Love & Hip Hop New York Season 9 Episode 5 – ‘Gwinners & Losers’

On episode 5, things get tense when Kimbella bump heads with Yandy, and Safaree breaks the internet when a social media war with his ex sends MariahLynn and DJ Self into a tailspin. Meanwhile, Jonathan comes to terms with the loss of a loved one.

  • Such A Baddie

    Exactly! And she got 1 kid and stay home all day. The bish is lazy. She sits around in a mansion all day on instagram… Women out here with kids and a husband (or single moms) who work full time and the house is clean, laundry done, lunches packed, dinner made etc. there is no excuse.

  • TrishBanks

    Self Did Say It

  • g-one

    It’s all out of love in the Hispanic culture especially for puertoricans.

  • Africa

    Can Santana, ain’t a partner, house chores should never be left to one person to.. like He shouldn’t be cleaning after her and she lives her wigs laying around everywhere. For real he better not wife her, unless he wants to be a maid for the rest of his life

  • foxymoron

    DJ Ninja Turtle

  • chiraq075

    Motherfuckas, scared to make shit happen bro..just like making dumb comments all day

  • christjesus

    yandy is fkcn juelz

  • flo

    Those men cheat because those women allow them to yandy could of told them and they still could of been mad Kimbella is extra and lame

  • flo

    He over looked cardi because he didn’t really believe in her but look where he is and look where she is the end

  • Myra.S.A

    Safaree you spent a whole season not giving A1 a straight answer about fucking his wife. FOH.

  • Paige Banks

    you’re ignorant then. mental health doesn’t just work on a simple [email protected] she’s not depressed cos she gets dressed up and puts on makeup…are you like 12 or something lmao

  • Paige Banks

    what girl wants to admit to being a skanky whore? i don’t believe that tbh

  • jdledell

    disqus_nyx1T7CQqf important

  • Stacey Angela Williams

    I thought thats what I heard

  • GG

    GIRL. Whewww

  • Cynthia Watson

    No. Yandy a shady bish. If yiu really pay attention she mad sime if the sane reasons chrissy and the bm was made. Yabdy disrespectful shady and gross to many lines. She left her hanging at the reunion. Shes selfish and noone has time for no fake ass friend. Yandy gas lost more friendships then gain. Sge working on losing juju

  • chiraq075

    Str8888 Lame,…… I’m sorry Happy New Year’s everybody’s ..I’m lame ..this tv show and the next one lame,we lame from comments,lets start a organization..just 500(real no games) of us..dont know everything yet,but $5 a week ..we all help each other, like you might be short on your rent/Mortgage, child care fee,tickets, any unexpected bill or just need money asap for a Real reason…and we grow from their..not a scammer WE can figure out somewhere the money can sit at..but like I said..dint know everything yet,but just popped in my head ,everybody got time for bs..let’s do something different..our own club

  • peaces bite me


  • peaces bite me

    mjariah lynn looks like an praying mantis

    saferree is stupid to married the industry matteress erica mena

  • Alaiyah

    Ion know, but Yandy ain’t never been a good friend to begin with. Jim and Chrissy exposed that and she tried to latch on to Juelz and Kimbella, telling Ju how Jim was tripping and encouraging Kimbella to address Em over Fab when A it could have been a private convo, B why if you’re happy with Ju and she’s hanging on to her fam by the shreds pretending to be happy would you bring up some hurtful has been ass one nighters??? Yandy facilitated that whole shit beefing her up cuz she knew it would hurt, what she didn’t count in was Chrissy being a real g and whoopin the disrespect outta Kim for both of them! I believe Yandy likes knowing the guys cheat and was the only reason she encouraged him out of his home knowing he was trying to fix his wrongs, she exactly who Mendecees B said she is a bitter #3 with the money to look lie #1 but she ain’t and hate to see others actually have that, And she sent Kim for BM#1 and then bailed so she could look crazy and she could blame her for not seeing the kids. She petty and fact, all about the money, but then just be that stop pretending bitch

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    I like him. I think he is just going thru some things like a lot of us are not exempt from. I do appreciate how he seems to value his friendships and work hard to fix them despite his own ish. I wldnt mind having a friend like him. Compared to the rest of them on that show oh yea I’d take him anyway!!

