WATCH: Tommie & Spice drop off their fiery music video for ‘Ima Get It’

Despite them hitting a few road blocks while cooking up their new joint single ‘Ima Get it’ and filming its supporting visual, Tommie Lee and Spice were finally able to push out the project under the umbrella of Tommie Entertainment/Empire in preparation for the release of her upcoming mixtape. Lift the lid to see how the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta duo delivered.

  • Mikayah Gregory Zpheir

    Bug’d… the israelite women is caught up in this world, man!
    All Partying, and that’s why we still cursed with the afflictions of the gentiles/heathens today

  • Mikayah Gregory Zpheir

    Oh! Hey you, sista, I was wondering something I seen you made a comment on my page but it doesn’t show up on my comment section (only in my notification) for me to reply back to. Wanted to say ‘thank you’ and let you know that I’m coming out to get y’all wit more video

  • Lisa Lisa

    Spice did her thing…hook was whack though

  • Tori Vee Jena

    Eish me I was just giving props to my girl didnt think it would go left resl quick

  • MelaninGoddess
  • Bridgette Lee

    I like it but the Afro Latino girl song was better

  • Bridgette Lee

    Okay!!!! Spice and Tommie… Love it

  • Destiny

    These btcs silly .

  • StraightShooter

    Tee hee

  • Ava Monroe

    Video Looks Horrible

  • Ava Monroe

    I Can See Alllllll Tommie Dents In Her Ass & Legs.. Spice Sounds GOOD. Tommie Is Ok The Auto tune Was Unnecessary

  • Andy_Naija

    Show us what? The same trash that already exists here in America?

  • LaReyna09

    Darn near everybody wants to be a “model,” a “singer,” or a “rapper”

  • Diamond Chanel

    Absolutely.. I don’t get the trash people are talking about. First of all sex sells!!! I’m happy I’m not seeing no men in this video. Gurl Power fa sho!! And I love the Jamaican vibes with the American twist… I love this combo…

  • Dante Armstrong

    The bars are good but the lyrics are trash….They the same thing

  • Shalom DCMdVA

    I agree…. I rebuke this smh… what happened to female music videos? where are the handsome men in the videos?

  • Akire

    The video and lyrics are trash. But they got bars ayyyeee. Like the beat too.

  • Akire

    Agreed why couldn’t they do something like “Ladies First”. Geesshh

  • Trinidivine

    Yes. The industry got rid of her real quick to bring in these thots to make thot music. Would be nice to hear some real music to fee the soul!

  • Misidjan Marketing

    I stopper the video at 0:41 sec. I just cannah listen to these women man. The Message is cheap and ignorant. Pussy this and pussy that. They should try a book or Some common sense now and then. Then they might grow as human beings and make Some good music. But this….I just cant. Sorry

  • Cynthia Watson

    More laurn hill less nikki. Disgrace

  • Tori Vee Jena

    Spice welcome to America, show dem

  • Yetunde

    I like the song, but not the video. It’s a shame that women feel like they need to oversexualise everything. It’s just too much.

  • QBee

    Funnny how none of the outfits Spice had on on LHHA for the video shoot never made it on…knew the song would be good though

  • Dannise Selby

    Ok…I see you Tommy….yesssssss

  • Paige Banks

    cos you’re shaming these other ladies based on a brainwashing tool. that bothers me.

  • Kay Cherell

    That’s the best song I heard on Love and Hip Hop, any of them…

  • JudgeMeNot

    Yasssss Tommie!! I’m here for it! Songs lit, Videos lit & I’m convinced your about that life ❤️

  • Kel

    You mean no fake shit! Damn society tell you to fix yourself and then when you do…they tell you them they fake…..make up your mind!!

  • MChantye

    Why are you so concerned about my beliefs? My comment has not a darn thing to do with you, you inserted yourself, and I addressed it, please continue on with your immoral life

  • MChantye

    your opinion, keep that, enjoy HELL

  • Tiffaney

    Video could use some work but let’s be real…. The song is LIT!!!!

  • Paige Banks

    satan doesn’t exist my child. religion is a scam and i’m sick of people using it to shame others cos of their own issues.

