Surviving R.Kelly Part 2 – ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’

Part 2 of 6. Despite him never being formally convicted of any crimes related to sexual abuse, watch as former associates, friends, and family shed fresh light on R.Kelly’s alleged systemic abuse of young women that have unfolded over the years.

  • Tammy

    He’s guilty n i hope the law finds justice for all these women.

  • Miss

    No, that’s not what she said. When they started having sex the girl was 14, but she didn’t find out the girls age until she was older (15 nearly 16).

  • Paula Alexander

    Its possible. He wasn’t really a strong guy. Sparkle refused to take his shit. The other women didnt. They were meek women, sparkle isn’t at all. Shes just disgusting for believing that because nothinf happened to her he wouldnt dare with her niece. But she was wrong.

  • Paula Alexander

    He’s literally every capricorn man ive ever met. Doesn’t surprise me about the need for control and abuse.

  • T’Airicka Steward

    However, there are discusting people that go out n prey on kids. But you can’t be that stupid. Sparkle been singing with that man for 20+ years. She knew he was nasty, so y introduce your 13yr old niece to him. And why would your brother n sister n law allow her to be dropped off at a studio alone with a grown ass man. EVERYBODY in this whole doc need to be punished cus they all played a part in it NOT just R. Kelly

  • T’Airicka Steward

    And you sound like a dumb naive parent that would let their kid around a man like that. Fucking weirdo. A child wouldn’t be in that situation if they parents took more care. Not saying all them girls are wrong but if you know that this man is known for that shit then y put your child in that predicament.

  • T’Airicka Steward

    For one it has NOTHING to do with defending him. I said the bitch was lying about that girls age cus she said 3 different things. That’s what I said so read and stop guessing

  • Amber G

    He openly told his stories in the form of song and use that same outlet as his means for asking for forgiveness and redemption. My love for his music had been altered…Such a shame

  • Amber G

    I believe he was the one who had molested r. kelly and the little brother…sick fu$&ers

  • Ugo Tai

    Bruce Kelly saw nothing wrong in R Kelly’s actions.. He always had a defence for them…”he likes young women, i like older women” “we love to control our women” etc.. Disgusting!

  • snookiecookie

    so sick. Hopefully nobody in your family comes to you for help if they are being abused. This attitude is what keeps abuse alive.

  • Candy Jones

    u gotta think when u were a young age, and u saw the celebrity u liked. U would want to sleep with them as well. But looking back at it when your an adult, ur like that is sick. Cause your mindset is different. I hooked school when i was 12, i think in the 8th grade to go see hot boys come to my hometown me and a couple friends. Ive met Lil wayne, juvenile, birdman , slim, all of them. I wanted to fuck juvenile so damn bad with those big ass lips. He would just laugh and ignore me. I did get his autograph though. I still have it on that short i wore. I never understood why he didn’t want me. But looking back at it now, at a grown i can see why.

    Im not justifying r.kelly actions. But those girls knew what they was doing. If it was a regular guy they wouldnt have but because he famous they going to do whatever. R.kelly have a sickness with him he use his fame to get the girls he want.many celebrities do that

  • April Emily Smith

    I Believe I can Fly has no business inside of no churches, like seriously? People are so impressionable.

  • April Emily Smith

    I Believe I can Fly has no business inside of no churches, like seriously? People are so impressionable.

  • Regina Jones

    seen an interview today with the youngest brother, he and r kelly were the 2 getting molested, he said he dont think she messed with the oldest brother

  • No they were manipulated by an older man. That is why he dealt with young girls. Easy to brainwash, and get in their heads. They were not stupid they just didn’t know any better.

  • T’Airicka Steward

    Them bitches is lying. At 44:20, she says the girl said she was 15 turning sixteen but then says she didn’t know she was 14. Like bitch which one is it. And how you just having sex with all these minors and not know. Bitch you ain’t that dumb. And Sparkle is a fucking lie too. Her own brother said that girl wasn’t related to them. And if y’all all was on the tour bus when y’all caught him fucking Aaliyah, then WHY would you introduce him to your young ass “niece?”