  • Rudie Mac

    Whew chile

  • India

    Facts: what I see a lot of women doing is having the baby first then getting married ..half the time the baby is here and still no wedding…

  • GG




  • daniella

    I agree

  • livelovegrind

    Well if that’s the case, that would give her even more reason not to want him back. So i doubt she is mad. I know I wouldn’t want a confused bi-sexual man back in my life if he cheated on me with a tranny. So his statement doesnt make sense to me even more now that u said that lol

  • Roz

    Oh ok

  • India

    Idk if she still is ….but Yandy managed Juelz
    And Kimbella got mad at her because she told him he needs to stop recording in the house because it was distracting him..

    A few times he disappeared and Kimbella wanted Yandy to tell her where Juelz was and she wouldn’t …I think she still salty over that shit …that’s why she thinks Yandy isn’t her friend not hat other BS she’s claiming

  • India

    She did Spanish it’s nothing negative, family and friends call me negra…

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    He’s 37.

  • Roz

    Joe looks great too! Cyn might need be mature about things herself. If Cyn is depressed she’s putting on a good face with her sister & partying with friends. What if Cyn just lazy & if she’s depressed, she needs to have some heart 2heart conversations. Joe could be helpful in that area.

  • Roz

    He’s 30? You sure? I thought for sure he was in his 40 something.

  • Roz


  • Beautyyyy

    Lol I’m wondering the same thing too and it sounds like it smh

  • Absolutely. I feel though, if Yandy simply said, “Look, you’re not the only one going through it…cut me some slack…I’m not perfect,” she would come off better. Kimbella is just doing too much.

  • daniella

    Waaay too much, she needs to leave the pride out let go and let God

  • Rudie Mac

    Exactly when I was there I didn’t do shit. I was a damn zombie in my home

  • Rudie Mac


  • Rudie Mac

    If he wants you he’ll do it .#StopBeggingFelicia

  • Rich

    What else do you expect from a toad called DJ ‘SELF’. He don’t care about anyone and wants to act 15. Same for Richie peanuts. Pretty borig episode so far. I liked them supporting Mariah and I’m glad she looks like herself again.
    I missed Anais and her crazy ass.

  • LiLondon

    She was referring to herself as the elephant and said she can address the issue herself and doesn’t need permission

  • jay reflex


  • Paige Banks

    i can’t believe how many people are criticising cyn who just had a baby and is depressed. don’t you guys understand what depression is? means you don’t have the motivation to do the very things joe is shaming her for like cleaning and looking after things. unbelievable.

  • Paige Banks

    i caught yandy’s shade, trying to call kimbella an elephant. she’s no longer getting the rosey edits from mona lmao, and she’s really not likable in any way.

  • Paige Banks

    i will never forget dj self asking his 16 year old daughter to promise not to ask him for anything. he makes me feel sick. urgh.

  • Paige Banks

    dj self doesn’t ‘put anyone on’ that doesn’t suck his dick. that’s why he overlooked cardi cos she stopped fucking him, and why he’s alwas riding for mariah cos she sucks his dick lmao. same with major, he helped her cos she fucked him. he’s disgusting

  • Ms. Mk

    I hate seeing women begging their men to “put a ring on it”. If a man knows, he knows.

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    Damn Joe Buddens looks old for a dude in his 30s.

  • Dekorie Marshall

    thaat fact that they cant say nicki name lmbooo

  • Su Ja

    hahahahahaha looking like a stuffed turckey under that waistline. But I love jhonathan

  • Su Ja

    Cyn is so beautifull it erks me to see her being threated like shit and begging that ugly lego head for a ring

  • Mademoiselle Goldie✨

    First comes love then comes baby in the baby carriage and then marriage.. ? That’s not how I remember the song lmaooooo

  • ilandyia Whitfield

    Is Kimbella on steroids? Because she looks bad and big asf! I’m assuming after that ass whoopin she got from Crissy and Juelz kicking her ass she said fuck it and decided to pump up what ever she is doing she needs to reverse it

  • Reina1718

    Nuthin but record herself all day jn joe house/car etc

  • Reina1718

    She lucked up with joe, soon as she dated him he she moved in his place

  • Reina1718

    Cyn storyline fake

  • GG

    He cheated on her with a transgender

  • Rokses

    Lol Cyn is disappointed and unhappy in her relationship right now. She is not depressed, just a bit sloppy.

