WATCH: The fiery Love & Hip Hop NY Season 9 Extended Trailer emerges

With Alexis Skyy, Joe Budden, Cyn Santana, Kimbella, and Juelz Santana all jumping back into the fold, and rapper Maino leading the fresh pack of newbies, lift the lid on the Super Trailer to see what will be sliding down the pipeline for the upcoming ninth season of Love & Hip Hop New York.

  • ebonydashay wrote

  • ninaS

    lol. do it, i’d download lol

  • Shanese

    For a man who claims to be so wholesome while containing himself because of his desire to find a wife he sure is outchea!

  • Benquisha

    Dunno why Alexis is on here tho

  • Tammy

    Your weave lools ridiculous!

  • Tammy

    Yandy needs to go! Cant stand her fake ass!!!!

  • Candy Jones

    Yandy wanted a story line so bad she went out and adopt a child and started beefing with a close friend

  • Uk-zone7

    Why treyway have to get booked he could’ve played a part on this season

  • Yetunde

    Alexis’ teeth look ridiculous. She looks like a cartoon character.

  • DARS1

    Lol I don’t think so. I think it’s Luccis baby

  • SweetRose Fox

    Except Jim and Chrissy and Emily B

  • Paige Banks

    i don’t wanna see safaree’s corny ass anywhere anymore…less is one even gets a chance to miss him cos he’s fuckin everywhere and doesn’t even have anything going on

  • Paige Banks

    alexis skyy is gorgeous as fuck

  • Paige Banks

    dude he killed his ex’s baby. he literally sat on her stomach while she cried and begged him to get off. and tahiry said she came home to find him under her bed. i miss tahiry..but yea joe is a psychopath

  • Paige Banks

    YAY they have the baby murderer joe budden back!! awesome, i love to watch him cos i know how he murdered his ex’s baby by sitting on her stomach while she begged him to get off of her and admitted it on the breakfast club. mona outdid herself this time. i honestly don’t think i’ll be watching anymore, someone tell me if yandy gets knocked out pls.

  • India

    I believe Fetty is the baby daddy that’s just another story line ..just like A1 and Lyrica …then it was Rasheeda and Kirk

  • India

    I was saying the same shit ….

  • mocha brown

    Bianca as well

  • mocha brown

    I agreed what you say except for Yandy. I love her and she is a great mom

  • Kay

    Mona is making her coin, ya’ll. LAHH runs back to back to back. There’s literally no other show that doesn’t take a hiatus all year long. After Hollywood, it’s NYC, after NYC it’s Atlanta, after that Miami then we start the cycle all over again. And we’re here for all of it.

  • kneesee

    Yandi and Kimbella….AWWW what happen “PUDDS”….Kimbella was so beautiful the first season she appeared. I am not sure what she has done to her body but the before pics are alot better.

  • Louie

    Substance abuse, drugs? I knew Juelz lost his teeth to drugs! ! !

  • Louie

    Safari cuttin up his LHH checks, he don’t wanna miss nooooo season! Lmao

  • La.Bruja.Caribeña

    Right. He’s the damn ho in every area code at this point. Showing up in almost every L&HH.

  • Cardio32

    What happened to Juelz teeth ? I know read he was hooked to the syrup and the effects from that is your teeth can go rotten. But, damn he probably wasn’t brushing nor flossing too.

  • Cardio32

    The way the music business is going, how these artist putting out whack ass music over a tight beat. I’m thinking about doing the same thing, make a song called “I need to take shit” over a really hot ass beat. I bet you it goes platinum and then I will audition for Love & Hip Hop.

  • Pebbles

    She needs to realize that all she trying to do Now!

    Joe been there done twice and he is older and ready to settle …

    he tireeeeed!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    that was too funny

  • Jus post my damn comment

    they got rid of all of them to afford the originals

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Every damn YEAR, I say I’m too good for this show, and I’m not gonna watch this show, this show is tired, yet I’m still here. aww hell I’m in it For Life!

  • MsBee8

    I really dont want to see alexis on there smh and kimbella look old as hell

  • Reina1718

    Cyn & joe fake story line…she needs a job…i like her tho lol

  • Loppy

    That’s alot of mfs.

  • LillyRose89

    Where’s Dream??? Sad

  • MéliMélo

    everything you said, even the sadly committed to this crap part lol

  • Addae Brunder

    lolol, They should name it Love and jailmates. HAHAHAH

  • Pebbles

    I’m going to watch !

