WATCH: Teairra Mari gets exposed for leaking her own sextape for a Love & Hip Hop storyline

Though Teairra Mari has tapped attorney Lisa Bloom to grab the reins on her high-profile revenge-porn lawsuit against her boyfriend following the leaking of their sextape, the authenticity of her claims are being thrown into question now that footage has surfaced showing the songbird being grilled about her role in the leak as an effort to craft her storyline for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Peep how it unfolded.

  • Sonya


  • Hunny boom

    they just a hot ass mess

  • Mac Spoon

    Why not? Kim K and Paris Hilton did. That was extra $$$$$ for them. LOL

  • Demetria Watson

    All this shit fake

  • Tim Love

    Theyre clearly thirsty for camera time.. Smh they were wrong for this. They were so scared she woukdnt include them in her storyline that they colluded with this “kush ambush”.. Sad to see t deal with more ratchet drama vs maturing and growing in career.

  • I loveeeeee Teairra!!!!

  • guerline

    he his a bihhh loll. he is always trying to be on the spot. have you seen him on the sahderoom, so thirsty, always commenting trying to have likes….sad for a queen. he needs some lol

  • cree

    I don’t think she would’ve leaked the spunk shot

  • Trenia Walker

    I soooo agree !!!! People are saying this is fake….clearly everyone can see that dude had her thinking he was trying to be in a good space with her, while playing on her feelings for him,,,just to records her while she was with him ,,,while he is saying over and over were together…so he can show that video in court……and she fell for it…until she realized why he was recording…..malone bitch ass was helping the dude because he feels teairra has been talking about him and ignoring his calls ,,,so he mad and is tryna fuck over the girl…she should be wiser about who she chooses as friends !!!!! Because both of them dudes are ridiculous bitches. !!!!!!

  • Ava Monroe

    The Boyfriend Must Be Gay.. js

  • hennystr88


  • hennystr88


  • Russell Smith

    I honestly feel like this is also fake to secure the spot for the next season. If this doesnt show up in the current season its probably them already working on their next spot.

  • Russell Smith

    This was SO DAMN OBVIOUS id be more surprised who didnt know. Everything pointed to this. LAHH is the only thing she got going on and she needed a storyline to stay. Last season she had a obviously fake relationship with Cisco for a story line like she recruited him and now its not surprising she did this. She was probably trying to bust another Mimi especially since the safaree nude leak got him more publicity. She knew once hers leaked VH1s messy ass would be calling her. She even stayed with the dude she claims she suspected and is barely trying to do anything about it except the acting strong front for the press.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Akbar, the boyfriend who is filming her even when he tells her he turned off the camera, is in a polygamous marriage with a lady name Sade. The third party involved in their relationship is name Alejandra. Apparently they agreed for Akbar to get involved with Tierra Marie so that he can secure a spot on LHHLA. Tiara may have leaked her own sex tape but I think Akbar taped her and leaked it… again to secure his spot on the show. Afterwards I believe Tierra had a discussion with him and Milan about suing 50 Cent so she can at least be compensated for the embarrassment. Milan is also trying to secure a spot on the show I believe that’s why they’re making these embarrassing recordings. If Akbar indeed leaked their sextape It doesn’t make any sense that she’s still dealing with Akbar. She’s going to fuck her case up by still dealing with him.

  • There’s no prof. It’s all speculation from Milan. But it looks like Tierra is being a dummy by staying with dude

  • When we say human trafficking do we mean prostitution? Just to be clear…

  • Milan is wack for this. And if he has video prod of her putting the tape out his ass will be in court as a witness to get 50 out of this law suit.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Regardless of how it went down, Christopher Milan is a whole BITCH for this.

  • KenHay

    Please spill the tea on the human trafficking situation.

  • Deano Fergi

    This whole situation is crazy. 1 thing I don’t get is Milan said he was with her when she put the tape out, if that’s the case why did he try and fight her boyfriend but now there in this video saying they are friends, they probably are in this together who knows. Tierra marri seems more sloppy in this video maybe she’s on mething &/or drinking again

  • Deano Fergi

    Post the link please

  • Deano Fergi

    Human trafficking

  • Verbal-Leigh

    She’s come along way. I dunno why something didn’t get damaged in some way

  • Lisa♥️MoreFire
  • Zarah


  • Chellz15

    She clearly leaked it. What would he accomplish by leaking it? Nobody checking for T Marie. She tryna jump start her music career.

  • Kindella Parker

    They smashing fr

  • RealInsight


  • He’s Just Trying to Get Back on the Show

  • Doris G

    Milan is just as messy as Teairra.