  • Lexi

    I know. He had to settle for what he could get like most men after they mess up with the good woman. Just seems like misery.

  • kinky twist

    Lol hell yeah blaming it on some damn Anxiety pills chiiile

  • Yetunde

    I’m disappointed that they’ve brought back MariahLynn. Nya Lee is obviously lying, she only knows DJ Self in passing, she looks silly trying to beg friends with him. She’s never going to pop, her time is over.

  • Heidi Okeke

    It does sound sexy! You just sound jealous

  • Amber Firstlady Darden

    Tahiry didnt want him

  • Cee Celly

    Kimbella no one gives a fck!! Boring, whiny, bitter bytch

  • Cee Celly

    Cyn thinks she got that lil sexy Spanish mami thing going on but nahhh sis! Your weave is tacky and your ghetto AF.
    Joe can find a big butt anywhere!

  • Anica

    It’s called the snowflake generation.

  • PassionQueen77

    I just hope that this is the last season. The show doesn’t seem that cool anymore. Kimbella does need a therapist. She keeps on relying on the past too much. She should try to forgive Yandy someday and move on.

  • Eleanor Garcia

    “Pop” no conversation needed ya eyes would be smacked ta the other side of ya brainless head. Bye bitch

  • Lexi

    Joe should have just stayed with Tahiry. Cyn is childish.

  • Damion Johnson

    Take lonothans ass off this show damn

  • Nova7

    Lmaaaaaaao I seen that too!!! This has to stop !

  • Jade

    Nya Lee’s time is up, she already had her time to shine a few years ago and she blew it by acting a damn fool. Girl, sit yo washed up stripper ass down and let these young girls come through

  • Lana

    ugh, feel like I lost some brain cells listening to MariahLynn’s song..

  • ZionLive

    Facts! It’s sad but A LOT of women stay with men who mentally and emotionally abuse them. I know a few and nothing you advice them changes anything. They will still stay with them and everything. It’s a shame but unfortunately for Kimbella she’s ok with it and stays regardless of the bs. Smh I don’t believe women like this know their self worth.

  • STFU.

  • Danielle Murray

    I like Johnathan but I wish he would use this opportunity to advance his career as a stylist. It seems like all he does is argue – scream – cry… show us what you do – grow your brand dude – before this opportunity ends. Cyn need to mature some and learn how to have a conversation w/o an attitude and stop calling your man “old ass Joe” …. NOT CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They have their own show now.

  • Flippin Gorgeous

    Cyn is suffering from postpartum depression. That’s why she doesn’t feel like doing anything and tryna force herself to hang out. I did the same thing. Then you just get home and feel the same way, just faking happiness and you don’t know why. Joe being away doesn’t make it any better. He’s the provider but cyn is gonna break if he don’t try to console her. Cyn has a few online businesses that’s why she always home. Btw.

    At this point Kim just wants to be mad. Like girl forgive & forget if it happens again drop yandy.

  • Shannon Trøùblez Trotman

    Cyn u acting like a dirty bh so why u mad? clean your shit

  • Polyn Shumba

    Cyn is too childish that man is too old for her

  • Polyn Shumba

    Kimbella is exhausting to watch to damn noisy

  • ria

    I thought Johnathan’s dad sent him to conversion camp…

  • Nit18

    Finally someone see its how I do. I know she hurting but she needs Candy bad AF. Nobody knows what she is going thru like her. She claiming anger over some no show pull up years ago. Smh she def needs a shrink and a Yandy.

  • Miracle

    Nya, Jhonni Blaze and Erica Mena all suffer from untreated bipolar disorder, they need meds

  • Miracle

    But what other talent or career does Cyn have? All she can do is sit around bored begging to get fucked

  • Talone

    He already had admitted in the past that he had work done on his butt and his face.. Just to end up looking like a damn fool

  • Why?
  • Kimbella you admitted you known Juelz was popping pills. No one is sad for your weekly he going to to jail. She been on this show for many seasons and this the most they ever talked about their relationship. And all we have is you jealous on how Yandy conducted herself when Mendeece was locked up. Kimbella needs her own therapist so she can stop blaming everyone for her years of covering up the truth.