  • Emmanuel Ayeni

    You clearly haven’t experienced anything like what she has to make such baseless assumptions…… I can only wish everything were as black and white as you seem to think

  • Emmanuel Ayeni

    Just to let you know, your “opinion” is pure SUBJECTIVE ok, it pertains to you, and you alone. it isn’t fact. To assume that because there was no photographic evidence or footage the woman’s claims are false is a very dangerous line of reasoning because as has been pointed out by itz_justme most people wouldn’t have photographic evidence when it comes to sexual situations

  • Emmanuel Ayeni

    You have to be a lost soul with seriously fragile masculinity for you to say that

  • Emmanuel Ayeni

    Itt shouldn’t take me to have to tell you that these women weren’t stupid, they were manipulated and felt trapped. You’ve probably never directly or indirectly experienced a situation that brings about those feelings and reactions because if you have, you would choose your words more carefully

  • Keal Fox

    How come I can’t watch this

  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily

    go suck yuh mada

  • Jenny Nun

    sparkle sacrified her niece. she talked about how talented and bigger than life her niece was. Sparkle was jealous of this and possbily knew that the girl had a huge anointing and could possibly be a bigger star than her. She subconciously handed the niece over to R kelly to snuff that light out of her and to degrade her to the point of no return. Sparkle knew this would happen so that’s why she brought her to him. The niece is still with him to this day and is a sex slave. She has slept with his whole entourage and has ate his feces. She was never able to be a star. Sparkle did this purposely trust and believe. He may have paid sparkle a lump sum for the girl as well.

  • Iseeyoustaringlookingassnigga

    because some of those things are wrong too but people have been saying this about R Kelly and nothing has been done. Honestly if everyone is aware of this why should black people have to march and protest when they could easily lock his ass up? If they can lock us up any other time over dumb shit they could have done the same to r kelly so it’s not up to black folks, it’s up to the police and the justice system. They decided to ignore the signs and fail these women.

  • 5ive

    I mean he was molested so it’s not far fetched

  • 5ive

    Word Lisa and sparkle was annoying me

  • Fouet Bonbon

    Does Wendy Williams have thyroid problems by the way she be bucking her eyes…

  • Cubanita

    I know , it’s sad. Everyone’s keeping hush aswell because they are doing nasty things too that they need to keep private smh. Look what happened to B2K , messed them up badly

  • im really ashamed of my people. We march and riot if a white man even looks at a black person wrong. We cancel people who make stupid little race jokes. We boycot companies for putting a wite man in a black superhero sweater.

  • Mina S

    That’s why R. Kelly wrote a lot of their music. They were one in the same

  • Rah

    She was 17 at the time it happened so that’s probably why she felt 16 was a different story from 14

  • Cubanita

    The worst thing is it’s not even just R kelly, there’s soo many industry men that are molesting people it’s disgusting , they need to do a documentary on B2K next, their old manager is a monster.

  • Cubanita

    In another interview he said the older sister was the molestor ,reason why they knew their mother would not believe them

  • India

    We on the same page …these women meet these men and sleep with them in hopes of getting that record deal…

    What’s sad is nobody said anything,
    Honestly, I’ve never liked R Kelly from the door…some of his music was ok but to get my panties wet over him …it’s a pass ….

  • This comment is stir-fried bullshit!!!

  • Beaushan

    Still doesn’t absolve him of his actions.

  • Su Ja

    its not eays to talk about rape and abuse. Ive experienced both and to this day never speak on it just like r kellys brother because people just never want to believe it anyway or they will sy that its your own fault

  • shasyl

    At some point I would be out of there because I watch a clip of one girl who says they had cell phones and was calling we other to meet up at some point but why didn’t use it to call the police or some family member

  • Ms_CHeLLe

    I think he’s f*ckin disgusting…

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    Are you a black female? If so you should be applauded for taking accountability. That’s very rare. lol

  • HonestA

    America taught us not to care about ourselves , this historical trauma were seeing being played out it’s sick but the light is on and it’s time for shit to change !

