Braxton Family Values Season 6 Episode 13 – ‘Duchess & The Dude Ranch’

On episode 13, hell breaks loose when Tiffany Pollard, Flavor Flav and Kym Whitley joins Phaedra, Luenell, and Natalie Nunn at Traci’s wellness retreat. Meanwhile, things get tense when Toni faces off with Traci over the divided sisterhood, and Towanda weighs-in on the drama surrounding the family.

  • itz_justme

    I get that Tiff has to amp it up for the cameras, but she’s so exhausting to watch. Like…. just tone it down like 5 notches.

  • Vashti Perry

    ciliva za zations?

  • Vashti Perry


  • Z’blu

    wow tiffany says flav is acting like a coward? because hes not trying to get in trouble with his real woman? that means hes acting like a real man for once…..yeh Tiff let america know how stupid you look..damn this girl love’s getting trashed on TV lol

  • India

    Tiffany is doing too much …

  • Straightshooter


  • Ineedtoknow555

    Don’t nobody like that girl personality. Wayment….Tiffany is that you?

  • DQ [helloEgo]

    Im all the way here foe tiffNY… i love watching her on tv. .. alot of ppl dont get her persona but i do and ive always loved her… hbic

  • Ineedtoknow555

    With the exception of New York, surprisingly, all these women need their hair done. Brook Valentine need to wave her magic wand over all of them. And I respect Tamar for doing “the big chop”, but her head is full of patches. She needs a hair transplant.

  • T Hale

    Mine too!

  • T Hale

    Me either

  • N’Deye Delgado

    Fair assessment !

  • Selena R Harrison

    I agree..

  • Insight2020

    They really don’t. I never believed that they took her singing career seriously either.

  • Pebbles

    That would be the icing on the cake… the network probably watching the ratings but you know anything is possible

  • Taretta

    I had to listen again to be sure I heard her right lol

  • Vee

    i said the same thing when toni and towanda was talking on the phone

  • Vee

    As much as i love the Braxton family i wish Traci had her own show i really enjoying her by herself

  • R C

    Tiffany cracks me up. I don’t know how much they pay her but I know its definitely not enough. She’s such a power house and deserves to be one of the highest paid t.v. reality stars…
    Heck, let’s keep it all the way 100. They don’t pay Natalie enough, Luenell enough or even the Braxtons. They are all very entertaining and bring it.

  • nat

    I love Tifanny she has no shame lol I Almost spit out my Ginger tea when she was having hot flashes when flav walked in. I know that feeling wooh chile

  • nat

    i wasn’t at first thats why i waiting so long to watch but im glad i did because its so funny laughter good for the soul heart ect

  • nat

    I Dont like the wilderness i dont lke the woods LMAO I dont see no pollution too darn funny!

  • Lynn

    That Newyork girl is funny but annoyinG! So exxagerating! Lord!
    But I laughed alot watching this episode..
    although I felt sad for Traci while talking to Toni.
    The sisters doing her wrong man! For rreall..

    But uhmm..Did anyone catch the fade Phaedra threw!? LOOOOOL
    I hated the way she did on the RHOA.
    But her shadeee
    Everybody knows Ive dealt with alot of heffers and a few bitches! LOL
    HAAHAHA She crazy/. I love her accent and facial expressions.
    Kim Whitley is also so funny My god

  • Khill1326

    Am I the only person that noticed that Tiffany’s hair changed twice in the same scene at 36:11- 37:05 LoL Producers just DONT care to hide that reality tv is scripted not lol

  • 1Love404

    Thank you!! I also wonder if Toni “is dead” to the other sisters as well, seeing that she’s up here filming too. They just don’t have any respect for Traci period smh.

  • Insight2020

    I love Tiffany lol but, how do you not speak to someone in over 6 years when they’re an agent’s phone call away, see them, then all of a sudden you love them again. Girl, stop.

