RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 12 – ‘American’

On episode 12, the queens are challenged to write and perform a solo verse to be included on RuPaul’s song “American,” and guest star on RuPaul’s podcast with Michelle Visage.

  • CtheGod

    34:22….. Asia is funny ash for this. Bitch timing was perfection.. I know RU laughed like a MF when she saw that….but seriously at 34:04 stacks on stacks on stacks.They really speak this way? Everyone’s got one thought. No matter what the subject is when you open your mouth bring the focus back to yourself. Made my brain do the whip wop.

  • 2Real4MFs

    Cameron should’ve been gone 5 shows ago.

  • Sherree Lee

    I’m soooooo READY!!!! Hate I gotta wait!!!

  • Sherree Lee

    Yassssss them faces hilarious

  • Inipow

    Feel free to complain about the length!

    Well well well. I think this season was a grand slam from Vangie to Vixen . They had a good mix of drag from young to old , soul to rock and roll. Real diverse class . This final four has me vexed because of who it should be , could be and will be. It should be Asia because she is the total package, she has regality from the pageant life , creativity and fluidity for the club life , nakes all her own gowns ,was the most consistent in her talent and looks and understands her roll in the drag world along with her responsibility to be humane . Unfortunately on the path you are not going to be able to be warm all the time sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. Not mean just 100%.
    LOVE the sweetness of Aquaria but nothing really dynamic there, can’t sing and only rehashed dance combos used in drag err whur. She just as she herself admitted has Privledge, which showed in the amount of money she had to spend on her drag . She has every week planned out , more when she needed to be creative she ended up saying I’m just going to wear something I brought ….. She has no creativity or uniqueness but she does has nerve and moderate talent. Ru give her 3 years and bring her to all-star.

    KAMERON , if that’s your real name, with your secret squirrel ass lbvs ! Does not have the personality or consistency . The stage persona is great but still non real persona does not the crown get .

    Eureka , Ms make it all about me then blame my insecurities did turn it this season. A big part of this was also money like Aquaria, she did very well with her bought looks but during drag creativity originality she faltered.. I see she used her knowledge and fame from the previous season to get her rates . Mama bought some drag and slayed in it , proportionizing for the GAWDS! I never ever disagreed with Vixen and honestly was never mad about the way she said it . Sorry not sorry I was a little miffed that the other girls did not back her up . Eureka is sly,annoying and cunning . Bbq Becky ?She played the long game and had Asia not been there to stop her goading she would have needled her way around the room. She did very well in the challenges. She just doesn’t have the personal maturity or security to rank at this time . Nobody wants to hear her sobbing everytime something doesn’t go her way. Nope she needs growth just like Aquaria.

  • REE


  • kiwi

    …team eureka!

  • kinky twist

    I really want eureka to win she slays everytime and she has so much peronality !! She deserves it

  • Miss267

    Ok I’m back, Kameron cries? Asia isn’t so mean? And I like Eureka again…. Oh and Aqua is still my favorite sorry not sorry…. Again season 10 better push thru!!!!

  • Miss267

    Ok so I’m the fool that JUST now literally just now watched untucked and oh my this changes everything. I’m shook bih! Wait I’ll be back I’m too busy gagging!

  • Miss267


  • Miss267

    Now I can say for once this is the only time I’ve EVER watched RDR that the top 3/4 it didn’t matter who one I don’t think I’d be upset or shocked at this point they all are strong. I will say tho my least favorite at this point is Asia she’s just so mean!

  • MC (MichelleLClark)

    I won’t sue. U brought evidence and I hear ur case. Kameron is undeniable in the lip syncs and I also got emosh when she was spitting her lyrics! Aquaria has grown the most. Eureka is just lush to me! And Asia has been amazing up till now but could be nerves and insecurities. We all get those .I’m happy whoever wins. Something in me just likes Eureka and her resilience and humour. But they’re all worthy

  • Viceee

    Todrick is funny af ! Lol @ and that’s a read.

  • Miss267

    Let’s not forget how for about 3wks it was all Eureka… I mean she was clearly Ru’s favorite…. You’re dead on about Asia she definitely is becoming mean and it’s not cute… I’m sorry to say because I know most ppl are rooting for Her and Eureka. I’m here for Kam and Aqua top 2

  • Pebbles

    I just want to say Todrick you’re fine too..