  • SyrenaD

    yeah i know plenty out here who suck a cock for a ring, burger, and still fuck community dick and are jump offs welfare queens are so proud of it. if you see how some of these bitches live roaches in they house, 6 kids no dad, having more for a check. check babies.. thats also disgusting. Cyn is sweet girl she deserves so much more, but when men dont appreciate women, they will leave.

  • 2thick4sum

    Exactly last year it was all this mama drama on his this. I kept thinking about scene in hangover when he was like my grandfather died…dude was like when, then Zack said WWIl…this was Johnathan!

  • Zarah

    He is full of shit and needs to stop lying on dead relatives for a check. He’s referencing his father’s death as if the man died recently when he lost him at 8 years old… everything about that conversation was fake and weird.

  • HonestA

    Maybe I doubt it though , he’s essentially going to prison for a mistake seems more plausible that he’s proposing because he doesn’t want her to move on while he’s in prison

  • HonestA

    There’s no conjugal visits at rikers

  • He needs those conjugal visits, it’s quite convenient actually!

  • kyla245

    Jaquae, how is she trying to get back with you when you’ve been “shooting your shot”.

  • Queen Beez

    Joe mad cause he gotta clean LMAOOOO
    Definitely not feeling that long ponytail on Mariah’s little ass head lol it’s cute when it’s shorter & curly though, and I was feeling that lil song at the listening party. OK Mariah, GET YOU SOME HONEY
    Self is old and annoying.
    Look at Jonathan butt in them black shorts honey LMAO
    Yandy & Kimbella just need to make up already, ugh…

  • PrettyNetty28

    What type of level is Joe n Cyn on???? Cause it seems wayyyyyy off.

  • Lisa Lisa

    It’s not a stereotype when you see it in everyday life, boo. Half of these young hoes don’t even have their kids. I can give props to the ones who have their sh*t together, but it’s not many. Some females were raised different, and were taught to cook, clean and take care of their household after working a full 8 hours and caring for the kids. They make time to do these things with or without a man. So, a bitch sitting on her ass all day talking about “she ain’t got time” is slacking to me.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Chase ’em until they hit and pass their ass to the homie….you know the game…

  • SheKnows

    ny need all new younger cast members who actually make music. this season is boring.


    Exactly my thoughts with this whole kimbella situation, why so hard on yandy when all you do is give your man 1000 second chances. At this rate if am yandy I will just ignore her and never talk about this whole situation again, just forget about the whole friendship. Imagine her saying yandy likes to portray herself as good, mehnnn for me if a friend should say such thing about me to the whole world you best believe that friendship will never be

  • TheEveryDayAngel

    lmao joe you wanted the 24 yo pussy now you gotta deal with the 24yo attitude. it’s not her fault tbh… lmao

  • Candy Jones

    Johnathan sister looking at him like he is full of shit.. and he needs to stop

  • ImJustMe

    I get exactly what she was saying and my comment still stands. Age still doesn’t have anything to do with that. There are also old lazy bitches that don’t know how to cook, can’t keep a man, don’t wanna work, doesn’t clean, still don’t know how to wipe front to back, etc. & No I’m not offended bcuz it definitely doesn’t apply to me however I’m tired of always seeing negative comments about young females and stereotyping us when in reality it’s based upon how you were raised and your level of maturity.

  • rp

    Joe Budden should have not had a child with this child (Cyn), who’s only looking for fame, attention, and approval!!!

  • PlayerP

    Pause…did he just pick up her WIGS and his SHOES off the FLOOR? TOGETHER???
    This ish is soooo scripted. What floor did he mop with his janitor bucket? Pretendin to mop and chit lolo

  • LaNiece Robinson

    lmao…yesss bitch she does…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Ole bitches do be at the club twerking and looking for a lay…But what she said is Dudes ain’t lying when they be saying all young bitches “know how” to do is twerk and fuck!!!!! No cooking, no cleaning, no working, no nothing else….And that don’t apply to all the young bitches just a lot….And lets be real most of their lays be lazy a/f…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    lmao…That shit looks nasty as fuck…

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Lol, I was lookin at Johnaton”s ass in the scene with those black shorts on and it had me dyin!!!!!

