Growing Up Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 15 – ‘Don’t Get It Twisted’

On episode 15, Romeo tries to stand up to Master P but hits a brick wall, and Aundre’s troubled past jeopardizes Pepa’s million dollar deal. Meanwhile, Lil Twist brings trouble to Dame’s Culture Vulture event and shakes up Sam when he sets his sights on Egypt.

  • nat

    Yes im like when did tt gain weight looks good either way.

  • nat

    Actually to alot of us think P looks fine with swagggg lol just go watch and read the comments on the wendy show. Romeo will look much better with age. Jojo as well. Love him super funny.

  • nat

    Exactly, i like the cast as it is they can transfer him to the other guhh… no shade ijs

  • nat

    Exactly, i like the cast as it is they can transfer him to the other guhh… no shade ijs

  • nat

    Exactly, i like the cast as it is they can transfer him to the other guhh… no shade ijs

  • Keneilwe’keys’ Seate

    Tyrans arms thoooooooough!!!

  • Cenoki Quinn

    She thirsty af

  • BreezeLikeTheWind

    I was thinking the same thing honestly. Twist was so very cute when he first came on the scene. I get you wanna show you grown but be yourself and have your own style not Wayne’s.

  • Jasmine Northrop

    I’m sorry yall…but TeeTee is a user and so full of shit. All she wants is someone to pamper her and buy her shit. She dont really like Quan. She likes what he can give her *eye roll*

  • natala

    Wow tete wore a swimming suit fir her first date…. smh

  • I’m pretty sure she went to Vontavia around the way to get it done. No good doctor would have her walking around like that.

  • Domnique Washington

    So Peps security guard/boyfriend is an actor. He came to Kansas a few years ago doing a gospel play I know some is scripted but he needs to know when to be in character lol

  • Melanated Virgo

    Plus he’s uglayyyyy asf.

  • The Empress

    You’re right! Pep’s body looks like it was assembled improperly smh, like the legs can pop of like a Barbie. Meanwhile Tee Tee out here wearing lingerie assed out to dinner….ugh!!! Done!!

  • Nikkihatch

    Twist like Wayne protege I believe he kinda found him but noooo he too wild for this show they gon have problems with him .

  • Juanita Applebaum

    why does angela keep sticking out that nasty looking tongue in these pictures, ugh

  • tink564

    yes hopefully they won’t bring him back next season

  • Rae York

    Pep lost her damn mind.

  • Rae York

    Tete is thirsty. She was supposed to save that for the first nightcap. Not first date material at all.

  • Rae York

    Egypt’s boyfriend is ridiculous. Always extra.

  • Tramaine Menard

    Hell no it was not appropriate. It screamed desperation!!

  • 1Love404

    So because a dude has dreds or chains on, a robbery is the possible situation???? Prejudice at its finest my dear!

  • Cardio32

    Btch move.

  • Lana

    The voice, the mannerisms.. When I heard the song I just had to skip through that scene. I’m not here it.

  • Doris G

    My goodness what is going on with Pep’s booty, hips and lil legs? I think Pepa has did too much work to her body and it looks disfigured.

  • Lexy Samuels


  • Domi Nache’

    Lol…I dont think it’s about what he has to lose.. more likely he dont wanna be around that environment or possible situation..

  • Queen Beez

    I’m curious on what he has to lose besides Egypt lmao

  • Queen Beez

    Sam is already bothered by Twist LMAO Lil Twist & Egypt would be interesting ha-haaaaa.
    RH Quan better watch his back with teetee, she got ulterior motives lmao
    Pep better throw that lil nigga to the side & handle her business until a real man comes along

  • tink564

    he’s killing me I can’t take him on the show

  • Domi Nache’

    Brianna is my favorite.. she is who she is and say what’s on her mind..

  • Domi Nache’

    I dont think Sam was acting weird or racist.. I think he was prejudging Twist from his past base on robbery.. so he on high I dont blame him but he ain’t gonna be so obvious.. I’m sure Twist ain’t gonna rob you with a full production and camera crew in front of

  • Raini

    A bit tasteless to me… Everything was cool until she stood up. I was thinking wth…

  • Lana

    We don’t need Twist and his little friends in this storyline. NOPE. Not here for it. Bye.