  • itz_justme

    most victims don’t have footage of their abuse. The only video evidence out there is one that was stolen. If he had them isolated and controlled, you think he’d allow them to record on their own and keep it?

    Unfortunately, people make judgements based on their personal opinions about the individual even if those opinions are only founded in feelings not facts. Example would be there juror who admitted they voted not guilty because someone didn’t look like they were telling the truth.

  • Bubu Namapansu Buhle

    Can l just say l don’t feel sorry for some of these women..l believe them alright but thy we too greedy for money too.And not even half way done watching and am listening to Lisa story like “what the fuck.” Your mind is made up to go see someone you just had sex with while shooting a video…Some of these people were to desperate for money or loved it too much…l don’t even know how to feel/react ….#Whywewomenwillneverdobettersometimes! Why go to Chicago Lisa why go???? Mxm am soooooo over this!

  • Dekorie Marshall

    its a shame people are saying they don’t believe the girls, even if you didn’t there’s so much damning evidence that this man is a predator

  • mandi

    in the state of illinois you are considered legal at 17 so a lot of times ppl from other states may say oh she a baby she not 18 but u gotta keep in mind every state have a different law which explains each girl was 17 and they came to chicago not knowing it’s legal which explains why he got aquitted at court in the state of illinois

  • Bey Martinez

    Sparkle angers me beyond measure!!!!!! You knew this man had a thing for young girls! Was your neice a sacrifice? Like, there are hardly any tears coming from your eyes and if they are, they’re forced!!! Lizette….my heart breaks for you!!! Andrea…No Words

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Yes.. Do you really think you would have been able to remove yourself from that situation as a teenager? I mean before he would have slept with you and or beat you…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    lmao…It took you 12 hours to find two words, directive and vapid! lmao …You are truly an idiot…lmao

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Ghetto bird? Okay, Dick In The Bootie! You sound butt hurt and as if you like your butt to get hurt…And baby you’re not smarter than me on my dumbest day, so try the bullshit with the weak and ignorant..And of course you don’t know what pussy pop is, you really don’t know what pussy is now do you? This is not a blog, it’s a discussion area…And, I see you do understand that I do have authority over you, using the word directives lmao…Do you know what that means or were you just trying to sound intelligent? lmao.. You are truly big mad! Here’s some tissue wipe your ass it’s bleeding!

  • John Clay

    Why can’t I see the vid

  • itz_justme

    I don’t understand how Sparkle could introduce her young niece to him knowing what was going on. They said she was there from the beginning, so there is no way she didn’t know what was going on.

    Also, for the other young lady having sex with her, she was still considered underage when you thought she was 16.

    For those of you say “they” don’t care about us or America doesn’t care about black girls… who was his main consumer? “They” didn’t do this. Everyone who turned a blind eye to what he was doing out in the open because he iswas a “musical genius” did.

  • itz_justme

    This kind of ignorance is how he got away with it for so long and why victims don’t come forward. They end up getting ripped apart and judged down to their bones in favor of the abuser. Because people don’t want to believe the abuser is as bad as they are saying.

  • 1Love404

    Thank you for this!


  • this is why women dont speak up. “BASHING BLACK MEN” this man knowingly laid with children and people still protecting him over his victums.

  • Juelz Goin Back 2 Jail

    Mane damn Kells…I fucks with ya music HEAVY…dirty bitch

  • Gerome Wright

    The statute of limitations was in FULL EFFECT when the parents found out what happened. They chose to take the money and run…at their daughters’ expense. Sparkle even said her family CONTINUED TO HANG OUT WITH HIM…AFTER THE TRIAL. Go figure.

  • Gerome Wright

    Their own parents ignored them…that’s how all this was allowed to take place in the first place.

  • Gerome Wright

    Girl go REST. You’re not emotionally stable enough or intellectually capable of sparring with me at ANYTIME ON ANY LEVEL. So pump your brakes and stop before you embarrass yourself some more.

