Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 2 Episode 4 – ‘Nada, Nada Empanada’

On episode 4, Amara’s blossoming friendship with Shay poses a problem for her bestie Jojo, and Jessie finds herself struggling with her music. Meanwhile, Bobby seeks a deal from Trina who is clearing house.

  • Tinisha MrsHarper Sutphin

    Girl start this whole sentence over!!!


    Seriously… He def didn’t make things better by broadcasting his bullshit to the world. If were an Entertainment company, Bobby would black listed for sure! Smh

  • Paizley

    That’s his entire story line. Pretending he has another option besides Trina.

  • Cardio32

    Yeah I think he has a big hard looking head. He is hard on the eyes.

  • Cardio32

    He is.

  • Jasmine Northrop

    I’m soooo confused. Young Hollywood been a producer for more than 10 years and I’ve never heard any of his music or knew about him until this show. Shit that’s 80% of the people on this show. Like who are yall? I know of Pretty Ricky, Trick, and trina, and shay.

  • chiraq075
  • Dani Cleveland

    Tip?? lmfao

  • Joan Cooper

    When did amara start a show? Never heard of it

  • macymonroe

    Shay been hurt by Flavor Flav (yuck!), Lil Scrappy, and Pleasure P. Yesh!

  • YouSoundDumb

    If you saw him do fucked up shit…..he’s not that great. lol
    But if he changed…that’s good lol

  • Nadine Murrell


  • Steph Scott

    Damn I forgot abt Flav haha

  • Paige Banks

    latina isn’t black..his issue was her hair

  • Paige Banks

    for what

  • Paige Banks

    he’s full of shit.

  • Paige Banks

    thats not her is it lmao i remember this one

  • Paige Banks

    you see her bust a girl in the head with a massive bottle? the girl was leaking blood out of her head, dazed and confused and shay still continued to beat on her. the shit was probably over some dick too..shay has serious issues

  • Paige Banks

    flava flav did it too

  • Paige Banks


  • chiraq075

    Look up Gremlins 2..and tell me who the female Gremlin looks like..I’ll wait

  • Paige Banks

    bobby is incredibly entitled and feels he is owed a music career cos he’s related to trina..

  • Paige Banks

    miami is fake and thirsty so i’m not surprised she gravitated towards jesse

  • Petty Assassin

    Baby Blue low key sexxi wit them evil ass eyes if I had to choose any PR member it would be him

  • Queen Beez

    Why the first couple of confessions from Trina, you can tell this girl reading from a board or something LMAO
    Shay only wanted Amara to be at the meeting with her & Jojo because she know she can’t have an adult conversation without Trina (aka “the diamond princess” LMAO) mediating.
    Jessie, stop being a cry baby

  • Ange Victoire Indie Desirée

    did bobby did his teeth ?

  • CeeCee

    pretty rocky i mean ricky….they got fans….asking for a fan

  • 2thick4sum

    That was the point…Shay ain’t no woman!! Just like SS ain’t one..and they both do a horrible job at pretending to be one!

  • Heidi Okeke

    She knew Shay would whoop her ass and knew Prince wont doing anything

  • DooLauren

    Right what you said, those wigs are definitely suspect

  • Steph Scott

    With dem curves? Who else would date her but a brotha!

  • Steph Scott

    First Lil Scrap left her ass. Then Pleasure did it. When is Shay gon’ learn how to keep a man? OMG! This is not a good look for Shay to continue chasing after a man once he leaves.

  • Steph Scott

    Shay is a child. What loyalty does JoJo have to you? This rule that once a friend dates someone then breaks up with them, you can’t date that person is so high school….smh

  • daniella

    I like shay. Even tho she don’t need to be fighting. I like her

  • Babe

    I can understand where Shay is coming from. She’s a grown woman and she’s not fighting over Pleasure but respect; Jojo is a bird. I love the growth from Hollywood, I love seeing that his about music not nonsense, same with Amara and Trina. Get em Trina, whip your team into shape.

  • Kyaa

    Maaannn the story is so long..but in simpler terms we had like the same crowd and it was impossible to avoid him, I witnessed him do things I thought was fucked up. I thought he was a bully, obnoxious, etc etc..I just wasn’t tryna fw the dude..this was back during my sophomore year in high school tho.

  • Fouet Bonbon

    JoJo And Pleasure P Lmao!