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Exactly!!! You see he really reachin for a story now with the pills.

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    Everybody know yandy played a role in the baby mama crap ok. She ain’t the only one that doesn’t admit to stuff. But idk she saying hey let me be here then I don’t feel she need to keep coming to Kim. It do seem like she begging and that’s for the birds.

  • Bey Martinez

    Joe Budden and Cyn’s story line gives me gas!!!! Kimbella and Yandy…bye girls…. Jonathan…..bye girl….Nya Lee….who are you??? Safaree and Jacquae….bye…. Where the hell are Remy and Papoose????

  • HonestA

    What’s even crazier to me is Juelz wanna propose after 10 years of bullshit right before (November) he’s sentenced (December) which he got 27 months . Kimbella keep that ring bitch and dip !

  • HonestA

    Looks like Joe didn’t learn shit from couple’s therapy , still numb and unable to tap into his real feelings. Cyn’s going through post partum being messy etc is a part of it. I hate when older men date significantly younger women then have the nerve to tell them they act too young or immature well duh bitch she’s almost 15 years younger than your old ass what do you expect !?

    With the Kimbella situation , I feel like if you can give a nigga like Juelz who has lied , who has cheated , who is a drug addict , who is a criminal , who can put his family in fucked positions like allowing his family to be evicted , who has kicked you in the fucking face & thrown you out of a vehicle and left you on the side of the road then you could give Yandy a chance . Women are so quick to throwaway their girlfriends who have flaws but continue to lay up with men who literally will ruin you ! Idk Yandy & Kim beef per se but there’s definitely more to it and I don’t feel Kim is 100% innocent . Ps: Juju fuck being his peace bitch !

  • Royal

    I don’t want to assume anything because O know how these edits go, but I hope Joe did not just say to Cyn, “I’m fine if we break up”. Either way, he seems numb to her and her emotions. She needs to focus on her and her baby. I really disliked that he posted a video of her wigs and clothes. That could have been a private conversation between them. He should not be shaming or humiliating her. It seems like he is low key toxic and trying to diminish her selfworth. I just feel bad because Cyn is not articulate enough to defend herself. Guys like him play mental games to fuck with you.

  • Koko Dizzle

    Cyn is really just jumping in every scene they call her too… she is really taking her supporting role seriously

  • HonestyPolicy


    I like Joe but all I see with him and Cyn is an old man and a little girl. Any monkey can have a baby, doesn’t mean you should put a ring on it, hon! She doesn’t work, doesn’t clean, she wants to “do music” but expects Joe put her on and she doesn’t even know where to find a nanny!? Girl, you don’t need a marriage certificate you need to get a clue!

    I had really warmed to Safaree but after the fuckery with Lyrica and A1 he’s cancelled.

    These rent-a-friendships (Cyn, Nya, Mariah) are SO tired.

    Not really a fan of Kimbella’s but i’m here for Yandy getting dragegd, so..

  • Love ♋

    Is MariahLynn getting darker??? …. And I can’t really understand all of the language she was speaking… Is it just me???

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    All I want to know is how is Cyn so busy. What does she do? It only takes 2 minutes to pick up your stuff. She had hair everywhere. I would be pissed.

  • 2sweet

    Cyn is a sinner godliness is cleanliness n yandy is one fake arse bitch so called frd never like both of them

  • kinky twist

    Why is that shit starting gay guy joey even on the show smh he need to go on somewhere ! He story line been over along time ago , id rather see sydney starr over his triflin ass

  • Tizzy Ann

    Cyn want to be wife but don’t wanna do wife things ugh OK this relation is one sided ,glad to see Joe not a push over

  • Love Jones

    They be chasing them though.

  • Love Jones

    Kimbella look old and tired af. Yandy is a beautiful women, and Harriet Tubman was a strong women.