    Your screen name should be ANOTHER FOOL because you act, think and write like one. What in the hell is a “pussy pop?” Get the strap ghetto bird!

    And I don’t take directives. I CAN TYPE THIS WHOLE DAMN REPLY IN CAPS IF I SO CHOOSE. This isn’t court and you don’t get to direct what folks write or HOW they do it. It’s called MY OPINION, which is what people type on BLOGS.

    Next time I type something you don’t like dumb, dumb, use your fingers for more than your nose and scroll through it.


  • Gerome Wright

    Good. Your vapid comments are boring me.

    adjective: vapid

    offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging.

  • Alex Wilson

    That older brother in prison is So undercover Down Low. I know he having a good ole time in prison. Wonder if he was the one doing the molesting.

  • Desalyn Jones

    Okay predator

  • Straightshooter


  • Zarah

    Kreativ Inc. backed by Bunim/Murray Productions…. do you think he’s innocent???

  • Desalyn Jones

    And what uiu said sound dumb as F*ck!!! What you said sound like things a predator would say!

  • nisha c

    Thats the same thing i been saying if all these girls come from loving familys how they end up with r kelly. Thats a old ass man why you buying u child tickets to see him

  • Bk

    Are you serious She was also a teenager and he’s a grown man who was 31 yr at the time . Smh

  • shasyl

    Just asking

  • Desalyn Jones

    She was tramatized!!!!

  • Steph Scott

    Wait a min….is this the game we gon’ play, trying to silence ppl who point out facts? In that case, R Kelly is a victim too. He was molested as a child from 7 to 13 or so. So is Lifetime and the creator of this docuseries and everyone judging R Kelly victim-shaming as well?

  • Steph Scott

    Who funded it?

  • pamela tipton

    This is what happens when you pimp your kids for fame and fortune

  • geromewright wrote

  • Steph Scott

    She was his private ho. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Zarah

    Lifetime aired it but it was produced by Dream Hampton- a black woman from Detroit

  • Dede

    she showing all the signs of lying. looking to the left, stuttering,fiddling, pausing.

  • Straightshooter

    I like how the victim refers to Robert and R Kelly as two different people to soften the blow. I’ve seen him on stage and he behaves the same way the so called Robert person behaves so I don’t get it. It’s the same damn piece of shit person!

  • Steph Scott

    This docuseries losses credibility for me because of Lifetime’s history of bashing black men. But also the fact that Jamilah Lemeaux is in this documentary cements in my mind the anti-black heterosexual male agenda here.

  • Steph Scott

    The parents of these girls are part of the problem. Why can’t ppl see that? Many were getting paid to keep quiet. They sacrificed their babies for fame and money.

  • M A

    Right. She felt they drugged her….but came back to hang out with him days later…. I would also argue the fact that it seems he has a type and she doesn’t fall into that category to me… just my opinion her story just seems off compared to the others.

  • Straightshooter

    Well when they asked her about all the shit R Kelly was doing she said she didn’t give a fuck and people were lying on him! She told people to go to his concerts to keep HER lights on so yeah fuck her! We already heard her wack ass story!!! She’s is full of shit and she DID NOT speak out on behalf of the other girls she did see him abuse. I said what I said!

  • People would say why didn’t anyone notice, we all noticed but no one cared because we were black girls.

    Hearing her say this brought tears to my soul. …This R Kelly stuff was kinda before my time, but I’ve researched all aspects extensively and my takeaway remains — shame, shame shame.

    The system tried to bring Kelly to system yet, ultimately, the decision was made by the BC at large. …Way too many chose to vocally insist on his innocence, proclaim their decision to keep listening to his music (“oh he so taaaaalented”), and kept supporting, enriching and putting money in Kelly’s pockets via CD/music purchases, concert attendance etc.