    Aquaria & Asia are my top two

    Followed by eureka and the kamron

  • Thalia

    Aquaria killed it!! Asia will b in the next position!

  • kayla

    Season 10 made up for season 9

  • MC (MichelleLClark)

    Yae and nae. Eureka is the underdog I’d say but ur so right on Aquaria is a grower. She’s won me over this last episode! Kameron did too. But Asia disappointed me this episode as the pressure gets to her she’s getting mean. And in not here for it. EUREKA TO WIN

  • Jazmine Dee

    either one I’ll be happy tbh! send eureka and kameron home

  • Miss267

    Season 10 better push thru, I’m living…. Since everyone is stating there hopes and predictions here is mine. Predictions: Asia>Eureka>Aquaria and I’m that order. Now my hopes are for top 3 are Asia, Aquaria, Kameron. Why you ask? I’ll tell you, lol… Aquaria has grown on me like you wouldn’t believe she’s just so cute. Asia because she’s fly talented and very seasoned, Kameron well besides coming out of her shell and killing the lipsinc battles I’m just ALWAYS going to root for the underdog! Cardi B anyone? What y’all think? Do I have a point or nah?! Anyway have a great day,, bless up

  • QBee

    Todd Rick singing their lyrics as though he wrote it..he has such a beautiful face.

  • Chezza49

    The funny thing is ,She really thinks she can sing !!

  • Chezza49

    Eureka #forthebigdragqueens.

  • Chezza49

    I have to say ,”Rupaul got it right” ,The top Four are the best of this season !!

  • Chezza49

    GOT TO BE EUREKA !! Bout time they called a big girl !!

  • Chezza49

    She’s all front and no substance !! She’s got the look and talent right but there’s not much more to her ,personality wise !!

  • Chezza49

    Yesssss bish yessssss !!

  • Chezza49

    Kameron got emotions ,Who knew !! Nahhh ,She would’ve been better showing that more on the show . I get Eureka,I get Asia ,I even get Aquarius but I just don’t get kameron at all !!

  • getyolyfe

    I think it should be between aquaria and euerka

  • Jernetta Houchins


  • såklart äg

    without stylists and managers, Aquaria is nothing but a pretty face.
    she needs to sashay awayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • R C

    An absolute awesome season. The casting this season was incredible. They killed their performance and looked amazing per usual. This season is going to be tough to call bc each of them truly deserve the crown for all the hard work they did. They each bring a uniqueness nerve and talent of their own. Cant wait till a winner is crowded

  • TJ Kin

    I hope Aquaria or Asia win!

  • Dixie Rect


  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    Boy Todrick has some hard wood for Aquaria! He’s one of those gay black guys who will do anything to nuzzle up to some white peen.

  • Cubanita

    I have a feeling Aquaria is going to win, i’m rooting for her or Asia. Asia has alot to offer and she makes all her outfits,which are always polished.

  • Bonita Applebum

    Aquaria has reaaaaally grew on me. I love all the ladies, and I just can’t choose a winner in my mind. This is one of the best top 4’s ever, and this season was clutch. Can’t wait for the reunion and finale.

  • sexybabyj09

    I love Rupaul he has such a good heart,but I though Asia was going home because she wasn’t doing much in the lip sync. but I think Aquaria is going to win #fortheyoungerdragqueens.

  • Ci Ci_24

    My Lord. I laughed. I cried. This was really a good episode. And made me like Aquaria more. But i do Think Kameron should’ve been gone. She doesn’t “bring it” like the other girls do.. though her part in her song was good and she has brought some awesome looks.. she Doesn’t bring it to me like the other girls.. but my heart fell into my stomach when i thought RU was about to send one of them home! It’s been a good season..

  • Joe Alumi

    Aquaria can’t even sing lol
    wtf with her voice………………that’s an american tragedy!!!

  • HonestyPolicy

    Aquaria slayed the group performance! She’s definitely proven to be more than a look queen.

    Asia > Aquaria > Eureka > Kameron

  • Lovë 22

    Season 10 has been nothing to play with!

  • R C


  • So we are gonna have another season 9 grand finale.

  • Cherish0887

    Uhhhg ok 4th

  • nony

    I’m #TeamEureka and #TeamAsia !

  • I knew he was going to select all 4! THEY ALL DID AMAZING!!

  • MayaDivine

    where’s untucked tho?

  • MayaDivine


  • Crystal MsParker Tramble