  • Dee Harden

    Ayo facts on facts on facts!!!! You funny but real,,, I’m just fuckin sayin

  • Cynthia Watson

    Soooo yandy stil fake ass hell. Joe still a bih, cyn scared of herself. Kimbella is hurting right b4 our eyes, Jonathan is wack, mariah lynn still look like trash, nya song with kash doll is lit, self still fucking over good artist Safaree still sexy, jaquae is irritating juju is sexy thee end

  • Eleanor Garcia

    Jaqwe is mad fishy with all his duckin & dodging before he can finally answer a simple question. Naw I believe Kiyanne. Sis’s a slightly rough but she don’t BS.
    Cyn ya beautiful but any mans gonna turn off when gettin nagged in the regular left & right is never proactive & healthy to ya relationship. STFU behave more wifey like & if ya want some dik no need to have a conversation just wake him up in a nice way & you’ll get what you want. He’s taking care of you & only thing cameras showing is a 25 year old brat not holdin it down at her mans castle.

    Yandys all fake & I completely agree with Kim. Own up or leave me be.

    I feel for Nya but girl Self actually had a point in his sidebar comments. If you want to be taken seriously then handle yourself in a more professional manner. A little humbling yourself & most men are more willing to listen.

  • Dollface

    Glad Kimbella is calling Yandy out. This been needed to be said. I like how kimbella sticks to her guns about not wanting to be Her friend. They relationship seems like it’s always been about Kimbella kissing Yandy’s and doing whatever she say. Kimbella letting it be known that them days are ova! Bitch I don’t need you or desire you.

    Cub just errks my soul. She just a mess.

    Nya Lee is a mess too. Ugh!

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Cyn is doing wayyy to much, this ova acting shit, wow…When is somebody gone beat the breaks off Yandy’s lying, fake ass…And why every time I see DJ Self I get this weird vibe, he looks sneaky ass fuck, I wouldn’t let him watch my puppy dog…Did Johnathon get his bootie enhanced….

  • ImJustMe

    Age doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with that. It’s all about the level of maturity. Old bitches be in the club twerking and looking for their next fuck too.

  • Ere4DaLulz

    HAHAHAHA YOO I thought the same thing about Yandy and the eye bags, but she seem fake AF to me, so I didn’t bother to mention, I didn’t say Kim looks bad, I’m just saying you can tell she is going through the gigs.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    How dare you say Kim looks old and stressed, meanwhile Yandy standing there looking like Harriet Tubman.

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m here! Show me the drama and bad weaves!!! Azz and titties, azz and titties and big booty bitches!!! Cyn being the baby mama of one of the most opinionated people in the hip hop industry behind Lord Jamar?! It sucks to be her because she doesn’t know how to be an independent woman and she hooked up with an asshole who doesn’t want to fuck her. Her mentality is broke with expensive taste when she needs to get a damn job with her horny, lazy ass.

  • Ere4DaLulz

    Agreed, totally, but…he knew she was a youngin’ when he got with her, lived with her, then had a baby with her, it’s hard to feel sorry for these dudes when they complain about stuff like that.

  • Ere4DaLulz

    You can tell Kim is going through a lot…not because she says it all the time…but she looks TIRED. Stress can age you like a MF.
    I always felt like Kimbella is a straight shooter, for that, I hope she can pull through this mess for the sake of the kids, and don’t be afraid to leave a man for getting caught up. Is that not an option anymore????
    He got caught up with the police, and before that, he was cheating on you, why allow your mental/emotional health accept that sort of abuse? You can always get material shit if you work hard enough, but you can’t buy a strong or healthy mind.

  • Shakendria Murphy

    Ill wait till tomorrow to comment. Idk what i just saw and im buzzed asf!!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Cyn is pathetic. She don’t work, no real career….yet she has no time to clean. Dudes don’t be lying when they say young hoes don’t know how to do sh*t but twerk and f*ck.

  • Thomas Cleonette

    Yeaaaay my baby is here …

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I’m surprised this aired on Christmas eve Mona said the show must go on damn it…

  • D Redd

    Cyn just gets sucked into everybody’s drama.

  • Girly Girl

    Merry Christmas gang

  • Desi

    And fake azzes & titties!!

  • Eb R. B.

    Merry Chrima Eve y’all (in my Plies voice)

  • IGoSillyForAMilli

    Can we get some action this week. This season so far is boringgg

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m here! Show me the drama and bad weaves!!!