    Often, this was done while referring to Kelly’s victims as “fass” or sending a backhand to the victims’ parents. And people wonder why…nevermind… …People look stupid whining abut “racism” when, by their own actions, they devalue young girls by rarely/inconsistently having their back or sexualizing and/or labeling them “fass” — all while continuously defending, excusing, demanding justice, stomping up ‘n down the street in support and organizing protests in defense of boys/males.

    Society-at-large sees it all. …From China to NA, if a community keeps sending the message (via word or deed) that they place less/zero value on their own little girls — they can’t expect others to give more of a f*ck than they do, or until they own the truth and clear the shit out of their own backyard.

    This thing of ‘raising daughters yet loving sons’ is total and complete bullshit, and the proof is evident in the drop-out, incarceration etc. rates. …F*ck excusing perverts/predators like Kelly with the “aww, po baby did it because it was done to him” BS; it’s a fact that girls make up the majority of victims of sexual abuse, and the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are male.

  • Desalyn Jones

    He ABUSED her that’s why??!!!

  • MChantye


  • Straightshooter

    He crossed the line to being controlling but you married him though. I simply can’t with Drea. I’m sure he abused her too but she was an adult making adult decisions unlike the others. I don’t even know why she’s in this.

  • Tracie Jones

    I cant believe all these guys knew what he was about and NO ONE HAD CALL THE POLICE OR THE PARENTS! !! !! !! its crazy how people really think that money is everything this hard to understand i just dont get it money over doing the rite thing by reporting him wasnt in nobody thought at that time and now they want to tell what really happen after the first time his ass should have been lock up and maybe they could have saved alot of young girls

  • Sali

    It’s disgusting. He let a 27 year old man marry a 15 year old girl. That is just sickkkk.

  • Zarah

    I only found out when Andrea appeared on the show Hollywood Exes.

  • AndWhat

    you right. this shit is bullshit girl you was 17 and had sex then decided to go back and continue flying to chicago and ya mama didnt say girl no this a grown man don’t do that.

    yo this not victim shaming her mama to blame she could have stopped her daughter and said he dont love you. you are just booty.

  • Addicted2RealityTv

    The guy that forged the papers so Aaliyah could get married…what a creep!. He saw she was scared and felt she wanted him to help her but he never? for a paycheck? I hope he realises what a demon he is also! R Kelly is scum and all those who knew better and helped keep his secret are also cretins of the earth.

  • Smh at all these adults that knew what was going on and did nothing.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I didn’t realize he was married for most of his career. He intentionally hid the fact…and never spoke about his wife.

  • AndWhat

    Even the girl who thought she was gonna have a big break when you see a celeb you don’t think oh hold is he why shouldnt I do this. Your best friend there saying oh yes girl you have to go for it.

    Buddy system is real cuz I bet he might not try that with like her friends around.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    And the fucked up legal system that puts a statue of limitations on sexual abuse.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Never saw it but i was horrified hearing about it. Sadly his money and intimidation of the victim allowed him to get off scott-free in court. Thankfully karma will eventually prevail…she always does. It’s the law of Creation.

  • Nh

    That’s exactly what you’re doing.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Clearly R.Kelly is sick, he is a pedophile that was created by family abuse. It seems like the older brother, Bruce…the incarcerated one, doesn’t see the problem with Robert being attracted to children! I wonder if he was abused too. R.Kelly’s abuse of Aaliyah was common knowledge. Even if the parents were living under a rock & didn’t know or suspect this, how could these girls parents keep letting their daughters be alone with any man let alone this one? We tell our children to let us know if they are hurt abused victimized yet sadly so many stay quiet and even deny it when questioned directly due to shame and fear. There are so many people living with the secret of sexual abuse. We MUST break this sick damaging cycle… our children are at stake. it’s damn near impossible to feel whole and good about yourself when you have been violated sexually. It carries over to adulthood and often turns into drug, physical and verbal abuse too. I pray that all victims of sexual abuse find complete restoration and healing.

  • DJ Tia




  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily


  • Stoner Lily


  • That’s why yo’ black ass in jail. Fucking idiot.

  • Love XOXO

    Lmao where did that come from with people typing like that. I keep seeing it and I’m like it has to be some meme or joke I missed.