    They don’t even look good together.
    JoJo don’t even seem like she would date black men.
    Corny ass looking couple. That shit ain’t real.
    Nigga Scott-Young need her ass whipped.

  • Fouet Bonbon

    Sidney Starr Aint NO woman. That is a dude with breast…and his ding dong still attached.

  • Fouet Bonbon

    Girl please, Erica and Scrappy? That is so old, tired and threw. Scrappy Married to Bambi with a child by Bambi. Also Erica and Shay wasn’t ever friends or hanging out and chilling or anything. Let that scrappy and erica thang Go!

  • Candy Jones

    trina should do movies. she 44 years old. she still looks good and she will make more money doing movies.

  • YouSoundDumb

    She needs therapy. You should kindly suggest it….not laugh.

  • YouSoundDumb

    Why did you despise him at first?

  • YouSoundDumb

    To be honest, that just sounds like stupidity got in the way lol. Most beef is stupid anyway.

  • BritGal

    Omg is that really her?!?! That was ear-splittingly cringed lmao. They were calling her Jennifer in the video, but her name in LHH is Joanna…

  • Snarkchief

    Snorlax Blood Pressure P and Bloated Dodo Jojo are silly yet they suit eachother. This is actually a couple that look like they’d actually be together were they not on tv.
    Shay looking desperate squinting and trying to seing on anyone anywhere over men that just don’t want her.
    I’m glad Jessie Boo messed her studio talk up. How is she so naieve when she alrweady been round that script before.

  • Lynette Greene

    I’m starting to believe theirs look horrible because they probably don’t wear lace fronts all the time (bc of the hot & humid weather in Miami), and it’s a rushed job to get them ready for the LHH cameras ONLY, compared to the ladies in Atl, NY, and LA that consistently wear wigs in their personal lives.

  • QBee

    How old is Tip’s son….he looks like a full blown adult man…why is Shay bothered..the man is free to date who ever he wants..long as it’s not her blood relative..Trina’s multi neon wig has to dashed in the bin and burnt to soothe. Shay considers Baby Blue a friend after that verbal assault h gave her in the first season..ok..

  • Lynette Greene

    i agree about Trina. I loved her before LHH. I like the baddest chick in the game brand, but the diva look has to go. It’s doesn’t suit her well, esp. when you have to beg people to properly manage you. You think real legends out her begging their creative directors/ assistants, etc. to help them excel? Nah, they kicking ass and taking names for anyone that comes between what the artist wants.

  • kayla

    Her wigs are always a no

  • kayla

    I felt that last line. A lot of people never get an apology when someone has wrong them

  • ThaRealMrsPeterson

    So we just gonna roll over on Shay ass sayin’: “Shut up before I punch you in your beak” But the camera man deserves a bonus because right in that instant he caught Jojo’s face at a perfect point to profile what clearly looks like a beak. CTFU

  • 2thick4sum

    That Jessie woo bitch is annoying af!! She says these incidents with other producers happened outside the was u doing then? Them producers laid down straight facts..she thought them patois adlibs was doing something. Sit yo thirsty ass down and buy the track, or sign to production deal or learn to make ur own beats..its simple! That funky ass tude she caught was uncalled for esp when couldnt have explained it better professionally! Im waiting for her to get checked by a real one cuz she really smelling herself..and idk why!!

  • 2thick4sum

    Cuz why should they tell her something she already knows??? She said she had been down this road before…ANYONE in music industry knows writers and producers own “songs” and if u are neither it means nothing! Now them words she wrote she owns..but she has no leverage for her voice! Tf she thought cuz she “knew” dude it was going to be different! He told her the biz and she wanted a favor!

  • 2thick4sum

    Shay is the most pathetic excuse for a woman next to Sid starr…I cannot! Please banish these hoes to another dimension!

  • Coco


  • Omg lmao

  • Queet C

    Wow shay soo How can we fix the issue ( with these hands) lol God help these women

  • Queet C

    I guess I am late I didn’t know she was in a movie called fall girls

  • PrincessZ

    When Alvin was walking out and said to Trina “See you at the top”. I wanted her to attack him. But I see he is not worth it.