  • Jp Luxurybrand

    trust me …this gon be boring

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m so happy to see all the original people back on here and the drama better be good this season!

  • Toni Wiggins-Sorzano

    Mona needs to give it up. The franchise is dead. Just kill the whole thing.

    Make another soap opera (let’s face it that’s what it is) hirer some of them that has the best acting skills, and make a soap opera for the hood. Or anything else. But this shyt right here is over.

  • Cherish0887

    Thank you … I’m not feeling it

  • Tima Yangala

    Im dead she said senior citizen ass dick smh get him some blue pills then

  • Cee Celly

    Kim’s always bothering Yandy with her raunchy self. She’s too old to sound like a damn Chihuahua

  • Cee Celly

    This shit right here, This shyt looks good! Rich’s Christian baby mama shot her husband? Why ? Lol, somebody give me the juice.

    Cyn looks like she wants drama and excitement and Joe just wants to work and go home lol, sounds like she misses Erika.


    This is the most drama I’ve seen from New York in a minute. I’ll be watching.

  • Cynthia Watson

    Right. They gone be back. Just guest i believe

  • Toni Wiggins-Sorzano

    Oh god as the churn turn is back. Ahhh NY ain’t been the same since Chrissy and Jim left. Anywho. I’m already committed so I guess I’ll tune in as much as I can. Whack arse shyt

  • Constantlylaughing1994

    Let’s be honest those air heads arguments and skirmishes brought the views. This show is now 85% soap opera and 15% Buffoonery.

  • ijs

    He looks like a q-tip. Joe B.

  • Meg Fleckney

    Ok. Well. This looks stale, and Im shocked to say that Rich’s story is prob the most real or interesting, which is sad. Yandi is always knee-deep in someone elses business too, like leave that girl and her man to their own life, dont you have businesses to run? Safaree, ugh. Im over it. Why are Rem and Pap on here, dont they have their own boring ass show ? I dunno, Ill be watching because Im committed to the trash at this point, but this season seems dry. OH AND JOE B IS A CREEPY MOTHERFUCKER. tell me he doesnt give off some kind of predatory sneaky vibes.

  • Lmfaoooo I was saying the same thing in my head!

  • I’m so sick and tireeeedddd chile, of seeing Safaree mug everywhere! UGH.

  • nisha c

    And everyone said mastika was telling lies about her wanting to be on here.

  • nisha c

    Exactly i would rather them because i know they rap. But i guess if cardi b can do it all the hoes can rap now

  • nisha c

    Really watch this show get less ratings than Miami lol

  • ninaS

    umm do you work for them???

  • ninaS

    omggggg using us as your guinea pigs again!! why is safari on EVERY LOVE AND HIP HOP soon he is gonna be in ATL safari WHERE R U FROM MY DUDE??!! SERIOSULY…UGHH AM SO DONE U R SO THIRSTY!! This whole LHHNY is with old ass people doing dumb ass things iunno if i will tune in…juels is dumb as shit if what he did is real, Sin and joe budden really LMAO …. that chick that way on LHHA OMG THE THIRST IS REALLLL YALL.. we ALL NEED TO GET IN ON THIS SHIT TOO…dont even have to put out no music am so floored and am not tuning into this no substance bs

  • Prive

    If this is Scripted than they just really dont GIVE A fuck about what ppl think for $. And there go Rem and Papoose NO STORYLINE AAAGGGGAIN.

  • jay reflex

    i really think this is like 85%Scripted

  • °No PaiN;;No GaiN♥

    That was fake fyi lol

  • MéliMélo

    We really didn’t ask for this smh

  • MéliMélo

    Hopefully Self’s crummy behind is also gone.

  • Ebony Da’shay

    Some real content and stories I’m ready

  • natala

    alexis sky is there though

  • Coco

    Yesss!! Thank God.
    They took it back to the OG’s

  • Straightshooter


  • R C

    It looks so good but that was basically the whole show in a nut shell.

  • Ttrini

    Nice! Looks like a good season!

  • Pink lemonade

    Yeah storyline look all genuine and I’m actually excited I think it’s going to be a good one

  • Sicily Wilson

    It looks like serious season instead of childish. Im glad they got rid of Mariah Lynn n nem.