  • ok ty

  • KetaLorraine

    Pure comedy.

    She looked like a [email protected] deer in headlights.

  • Chrisley Zephyr

    who cares the nigga is gay ew carry tf on tt

  • Sheniel Dixon

    This is confusing and annoying… why is she arguing wit Tuti Fruiti?

  • Lexine Samuels

    I realized the same thing.

  • kneesee

    Classic case of a bum ass dude who lie and use women. This dude just found an opportunity to try to make himself somebody and found the perfect vulnerable being. I feel sorry for Tiera. She keep putting herself in this predicaments with these slim balls.

  • kneesee

    LOL hell yeah

  • kneesee

    This is the gay ish ever. Who cares? You ask me the dude lying. Doing way to much. But again WHO CARES!!!!! BYE

  • mir daddy bih

    In this video you probably can’t but gossipinthecity has the whole live and it’s on there

  • NubianLife

    Mannn Don’t believe a word that is coming out of their mouths. Milan is a professional liar. He’s been helping people do human trafficking for a while now. Teairra is being pressured into to saying it was fake. The shit isn’t. They tried to set her up. Milan deserves to be in jail more than anything else.

  • Liz Banks
  • I didnt hear any proof she leaked it, however, It does look crazy if she’s still with the guy.

  • Sali

    This whole set up is weird AF! Even the fact that they do this all over social media. Mulan is sexing that man.

  • Chezza49

    More phoney ass bullshit to go with the fake ass tape ,she knew ,just another made up storyline to go with all the other made up bullshit .No such thing as a “Real reality tv show ” anymore!!

  • Jamira Shaleah

    she leaked her own sextape for a storyline and to sue for money. shes caught now cause it looks very suspicious to be trying to sue someone youre still with.

  • JudgeMeNot

    Teairra is a mess. She need Iyanla.

  • QBee

    Tyra bank intro…’learn something from this’…

  • What does this prove? I just hear so called men yelling

  • Buzzz

    They’re we af, teaming on her. Milan sucking akbar’s dick, clearly.

  • Lost Sheep

    GET YALL BITCH ASSES OFF TT! TT, I pray this aint true, I love me some TT! Milan, fuck yo stupid ass, ok?! If shit dont go your way, u mad! FOH! TT, yo man Gay, thts why Milan turned against u, BUT hollering he is yo friend, lol, shiddddd, fuck THT friendship! YOU DEALIN WITH 17 n a half bitches, dealing with they unmanly asses! Girl, u being ganged banged!

  • Lost Sheep

    They think they Females n on her level, I seriously cant stand Milan, its a ass n after how he did his Ex, at the Reunion, hes nobodys friend, its a asshole!

  • Ms jai

    This shit fraud asf wack asf annoying asf and who really gives asf lmao

  • Cynthia Watson

    Ambition her dont mean she was wrong. But real talk i dont give a fuck about what she did. Her nigga gay and mulan is miserable

  • Tomtom

    I like me some tt so I don’t give a fuck what any of them have to say n especially that bitch ass one running up in a woman face stwee. Not because u doesn’t mean u can fight a girl u still a man

  • Lexy Red

    This looks like some messy queens who set her up to make it look like she cool with them. The whole video is weird and whack. One of them is literally in her face. The other yelling “ we together, we together” so desperate for attention. Watch your surroundings T.

  • chi_gorgeous

    Just because they’re together does NOT mean he didn’t leak that tape…us WOMEN forgive men for dumb ass shit everyday B….he just doesn’t want to lose that lawsuit money to her…looks like he just wants ppl to know they’re still fucking…I’ve had a fuckboy or 2 with some good

  • Kay

    I hate when gay men think just cause they’re gay, they can fight with females and get up in females faces. It’s like no, you’re still a man.

  • Kay

    I was rooting for you TT…. We were all rooting for you…. If she leaked it herself, then she’s as desperate as they come. And I think she’s back on the booze cause when she got back from rehab, she’d lost all that weight and now she’s back to being fluffy and looking washed up.

  • ChildofVenus

    I don’t think she leaked it. Eeewwwww why would a woman put a disgusting sex video like that one out about herself tho? Even Kim K didn’t go that far on her tape

  • April_Moon

    She has a beautiful voice and is actually one of the only talented chicks on that cast so to see her go out like this makes me sad. Her bf a whole bitch

  • Talone

    First off…Why in the hell are two grown men attacking a woman like that!!!!

  • Me

    As if we didnt know