  • BossBee

    I wish they would learn to divide personal relationships from business relationships; Bobby, you do what’s best for you and your career, your cousin will understand w/e decision you make. Trina’s blowup was crazy af! I thought she was gonna leap out of that chair and touch o’ boy. I love that they showed the scene with the Haitian chick and the producers, so many people out here with aspirations of doing music when they don’t know how the business side of the music industry really is; it was a nice educational experience. Jojo starting to get a little girl, why you keep throwing shit? Shay, take the apology, b/c there are so many people who’ve been in love and hurt by someone they trusted and never get an apology.

  • Kiki

    Nah man. that shit would burn. Just imagine someone breaking your heart, you confide in your friend about it.. Then that bitch turns around and starts dating them. Sorry, but that shit is TRIFLING. I wouldn’t even bat an eye at a nigga that hurt my friend, let alone sleep with them? We don’t even have to be close friends for me to give that respect. Fuck that

  • Benquisha

    She must have thought she was working with Elmo I was so confused

  • Benquisha

    yh the fact she was tryna make it a sob story was beyond me

  • Leigh

    Yeah they don’t come in size medium lmao.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    His eyes are so blank, as though he’s up to something standing right in yo face…Fluffy is a good word for is swole ass..lmao…

  • Kates

    Shay actually looked good when she was talking to pleasure, her make up was on point but that wig was a no

  • KristalisaDiamond

    Yes, he got her out here looking real crazy & Amara told no lies..if that’s your man why is he over there comforting another chick.

  • KristalisaDiamond

    Jojo & Pleasure P looking like a bloated mess and I can’t unsee her as an Angry bird..that description is accurate af. Pleasure P not claiming neither one of them & they look so stupid fighting over his lame ass. I’m over this storyline .. NEXT!!

  • R C

    Pleasure does not want Shay. He’s only pretending to want her for television because he knows messing with the other females could potentially dwindle and he’ll disappear but with Shay she’s t.v so he’ll be around as a “love interest” because some ppl like Mona want to see Shay change and win. He’s a bad bad person and people do not realize that they get hypnotized by what he has. Bobby be killing me with that yellow figure skating confessional outfit. Wtf is that? Lmfao
    I don’t like the fact that JoJo keeps throwing things, girl throw hands. Stop the bull. But anyway it’s not even worth fighting over some loser.


    Shay is too funny with her insults… when she told JoJo to shut up before she throws something at her beak. LMAO!!
    JoJo with her muppet beak face.

  • John Q


  • John Q

    thot of the year! Pleasur

  • John Q

    Its the principal of their friendship that she feels jojo violated

  • John Q

    I mean…. man!

  • leapyearpisces

    Thanks for the referral. I love a good book.

  • …in through one ear and out the other. And that’s why Shay never learns or grows, and is still out here in her late 30s trying to get a man and behaving like a wretch.

  • I said the exact same thing in another section about this “legend” word being thrown around way too loosely.

  • ScottsdaleFinest

    I hope all the females Jojo there something at jumps her at the reunion! Throw hands !!!

  • Ummm

    BET Awards
    2001: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2002: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2002: Video of the Year (Nominated)
    2003: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2006: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2008: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2009: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2010: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2012: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    2015: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    American Music Awards
    2005: Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist (Nominated)
    MTV Video Music Awards
    2002: Best Hip-Hop Video: “One Minute Man” (Nominated) w/ Ludacris and Missy Elliott
    2002: Best Editing in a Video: “One Minute Man” (Nominated) w/ Ludacris and Missy Elliott
    2002: Best Art Direction in a Video: “One Minute Man” (Nominated) w/ Ludacris and Missy Elliott
    2002: Best Special Effects in a Video: “One Minute Man” (Nominated) w/ Ludacris and Missy Elliott
    2002: Best Direction in a Video: “One Minute Man” (Nominated) w/ Ludacris and Missy Elliott
    MTV Sucker Free Summit Awards[65]
    2010: “Remix Of The Year” (Nominated) w/ Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane
    Soul Train Music Awards
    2001: Best R&B/Soul or Rap Music Video: “Pull Over ” – (Nominated)
    2002: Best R&B/Soul or Rap Music Video: “Told Y’all w/ Rick Ross” (Nominated)
    2002: Best R&B/Soul or Rap Music Video: “One Minute Man” (Winner) w/ Ludacris and Missy Elliott
    The Source Awards
    2001: Best New Artist (Nominated)
    2003: Single Of The Year: Female Solo Artist “B R Right” (Nominated)
    2003: Artist Of The Year: Female Solo (Nominated)[66]
    2004: Best Female Rap Collaboration: “Right Thurr Remix” (Nominated)[67]
    2004: Remix of the Year: “Right Thurr” (Winner)
    Golden Trailer Awards[68]
    2004: “Trashiest” – A Miami Tail (Winner)
    ACE Awards
    2010: Power of Influence Award (Winner)
    2003: Award Winning R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
    “Right Thurr (Remix)” by Chingy w/ Jermaine Dupri and Chingy (Winner)
    2003: Award-Winning Rap Songs
    “Right Thurr (Remix)” by Chingy w/ Jermaine Dupri and Chingy (Winner)
    BMI London Awards[70]
    2006: Here We Go w/ Kelly Rowland (Winning Song)
    BMI Urban Awards[71]
    2007: Here We Go w/ Kelly Rowland (Winning Song)
    Billboard Music Award
    2001: R&B/Hip-Hop Group-Take It To Da House w/ Trick Daddy and The SNS Express (Winner)
    EME Awards[72]
    2011: International Friend of Reggae Honoree
    All Star Music Award[73]
    2014: Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