  • Dizzii Nelly


  • Camden

    Well hell Sparkle has been around since the BEGINNING said ol’e girl Javonte! So why tf would you even bring your niece around him??
    Just idiotic!
    I remember when that tape dropped, I cried. I was so so sad for that baby. 🙁

  • Love ♋

    I’m from Chicago; I’ve heard these stories personally from people who know girls he was picking up at Kenwood and Hyde Park H.S.and absolutely believe these women, but I’m just questioning motives of others. Why is it not being said that they’re parents were being paid?

  • AndWhat

    I know as black ppl we have learned to suppress our pain and to make jokes of it to cope but we have got to stop doing that. We minimize the hell out of it and then it teaches future generations that it is something to just be nudged to the back of our mind. We have to bring it to the forefront call it out and demonize all the bull crap we allow ourselves to put up with. Gosh I feel so hard for all these victims. Keep our children safe because they are the future and hope we all yearn for.

  • Anica

    Don’t forget fans for ignoring these girls and continuing to support a pedophile. He won’t have any power or money without fans.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    You truly have a very low comprehension level, so I will leave you be…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I get they didn’t know him, apparently you’re not comprehending…And please copy and paste where I even alleged it was okay..Right now you’re trying to back-paddle and pussy pop and shift conversations..You said the parents were pimping-out their children..Let’s stay on topic or move on…And, please stop with the cap shit, that shit only shows you’re in desperate need to make it seem as though you’ve been saying the shit and your not….

  • Bonita Applebum

    Say that last sentence for the folks in the back.

  • Check that

    Every nigga he had bringing lil girls back to him needs to go to jail to.. they all are accessory to rape child molestation every crime he committed couldn’t been fine without they help… yep all u need to go you help him rape these kids..

  • Zaemarie Toledo


  • Zarah

    Andrea explained their relationship history several times, she is no different to the millions of abused women except she eventually got out, many women don’t… he also had a separate family home, most people didn’t know he had a wife and kids.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    The parents that knew where their children were and who they were with and trusting him is no different the inner-city parents trusting their son’s going to football camp with pedophiles. or at the church house…The blame is solely on the predator..But to eliminate the b/s, the only place my daughter goes without me is too school and she can’t and won’t go on a field trips without me…I’m sure there are plenty of pedophile chaperone’s…Truth be told, all children are at risk of being molested, but it’s a way to scale your child’s percentage down tremendously…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    If that is what you got after seeing this and other interviews, your mindset is less than that of a child…How could you try too justify his actions…Pimping-out, do you know the meaning of that? It is an exchange at the beginning of a transaction an understanding of an exchange…This is not what happened in any of these cases…And if one of these girls were your daughter she would be telling her story and he would still be free…Doesn’t mean you were a bad parent, or your daughter was a hot-tail little girl, it just means she got manipulated by an adult and was to afraid to speak-up as most children are when they are molested…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    False sense of self! Thinking he knows I don’t play this shit, so he wouldn’t dare try this on my niece…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    You think so?

  • LaNiece Robinson

    The same thing that made people still to this date support R. Kelly…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Tina Turner performed under that name and was known and famous under that name..She knew it would be a difficult process to get all of her fans to realize, and or remember she’s working under Anna Mae or whatever…Tina Turner the name was known worldwide and people came to see her, they brought tickets to see Tina Turner….The only celebrity power Andrea had, was being married to R. Kelly….

  • LaNiece Robinson

    For the fame that name carries, she knew what and who he really was but most of the world didn’t…So saying she’s R Kelly’s ex-wife would get her farther in life then not displaying that title….

  • LaNiece Robinson

    And mindless females that likes his comment…Their mindset is no higher than those little girls at the age of their manipulation from this sick fuck….