    Flavor Flav, he already dogged New York on the show, twice. He just wants some ass. He doesn’t care about her. lol

  • leapyearpisces

    Bwaaaaahhhh!!!!! I caught that! Thank you because I thought I heard her wrong…….

  • Insight2020

    I don’t like how Toni worded “Traci being on the outs with her sisters” No, the sisters are on the outs with Traci. When they were talking and Traci was talking about how happy she’s been it was like Toni was waiting for her to say “But, I miss my sisters”. Traci lives all the way in Baltimore. She is the least likely to link up with them on the regular anyway. She made the choice to do the show without them so, she also needs to get in the mind frame of being solo dolo regardless of what the sisters think. And to be frank, I am tired of all of them acting like they can’t have an independent thought from Toni. Is she their master or something? Weird vibes.

  • Blake Cochran

    This episode is comedy…

  • Blake Cochran

    Did Kim Whitley say, I don’t see no pollution? Lol

  • k a r l b

    See, I thought I was trippin’ when I noticed that

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    New York still thristy I see.

    That man just said he ain’t trynna mess with you like that in a nice way so it ain’t no misunderstandings and you said he needs time. Get the fire hose for this dehydrated chick.

  • LaShondias Ware

    If I wanted to see random celebrities getting “fit” I would’ve watched Celebrity Fit Club. This is strange and needs to quit. Bring back the Braxtons. I’m over this extra.

  • Shondeon

    They meant…the way New York said it!!!

  • Tina

    Just because Tracy wanted to continue filming ,they are coming against her for that simple thing.It isn’t like she went out and disgrace them, she just decided to stay working and they hate her for that oh yeah I said hate because that’s all I’ve been seeing

  • Tina

    I love all the episodes that Tracy did without her sisters they are hella funny it’s just a joy to see Tracy happy I just pray they give her her own show

  • Nikkihatch

    New York can’t talk wtf

  • R C

    I love Traci. She is my favorite Braxton. ❤

  • R C



    Traci really does need her own show, cause sh*t got real boring when “the sisters” scene came in.

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    Cellphones, computers, iPads, internet

  • Ley Dont Play

    lmao at AARP cows, omg Phaedra !

  • neira510

    So Are we supposed to ignore that New York’s hair was curled at 35:54 and then at 37:06 it’s straight. Lmao

  • Taretta

    Quick: Someone raise their hand and tell me what “moderan technology” is? HURRY!!!

  • Taretta

    Im sure Traci is glad to not be the DUMB one in the group cuz that damn NEW YORK is front seat on that short yellow bus.

  • Sed

    Fade the rest of the Braxtons out and just keep these “new” cast members. This shit is too funny. LMAO

  • Rosi

    I haven’t even watched yet and it’s already hilarious.

  • Ttrini

    Im not even all the way thru this episode….and its hilarious! Lol

  • Im not even going to watch this

  • crybaby

    I’m shocked that Flav isn’t as hype as he usually is, but then again he is getting older. I guess him and Liz are still together so in order for him to keep her happy he gotta distance himself from New York but he, her and everyone in the world know that New York is where he wanna be at. I don’t know why he just won’t leave Liz, he already cheated on her ass with like 10 plus women on the last season of FOL so at this point they just doing it for the kids. I still feel some type of way about Phaedra after the BS with Kandi but I still have love for her, she;s still funny and beautiful. Never knew Next Friday was Kym’s first movie. And it’s obvious New York has had some work done on her face. I was shocked to hear she’s single, I thought she was still with that dude from awhile ago when she did Family Therapy with Dr. Jen. I’m just anxious for next week to hear what Towanda and Trina have to say about the walk out.

  • getyolyfe

    Im not here for tamar. I tried and im just done.

  • getyolyfe

    He looks like he stopped doing drugs. He looks and sounds good. Flav always been smarter than people realized

  • N’Deye Delgado

    Am I the only person shocked that Flava Flav is actually giving Tracy some sound advice…. @21:33