  • Pebbles

    Plus we will temporarily black out

  • Pebbles

    I would’ve like to see her on Iyanla fix my life

  • Pebbles

    I like shay ! She young and have anger issues & haven’t learned how to handle conflict resolutions regardless of how the other person behaves.

    Secondly: I get shay anger! She may have shared something’s with jojo & jojo May have given her fake advise but taking notes and approached her ex man with xyz shay knows he is a ho but she didn’t expect jojo to do that to her because maybe to She and jojo were friend but jojo isn’t a friend to no one only to herself

  • LaChelle Leopold Butters Scotc

    Scammer??? Are you serious?? She has not had 1 hit, and they as producers are just supposed to give her a record, and “take her word” on paying them later??? Is that how you think things work? Let someone ask you to do them a favor that puts your business affairs at risk, and let them say “they owe you.” You wouldn’t possibly just say “okay.” Best believe they have credits they were compensated for before their record with beyonce made it to ger album.

  • LaChelle Leopold Butters Scotc

    That wasn’t her only relevant hit (lm assuming you’re no older than 25). You gotta take “to me” out. She is a legend in her own right, and as a southern rapper. Someone not being a legend to you doesn’t mean they’re not a legend

  • jay reflex

    awards mean nothing . just for show ..shes not a diamond artist. she hasnt sold over 10 million copies.. further more a legend would not be a starring a fake reality show.. a legend wouldnt be gatting mad because they need another artist to be on time for studio sessions.

  • jay reflex


  • R C

    Lmfao their wigs be looking like them wigs that come from the dolls with them hard plastic wigs. Lmfao

  • M A

    Jojo eyebrows are literally a 90 degree angle lol

  • mxnssas

    omggggg, is this really Jojo??? I can’t breatheeeee; how old is this and whats up with that makeup??? looooooool

  • Sweetheart

    Exactly, they can do better.

  • Martin Luther King Jr

    I’ve had close friendship that started with beef.. it’s weird but sometimes you gain respect for someone by beefing.

  • Tiffaney

    At 26:38 Shay has a beautiful soft smile. She seemed human for a moment.

  • PrettyNetty28

    These “teeth” everyone one getting is NOT a proper fit. Smh

  • Shacora L Jones


  • Shacora L Jones

    Lol i like him. I like his energy. He is so upbeat, but laid back at the same time. && funny. He may not be a looked. But I think it’s refreshing to see someone just being their self on this show & not fakin it

  • Shacora L Jones

    Uh…. your qualifications for a “legend” is everything she has… I’m confused …

  • Shacora L Jones

    JoJo is a whole clown. She had no issue putting her hands on Prince n turning to a whole thug. But with shay she waits for security. She so tough tho…

  • Shacora L Jones

    Amara is goregous BUT annoying as fuck. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me. Even when she’s talking normal she’s still so loud!!