  • Tlowe89

    Right… the tour manager made me sick to my stomach… he knew what was going on and felt bad about it but did nothing to stop it because he was hired to be a “yes man” and put himself before someone being raped

  • LaNiece Robinson

    As grown women they’re still making excuses for him, saying I don’t think he knew this, that, and the third..He know exactly what he was doing! He got them to come to him because of his celebrity platform, he made them feel as though he could help them and loved them..Then he would slowly humiliate them and tell them how powerful he was and always had someone watching them..And if you didn’t run if you could, he knew he had complete control ova them…Then things would get worse, I’m sure…It’s true hurt people hurt people, but that’s usually in their on age range…He was and is a monster..And when men usually use girls and women like this sexually, they really like men…

  • LaNiece Robinson

    As well as the public that continued to support him..We saw the video, we knew about him and Aaliyah, we saw his interview…We’ve been knew, maybe not all in detail, but we knew….

  • South Michael West

    True, so did Aaliyah’s parents.

  • Erica Pagan

    Stockholm Syndrome is a real sad thing for Andrea to have experienced.
    This cretin turns my stomach. But yet so many people still support him irregardless.
    I hope this cycle ends with him and not affect his children’s future

  • Erica Pagan

    Tina Turner kept her name since Ana Mae would not sell records. She felt she fought for her name and her career and wanted to keep both
    Maybe Andrea has the same mindset idk

  • Rere

    Money and recognition! If her last name wasn’t Kelly, who would even talk to her? IJS

  • marquisha

    he is disgusting and anyone who supports his music should go ask for for forgiveness. Nasty mf!!

  • Ttrini

    Agreed! I wouldn’t do it either…!

  • Shacora L Jones

    Girl maybe. I didn’t think about that. But I still can’t even agree to that logic. The things she and others say this Man did are horrific (&& I believe them) me nor my kids would be carrying the last name of an abuser and a child predator. PERIOD! I don’t care how famous he is. That shit is strange af to me.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Robert been showing the signs of someone who is needs help shit his music teacher knew but ain’t do shit. Now this has manifested into something bigger and something horrific. I’m convinced his family’s bloodline is tainted and he has some sexual demon attached to him! He has all these diseases, constantly talks and craves sex from children and teenage girls. Sickening

  • Xoxopinkey

    Soooo sparkle introduced her niece to a man she knew was trying to control who she spoke too? Girl why would think that’s okay ?!?

  • jazmine

    I totally agree

  • kiwi

    right!…i was like, the difference is his preference is against the law & just nasty!…btw, what he in jail for?

  • Kiki

    You are on both videos with this stupid ass copy and paste comment being a pedophile apologist! If you watch the videos, they clearly said the parents trusted him because he’s a grade A manipulator! He promised them their daughters was safe with him and he was going to turn them into superstars!! They didn’t know he would be having sex, raping, video taping, and turning them into sex slaves!!! This was the damn 90s and early 2000’s where men in this industry had power and large influence over people!!

    If these little ass girls are “fast ass girls” for being coaxed into sleeping with a pedophile, wtf does that make him? People like you defend him because you probably also have skeletons in your closet that you don’t want revealed. Yall will literally give every excuse to blame these girls so you can have his pedophile cock in your mouth.. PERIOD!

  • shasyl

    So is this the take down of Mr Robert Aka R.Kelly.I need to hear from him .I still love him and will continue to listen to his music.Would like to know why did Andrea still marry and had children by him and why they all stayed around him if this was really going on because for damn sure I would not have stayed in that environment.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Don’t ignore the signs regardless of who the person may be.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Everyone who seen something but didn’t report it to the police is guilty by association. Period.

  • a.

    Right! They need to keep him in jail and put R. Kelly in there.

  • shasyl

    Yes she did

  • Hyewon

    She chose her career over her niece- sick bitch was low key pimping her niece out.

  • Hyewon

    Of course she knew but her own bag and career was #1

  • Gerome Wright


    When Sparkle ran into her niece hanging out in that studio with no supervision it should have been ON!!!

  • Bonita Applebum

    Bruce is an enabler.

  • Hyewon

    The man has a studio with bedrooms, who the fuck leaves a 13-14 year old child in that environment… adults don’t befriend children and invite them to sleepovers… the complacent adults should get prosecuted along with R Kelly.

