Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Season 11 Episode 5 – ‘Drunk in Love’

On episode 5, after Aubrey’s death wish, Pauly D escapes the Boot Camp house without a trace; Ernest is sent to urgent care; the couples navigate a communication course while wearing drunk goggles; Chris gets the wrath of Judge Toler when he crosses the line

  • Cataleya

    you can see pauly is HURT

  • Cataleya

    Aubrey is soo miserable she make pauly my miserable …. omg… no one deserves that

  • India


  • India
  • India

    As soon as she said that shit I would have been gone …what we need to talk about after that death wish NOTHING

  • BossBee

    Ugh, I cannot stand Audrey. She’s been telling Pauly to leave all this time, then when he packs his shit up to do just that, she runs to the producers and asks that the Doctors talk to him. She’s honestly been a pain in the ass to watch..I don’t know how he survived 2 years with her. It seems like no matter what he did she was going to dump on him about him working out before he hand-picked a bouqet of flowers and cooked her breakfast *prolly before she was even awake* not too many dudes out here going to do that; and it pisses me off that this whole house is eating that shit up, including the doctors..which ain’t a surprise.

  • LaShondias Ware

    Where is episode 6?

  • Paizley

    This was not truth or dare episode

  • kiwi

    …aubrey if he does you so bad, YOU LEAVE!!!…and wanna advise everybody, but nobody can tell you anything…then he comes back ready to try to repair things, ya’ll have a good talk & you still wanna harp on the same bullshit when ya’ll in a good place…girl, bye!…i don’t think he should’ve came back

  • Sara

    well said!

  • Ms_CHeLLe

    Big facts!!

  • Dizzii Nelly

    SMH Aubrey be having good points SOMETIMES when she b speaking but the delivery comes off very strong like how she get mad at Kim for speaking on the whole breakfast and Pauly. But honestly Aubrey is annoying and just wants to play victim .

  • Jereyia Haskins

    3 minutes ago
    Aubrey has worked my last nerve she is just a miserable person nothing is good enough she sucks the life out of Pauly. You could see how he gets excited about taking steps forward she sucks him right back to misery. He was so happy to have made a break through when trying to break the cycle of running away from problems and addressing them head on. He spoke on how he broke the cycle and there goes miss miserable ass no you didn’t do anything different you did the same shit….you could see the look on his face how it sucked him dry…Pauly run you’re damned if you do you’re damned if you don’t you’re right she wants to only fix you not her leave while you have some sanity left.

  • NiNi2Phi

    Check.. Her.. Pauly.. D and Mama D!!!!! The last few minutes of this episode, tho!!!. Someone needs to knock Aubrey off her lil’ high horse and give her a reality check.. She stay giving others what she assumes to be sound advice, but not willing to receive it..

  • Ash

    He really didn’t understand how offensive that was. It’s equivalent to a slap in the face. Don’t call me no type of “girl” or “gal”

  • Cassie

    I don’t think it was a race thing. I get where you’re coming from, but I don’t think Chris meant it in a racial way nor did the judge take it that way. He did, however, intend to be condescending towards a woman in a position of authority.

  • edu2015

    Some white people will never know how offensive it is to refer to a grown black woman or man as a boy or a girl smh

  • R C

    Aubrey is such a manipulative person. The first things she tells Paulie when she wakes up is if he wants to leave then to go and when he packs and begins to walk out she runs to someone to call the therapist to talk him out of walking out. Smh.
    Chris is a douche bag.

  • R C


  • Domo

    Aubrey but you always in everybody else business

  • Gabrielle Murray

    Aubrey don’t even looks as good as she think she looks with that ugly botox lips and she dead wrong for being in a relationship with someone she wishes death on. She should just leave the man let him be then because it ain’t never good and its extremely serious when someone wishes death on you. Thats no joke.

  • HonestA

    I love Pauly I truly believe he wants to work on himself and relationship . This shit with Aubrey ain’t gone work but he will have tools to be in another relationship with a woman with less issues or probably wanna go back to being a bachelor after dealing with Aubrey’s ass . You could tell there’s something wrong with her she got checked twice and still won’t stfu always trying to defend herself when she’s dead ass wrong , she don’t wanna work for real leave that ho to therapy .

    That white boy chris is a Little racist prick , I wouldn’t have given it that much effort , toler treated him but having to go down the line of your credentials just to get him to get it & apologize and for him to not was wasteful and embarrassing, she should’ve just slapped tf out of him white people like him only understand violence

  • LotuSupreme

    Aubrey needs help! She is mentally off because of her childhood. Honestly she doesnt need to be in a relationship until she can get that together.

  • Alton Dwan Finklea

    Season 10 was the best in my opinion every couple had serious issues. As far as Pauly goes I would have done the same thing. Wish death on me I’m outta there.

  • Straightshooter

    Pauly bruh: Proverbs 21:19 says “it is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman.” RUN DUDE!!! AUBREY is insatiable! I almost pulled my hair out watching her. OMG

  • Straightshooter

    Judge Toler went IIIINNNNNN! That “white male condescending attitude” got her all f*cked up! GET HIM JUDGE!!!!


    Aubrey isn’t a likable person. Why Paulie D stays with her I don’t know…


    I couldn’t finish that season, Amina and Peter had me so bored with that same LHHNY bullshit.

  • Straightshooter

    lol wut?

  • ElizabethMIA

    I think it’s worth watching. Do what I do, check out the first episode, if your not feeling it then don’t follow up. I haven’t seen the one you mentioned with Peter and Amina but I’m def going to check it out.

  • Ttrini

    Is this season worth watching? Amina and Peter especially exhausted me last season along with the rest of that group……

  • ElizabethMIA

    I can’t stand Aubrey she’s seems like the type that would kill Pauly to collect the insurance money. #scornedlover