  • PlayerP

    Pleasure does want Shay…he’s just doing typical nickel stuff

  • Felicia Nicole

    she has 3 grammy awards,FACTS

  • Felicia Nicole

    uuummmmm she is a legend ,bet award,dirty award,soul train lady of soul award,source award and several more do your research lmao

  • Felicia Nicole

    ummmmm she is a legend,bet award,dirty award,soul train lady of soul award,source award and several more do your research lmao

  • Shacora L Jones

    Trina needs a stylist ! Lord!

  • Felicia Nicole

    shayyyyyy girl where is your pride omfg stop it move tf on already geesh

  • Shar-De’ Wheeler

    How can anyone see Shay and agree w her? She stay fighting over a man that don’t want her. Her and JoJo ain’t friends n probably never fucking were. If it’s YOU who is always in some shit, then it ain’t everybody else. Trust n cut the shit.

  • TheEveryDayAngel

    She’s incorrigible !!!

  • Mrs.Yummie


  • TheEveryDayAngel

    Lmao I agree especially during the confessionals where she has that lace front silver wig… like wtf girl bye. Trina and shays wigs are too much for my heart.

  • Lexy Samuels

    omfg lmfao how did you find this lmao her face!!

  • Lexy Samuels

    Can’t lie, that one track of his in his scene was actually good. i was surprised.

  • Lexy Samuels

    it’s so weird how the ones you don’t like at first, you end up close with after. Goes to show sometimes when people don’t like you they actually love or like you.

  • JemTrini

    Jojo honey child RUN away and very far too because P and Shay are gonna reunite. P is a player and on games, last season he stated that he has NO feelings for Shay now he says he loves her??? THUSTY AF because he ent getting nothing from Jojo

  • JemTrini

    Hollywierd has been always trying to get with Amara and worse yet now she’s popping

  • YoungFabulous

    I agree. Shay also said she is one burger away lol I think she already bypassed that. She just keeps blowing up like she has air in her.

  • Prive

    Bobby lookin like a gay Kid from Kid and Play and Jojo like a fat big head ass cabbage patch kid on the thumbnail. I’m sorry she ugly and a stylist that can’t see her looks dont match her ugly face nor compliment her. Her I’m gangsta loyal persona is mad annoying, fake as bird looking messy biiiotch… lol

  • HonestyPolicy

    Trina is stalling with Bobby although I don’t think she could more for him than the exposure from this show already has, she can barely maintain her own career

  • cara

    Lol so Jesse thought producers who have worked with beyonce where going to give her a song for free off the strength lol

  • ImJustMe

    Ikr.. It’s amazing what surgery and makeup can do nowadays

  • cara

    I like shay and Amaras friendship !

  • Tasticks

    Oh, I’m sure if it. Alvin thinks he’s a rich, white man.



  • Lindsay Ware

    Trina has charted top 5 on billboarf sold millions of records. Far as female hip hop/rap artist trina is a LEGEND and you will give her respect ..trina didn’t lay on her back to be where she is now. Yall dont realize trinas reach in this industry is LONNGGGG!!

  • Chana_Winz

    The producers sis was working with are so foul. Why not tell her from the beginning instead of wasting her time and getting her excited about a record that your probably gonna use as a reference track for another artist smfh, scammers

  • MéliMélo

    Shay Shay Shay I really feel sorry for this woman who has no other value but to fight over men who do not want her. She needs very intensive therapy to root out this illness. I love Trina so much but her stylists are really doing her dirty right now.

  • Cardio32

    I see a dude trying to clean up his mess from last season.

  • Cardio32

    I saw on Alvin on an episode of Housewives Of Atlanta. It was the scene where he was in Nene’s boutique “Swag”.

  • Cardio32

    I love them two together.

  • Cardio32

    I’m female and when I get at someone and start cussing and fussing that it comes out like word vomit.

  • Pebbles

    I always thought he liked her since last season

  • mandi

    because we females are natural at this technique

  • Xoxopinkey

    Yes his fluffy ass gives me wierd vibes.

  • 1280Fifth

    Howwww does Trina speak so fast when she yelling and cussing people out lol?!! I would’ve stuttered lol

  • Arielle

    I’M SO OVER SHAY, she’s always in pointless drama. It’s pathetic

  • Lyric

    Straight facts!!♐♐♐

  • 1280Fifth

    What’s crazy is many of them have moneyy or enough money to have better wigs ( Trina, Jojo, that ceo of the sunglasses line).

  • Lyric

    When Pleasure P said “I’m dating a lot of people”, I was like really nigga? Does JoJo k om that? Cuz she claiming you as her man!!