  • Sy

    It ain’t even there yet

  • Sy

    BAD!! I’m impressed

  • Sylvia Edwards

    They both have talent, I like how Spice flows but they got it wrong with this one. Its a nasty message they’re sending. There’s nothing fundamentally good about how they are portraying themselves. Is this really what hip-hop has turned into because its damn sure not where it started. I mean, with all the talent they have is this the best they could do to send a POSITIVE message to the WORLD? What you see here is how money, makeup, and material things can make a woman lose herself. What profits a woman to gain the world and lose her own soul? Smh…

  • YoungFabulous

    damn I spit my drink out when I read this lmao

  • MChantye

    Hater of what? A hoeish woman flaunting her pussy all on screen, talking about getting money? Bitch Please, Its certainly not hate, more like disgust

  • MChantye

    Satan has taken over the entire music industry with filth, trash, random sex, violent content, worship of material things and sadistic lyrics, you are a sleeping sheep following that, you need to wake up

  • MChantye

    You shut up Satan worshipper

  • sWe3tCinDeeh

    I like the hook coming in late. Makes you wait on it.

  • Paige Banks

    oh shut up.

  • NewbieNubian

    Lol um yes them too. What makes you think they’re excluded? Or any of us for that matter? It kills me how much people ridicule or mock the word or what they believe it to be, and then when things go wrong in their lives want to blame God. Enjoy this video over… uhhh a relationship with Him.

    Anyway, I’m with the original poster. This shit is trash and I’m really starting to get turned off by all this shit. Hmmm. I’m ok with that too. And with all the negative comments and vitriol this post will incite. I said what I said.

  • India

    All I could think of was, she should do a video with Safaree…I think it would be much better than this ….

  • Liz Banks
  • kre

    yep, the auto tune killed it (in a bad way).

  • kre

    yep, the auto tune killed it (in a bad way).

  • steve onminye


  • Markeisha Brown

    Okay I Fucks Wit It

  • South Michael West

    Song is lit. Video is not.

  • EducatedRatchet

    Bloated guts and asses ..we’ve got to do better

  • Star Solomon

    I like the song

  • Thalia


  • Thalia


  • shasyl

    This nuh bonnie and clyde it’s Spice and Tommie.

  • Leah

    iTunes here I come lol

  • Hmeda Aaliyah

    Satan is the white man

  • Hmeda Aaliyah
  • DaNiro Elle Brown

    I love that they were actually rapping back to back.. the hook came later and they weren’t relying on that to carry the song like alot of our favs do.. and that’s awesome that takes talent.. rapping isn’t easy ask Rasheeda..

    I will say the video is a little low budget it looks like they spent the bulk of their money on cars and hair and the strippers/strip club.. Spice you did great but I’m going to need you to style your body better.. your size isn’t bad but you need to buy a little bigger and if not maybe call Premadonna to snatch that waist up more.. and you need a better make up artist you continue to hire someone that puts to light of foundation on your skin it’s to red. Your skin is so Chocolate let’s get you some Fenty beauty or something… other wise I’m a fan hire a better editor next time.. but this is a bop for me… I’ll put it in my Dj sets for sure. ❤️

  • Takiri

    Watch that’s going to the song for the thots out there! Just sad!

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    Nope! This is second to that I ain’t got no panties on song from BET uncut. Too much vaginal shots for me to hit the like button.

  • Lol the video is a mess, but Spice got bars. Tommie was aight, but she needs to leave the autotune to T-pain.

  • The song is hot, the video I’m afraid…is not.

  • cree

    BET uncut throwback

  • Akire

    Tell me have u seen him

  • IG 100shotz_ant

    Joint like that

  • Victoria Battle


  • Cenoki Quinn

    They did that…ok

  • Trinidivine

    Girl you are right!!! Something wrong with the world today. I couldn’t even make it past the minute mark. Too much vaginas in my face

  • Trinidivine

    Well! If you like seeing vaginas… and hearing about getting it!

  • Ttrini

    Yo the visual was not great……but the song hot!
    But ummmm…..isnt Tommie a felon? Should she be shot sporting a shootie????

  • BoosieBoo

    I like It…

  • Ttrini

    This song moooooooooooooaaaaaaaadddddd!

  • Lost Sheep

    U truly need to quit! In tht case, he destroyin all these differet Ethnic Rappers, Rock Bands, Heavy Metal, The music industry, period! Not just Black Women, u sound haterish, lmao, damn, a new word!

  • AveryWest

    Wow you really have bad taste in music then

  • Lost Sheep

    LMAOOOOOOOOO! Damn, tht was FIYAH Tommie n Spice!

  • Maisha Bora

    I LOVE THE SONG AND ITS full of flavour.. you girls look stunning and did a great job.. great song

  • Maisha Bora

    who is satan? the guy white man brought to your ancestors?

  • April_Moon
  • Talone

    Congrats to you for being the first HATER on this thread

  • ChildofVenus

    Not many people from the cast have released any new music from this season so I’m here for it. Spice is focused on that crossover in the states I see

  • Gwény Nkomésha

    Sounds lit

  • MChantye

    Satan sure is proud of this, the destruction of the black woman continues to infiltrate the minds of the youth. Lord Have Mercy