoe

    I don’t see Dantra being bitter that’s more so the other lady. She’s the one who snapped for no reason. She wants a pitty party she’s the one with the problem.

  • The Observer

    Everything you said was 100

  • The Observer

    Tondy seems very ghetto, bitter, and desperate. If Ginuwine was still there and didnt walk out, she would be singing a different tune.

  • The Observer

    Jermaine talking about LaQuisha from Chicago with the small ponytail, meanwhile he has a pinched bun made from 33B synthetic weave…Geezus save us all….This niggas aint ish

  • Gbunny

    Anyone know why they took this long break before they put the episodes back on?

  • oz

    the ending was the best part” I gotta kiss her” hahaha

  • Nabii Rebekah

    JD gives those wet behind the ears girls of his too much free reign to try and “manage” grown women who have been doing this longer than they were born. I understand he wants them to inherit the business but send thier behind to school to learn the business the right way like everyone else and have them do an externship/internship, meaning THEY ARE NOT IN CHARGE. Since they are not actors. This on the job training mess is his own unravelling of his vision if you ask me. growing up seeing daddy do it, qualification IT IS NOT

  • JudgeMeNot

    As annoying as D’atra is, I’m with her on this one. The daughters comments were unnecessary and negative, but leaving your job is unprofessional. Nobody respects anyone & JD is too laid back. I love Jermaine, he’s confessionals are hilarious

  • Nichole B

    Here’s the deal.. D’Atra be trippin, but she was on point this time.. They had a pep talk about agreeing to do what they had to do for the job as a team, not walking off from the job together! Lia fake for not setting them str8 regardless of their beef. She know she was wrong for leaving and hey followed her like some spineless ducks. How they getting mad at her for not being a follower? She stayed as a grown ass woman should to handle her business. They need to get it together for real. And I have nothing to say about them daughters, I just think they aint ready to handle this biz.. They need to be able to grow up and be the bigger people.

  • ♈SunSignIsAries♈

    Lol, who gets to comment first.

  • Marian Sterling

    The daughter’s pep talk was unnecessary and could have been conducted after rehearsal. It was petty to single out a cast member in front of the group as well as unprofessional for the cast members to get angry and walk out of rehearsal. I had to go and get my popcorn because the theatrics are quite entertaining. Now if only the cast could put the passion into actually rehearsing this play, I am certain it would be amazing. I am still wondering how D’Atra was to blame for staying to rehearse. I thought that’s what they were all hired to do, rehearse to perform in a play.

  • Kimberly Haynes-Belk

    And what’s this first and second thing ppl posting? Fill me in. Lol

  • Kimberly Haynes-Belk

    Omg!! I was about to post the exact same thing. These bitches hating on D’Atra.

  • Made Jade

    Hate they are really bullying Datra. Lia is a bully and Tondy is her sidekick. The end.

  • kaib

    So your mad at D’atra because she didn’t leave her job. Jermaine is really irritating me he trying to hard to be funny in these confessional and he also being messy I hate gays like that plus this fool still don’t know his script. Tondy ass ain’t worrying about shit but getting Ginuwine back to sleep with him. Kristen trying to hard to fit in. And I not about to start with Lia skeleton face ass.

  • Jade


  • Dominique Graham


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