  • Lana

    Twist tryna be Wayne too much

  • Deidra Cade


  • LaKeysha Lane

    Right lol

  • LaKeysha Lane

    Wth Teetee ass have on

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Rich Homie woulda had to NOT rent the restaurant out for me cuz imma need someone else to look at other than him. not cute

  • Jus post my damn comment

    To be fair, when Andre was walking on the yacht from behind i thought he was a Peps gay guest. LMAO

  • Jus post my damn comment

    how did Romeo come out so cute? i seen the momma and the daddy

  • Jus post my damn comment

    homo-erectus ass boys

  • Alexis Lamb

    After 30 years..a deal..oh…ok.

  • Ugo Tai

    She looked trashy

  • 2sweet

    Same desert on the plate lol

  • Benquisha


  • Lynn

    Pep your in your 50s when are you going to act like it running around hanging out with your kids friends getting plastic surgery that looks awful and doesn’t even match your frame who is going to take u seriously if you don’t even want to act your age goodness

  • Fee2nice

    Wow when did lil twist transformed into Lil wayne??? from the voice, the gold dreads and tatts

  • Deidra Cade

    Why is Tee Tee wearing lingerie to a public dinner date?

  • Lynn

    She had her whole azz out

  • Lynn

    Exactly why tf he bothered by a mf that he don’t even know u would’ve thought mofos was looking for him personally the fuc

  • Bri Truthful

    She done publically announced that she is a gold digger so I’m sure most of these thirsty Hollywood men could see that and the fact that she is dressing like she want to get popped on the first date I’m sure they are just entertaining her to get a piece of that and then just toss her ass right back into the streets but I could be wrong

  • Bri Truthful

    Yeah her thirst game is down packed lol

  • Su Ja

    Sam you were acting mad racist. Egypt just dump that mistake allready

  • Su Ja


  • Su Ja

    LOLLLL. Ive never seen a n*gga acting soo racist in my life

  • Su Ja

    verry humble unlike Angela. Its hard to believe that they are related

  • Su Ja

    I could not be dating a man that has a PREGNANT baby mama. Foh Peppa you are a homewrecker

  • Su Ja

    he looks like a rat in the face

  • Su Ja

    I enjoyed the tea she spilled about gay Aundre

  • Su Ja

    thats exactly what the guys see in her. im sure they date her just to have seks with her and after that they dump her

  • Su Ja

    even when he raps he is trying to sound like him

  • Su Ja

    She looks so thirsty……

  • Su Ja

    her face still ugly tho


    i remember when some birds in the comments were saying TT was “too skinny” LOL she went and gained weight on you hoes


    mhm! he was probably raised by the white parent. a lot of these biracials are weird asf.

  • Baybeetricia

    WTF is TeeTee wearing on that date? She shoulda just gone naked. Like, damn!!!

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I can’t stop laughing at Lil Twist. This cornball is trying to way too hard to be like Lil Wayne. LMAO

  • a.

    Tee Tee whole ass out on the date lmaoo i was so shocked when she got up.

  • Jasmine Nicole

    Not sure thong comparison is right. I didn’t get no gay stuff I think they just trying to look street. Now I did say y’all ain’t standing on the block and I guess I understand if it was hot in studio but I think it was more for their image

  • Jasmine Nicole

    I bet baby mama gave ok for him to go get them a bag lol seen pepa last season said she easy target

  • Yerp!

    Lil Twist..NEWSFLASH!!! You aint Lil Wayne!! What ever happened to men liking the bass in their voice? Whats this delicate talking bs dudes are doing these days?? WHY are they in the studio with their shirts off? That scene just had a down low vibe to it.

  • HonestA

    TT got that game bitch I see you lol

  • Dizzii Nelly

    Lil twist is like a breath of fresh air on this show lol IDC IDC IDC .

  • Akire

    Why does JoJo look like Jam Master Jay???

  • Shacora L Jones

    Brianna is so aggravating. Take it down a notch damn. I use to like her but her attitude sucks && she covers it up with being “real”

  • Shacora L Jones

    Na. He was just scared. I’ve only ever seen white men get that damn intimidated just by the presence of some young hood boys. He was literally about to piss on himself && they weren’t even thinking about HIS scary ass kok

  • Ttrini

    Where can i see this???

  • Shacora L Jones

    Fuck is Sam so scared for. He literally was about to piss on himself. Tf

  • Shacora L Jones

    No lol
    But his funny, upbeat, positive personality makes you question it lmao. He is a dope ass person

  • Xoxopinkey

    do you think he’s cute?