  • Stacia Lamar

    I was like wait a gotdamn minute! He probably was fucking young girls with his ass.

  • Santanaa

    Oh my gawd

  • Ttrini

    I think its a 6 part docuseries…..

  • Nassau Neek

    Damn, Sparkle. I know her guilt is genuine. I wonder how her niece is dealing with it today. I remember seeing the video on vhs growing up. Sick sick sick!

  • bricksss

    “This season on” there’s more episodes,can it get any worse?
    Why is John legend in this documentary I hope there’s an answer to that
    It’s sad that selling dreams never gets played out

  • shasyl

    They are also accused of the same shit white men who are rich and famous are doing so why tear them down and beat up like that and leave the others.

  • shasyl

    Real ish i always separate him and his talented and listen because he is a really talented man that is handsome,sexy song writer that can sing.

  • Shacora L Jones

    I don’t understand why the hell Andrea still has the last name “Kelly”. I don’t care what benefits she gets from the name. Why the hell would you want to still carry the last name of the man who sexually, physically, and emotionally abused and broke You? I’m sorry but I just can not wrap my mind around that one?! Any opinions on that… am I trippin?

  • SeriusDawg


  • SeriusDawg

    I feel you…we’ll never know for certain

  • Jas Bee

    When she realized she was coming to the studio alone that should of been her sign☹️

  • LaChelle Leopold Butters Scotc

    Idk. Maybe she didnt. Maybe she was truly naive. Or perhaps maybe she did know something, and drowned the thoughts of things worsening out of her mind. A true state of denial and regret

  • SeriusDawg

    I def think Sparkle knew some shit!

  • SeriusDawg

    REAL FUCKIN SHIT!!!! Part of me want to say these girls got “daddy issues” but a lot of them had/have fathers in their lives…but theres a difference between bein physical and actually parenting!!!

  • NewbieNubian

    I am utterly disgusted. I’m horrified. Just wow. I’m furious. Just wow

  • SeriusDawg

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid speak for yaself…i have the brain power to separate the music from the man………………except when in comes to Frank Oceans lmfaooo idc idc

  • Ttrini

    Smh so ummmm that heifer who had sex with the 14 year old with him at 17/18 shoulda been charged!!! Gross!

  • Ttrini

    Thank you! Im side eying the 17 year olds…..

  • Paige M Curry

    they were paid off, they knew.

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Lol me 2

  • Gerome Wright

    This documentary is blaming him and him alone. I say THE PARENTS ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE. Where are they in this? I’ve been 15 and my PARENTS pretty much dictated where, when and how I went anywhere.

    These fast ass girls…who by the way are fucking every Pooky and Ray Ray they can find…are being raised by THOT, Instagram irresponsible hoochies that are usually about 15 years older than their child. In THEIR mind, being with R. is a come up.

    It was telling that Lisa Van Allen said “I told my mother I where I was going and who I was going to see.” What?

    What parent would know their child has been victimized by a grown ass man that would take the money, sign an agreement and run?

    If that was MY daughter, I’d file CHARGES against him, take him to COURT, then SUE his ass to ensure he didn’t do it to any other child. There wouldn’t be any non disclosure agreement and a piss off. There would be SMOKE IN THE CITY.

    As for Aaliyah, her UNCLE, who was R. Kelly’s manager and PARENTS brought her to him AND LEFT HER WITH HIM to jump start her career…which of course would help them as well. Again, money trumped responsibility.

    Where is the outrage from the parents?

  • Paige M Curry

    welp, this will definitely change the vibe I get when I hear these songs. Damn, Damn DAMN GINA!!!!

  • SeriusDawg

    MJ was just as must as a creep than R Kelly….we gotta be consistent in shit

  • Paige M Curry

    on the home page

  • Stacia Lamar

    Where is part 1?

  • Paige M Curry

    1st lol… had to say it

  • Paige M Curry

    this story keeps getting worse