  • ETB


  • Causewhy?

    A younger version of Kat Williams. And what’s that baby voice and Mr. Furley pants all about?


    Jojo is my favourite on this stupid show lmao.

  • Way2rilla

    Is jojo cute?

  • CC smithe

    I won’t say that’s the reason she’s not married but I do feel maybe some black shorts underneath would have been better

  • Brenda DcbTrillfamilia Renee’

    He was referring to Kyle Massey who was a child Disney star..and he called him Mickey Mouse because he supposedly snitched about him beating him up or robbing him or something.


    well damn rich homie lmaoooo

  • Gbunny

    Is Lil Twist suppose to be the younger version of Lil Wayne?

  • Nicole Shaw

    This nigga with these damn dreads all in his face is grinding my gears

  • Jasmine
  • Esther Cole

    Love Jojo

  • Shai Pace

    Anyone else think Peps storyline is fake? I don’t believe there ever was a deal …

  • Shai Pace

    Me too!!! My fav person on here lol fe funny af

  • Shai Pace

    Maaannn, I hope they keep Jo Jo ass around because he funny af lol Comes from money and seems to be a humble dude with a good head on his shoulders.

  • Kiki

    Sam was scared those hood niggas was going to snatch Egypt up lmfaooo Nigga aint nobody dumb. I’d rather Egypt be with them though, at least they wouldn’t be leeching off of her money

  • Ms_CHeLLe

    Jo Jo is hilarious! lol Rich Homie Quan is handsome af with a very nice smile…Tee Tee was all in the public ass out….girrrrrrl smh lol. Pepa is stupid af… really what is going on with her?!

  • Snuup

    Yep she carries herself a little too bourgeois to be true but that body umm umm umm niiiiice

  • Cardio32

    Is Lil Twist serious ? I feel he’s playing a role and his role is Minnie Lil Wayne. I feel like I wanna say like DMX said to Jah Rule “Do You” and Don’t Do Wayne.

  • Cardio32

    Is Lil Twist serious ? I feel he’s playing a role and his role is Minnie Lil Wayne. I feel like I wanna say like DMX said to Jah Rule “Do You”.

  • Cardio32

    And why did give Mickey Mouse a beat down ? Too scared to deal with people that will take his ass out. He sitting there talking about being in the county over beating down Mickey Mouse.

  • Cardio32

    I know right ? I was saying to myself, why are these two MoFo’s in this lightly dimd studio with no shirts on ? It’s like walking in a room with two girls with a thong and a t-shirt on.

  • Paige M Curry

    Idk why but I hate tete’s voice and the way she talks/ carries herself and etc. But her ass tho NICCCCE

  • Rah

    I don’t understand who’s the lightskin guy that’s soo aggy with the guy that has the dreads :/// do they know eachother from ends… IM SOOOO CONFUSED RN.

  • Paige M Curry

    Whats up with all these half naked men in one room together… oh no!!!

  • kneesee

    OMG its a mini Wayne….nooo,

  • champaignkisses

    Pep was SUPER high during the live interview with the cast. She didn’t answer one question coherently.

  • Yes it’s a video i saw it.

  • cara

    Lol why is sam scared of lil twist lool

  • Harvest

    I feel people can wear what they want yet I was a little taken back when I seen those cheeks when she got up after dinner lol

  • rp

    Pep is so ridiculous, silly, and stupid. Pep do not have a man, he’s using her b/c he knows she stupid!!!

  • Nafi Tambadou

    I know right hahaha too much for a first date she prolly want some money tonight

  • Sherree Lee

    And the DOG LOL

  • Sherree Lee

    WTH is TT wearing in A DATE! SOOOO HOEish!! Sorry but sending ALL THE WRONG

  • 2sweet

    Sam needs a chill pill

  • Cass32

    Angela seems like a tease and i wish Romeo would stop gassing her up. Her true feelings will come out as soon as he moves on and shows someone else attention.

  • Lacy4u

    Wow. Two shows in one night? They trying to rush this season to make way for what? To go back and finish up with ATL season?? I don’t believe we saw all the episodes. I wonder did production halt on the ATL show for awhile and that’s why they’re going back and forth with the two franchises? Oh well, let me watch.