  • Julienne Trotter

    And once again I’m trying to figure out what is the big deal about pleasure p this man wont even claim you as his one and only yet yall out here fighting over him did yall not see that big ass grin he had when the fight first escalated he likes that shit and The only ones that look stupid is the women… Trina going off on her assistant is the only real moment we’ve gotten from her….jojo sweetheart you wouldn’t know what a real friends is if they punched you in the face a million times a day…amara i really don’t know how to feel about her its like she is just there….Bobby your beyond stupid if you don’t see what trina is doing for nothing was handed to her so why should she just hand it to you with her entire legacy backing it???

  • Roberto Jayare Cortez

    Ewww butterflies with amara and Hollywood… nooooo…… dont see it…

  • Roberto Jayare Cortez

    I’m soooooo glad someone brought this up… it happened the case was just sealed because the parents didnt want to sabotage his career

  • Alyka Morgan

    Shay is a bitch…. Trina just told ur ass last week don’t check no girl about no man…. Pleasure don’t want u and u mad foh

  • Addae Brunder

    the last comment you made. lolol

  • Juanita Applebaum

    i need gunplay on every episode

    the trina and assistant plot line sounded like kandi and her assistant on housewives a few seasons back, the dudes even look the same. why didnt trina have her makeup and wig stylist in that meeting because they needed to be fired as well.

    shay and blue are a good combo as platonic friends for laughs I can deal with them.

    tips teeth are taller than she is.

  • Koko Dizzle

    As a fellow Sagittarius you don’t want to see us angry it ain’t a pretty picture

  • Sweetheart

    Ki, you sound stupid. My hair is all natural there no weave on my head you fool. Apparently you don’t have a pic because you one ugly mother fuck.

  • LaNiece Robinson


  • Tasticks

    What did I miss? Which dude was accused of child molestation?

  • Xoxopinkey

    Better than that and what you got on top of yo head dollface.

  • Angiex3

    Amara is right. Pleasure P should’ve been checking on his girl, and not his sex. Amara just pointed out a red flag on Pleasure, and Jojo need to see that.

    I like Trina and all, and I understand everything when it came to Alvin, but she always has this thing where she thinks others are beneath, and without her they’ll be nothing, and will never be on top, and I honestly don’t like it. It’s good that you’re confident in yourself, but remain humble before looking down on people.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I’mma say one thing, what kind of women fuck with a dude that’s been accused at least twice for child molestation? Before I heard of these charges I said something about this boy ain’t right…You may not be able to pin point a persons issue but the eyes never lie….And why the dudes fucking with his creepy ass too…

  • ModernGoddess

    Khaotic needs to sit his thirsty Ant Eater looking ass down somewhere!

  • Esther Cole

    I’m with Shay on this one. Jojo is trash

  • Latoya Jackson

    Trina, Alvin just used you hunni. Shay, I’m gonna need for you to stop going from show to show fighting females over men that doesn’t want you.

  • Sosa Baby

    Jessie Woo looks so gullible on this episode. How the hell you gone ask a Grammy nominated group of producers to send the song for free. Home boy should’ve told her wassup BEFORE the studio sesh. Miami Tip needs a new look she to old for that.. young Hollywood been cancelled, stop forcing him on us love. Bobbi better not block his blessings cus it’s clear what the best move is. He’s mad impatient & ungrateful. Trina is that BITCH PERIOD. Never anger a Sag. You can tell Atlanta is the realest of the whole franchise cus nobody was scared to step up to Shay. She made everyone in that scene but Blu look straight pussy how she ran everything. Including Jojo’s man away from her. It’s clear there’s still love in the air between Pleasure & Shay. Never took the Jojo thing serious, just a storyline. SN: by the way everyone comments on Jojo’s (beak) nose, expect a slight change by the end of the year ☺️

  • Ttrini

    Yea her lips trip me out!

  • Michael t

    Follow my love and hip hop Instagram account @realitytv.movies

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Dear Jessie Woo, music is a business. You laid your vocals THEN inquired about the business, that’s ass backwards. Maybe that’s why you keep getting burned.

  • Great show guys. Keep up the great work. The music producers kept it as real as it can get. Its also very clear that Shay still gat love for P nigga!!! And apparently he done feel her too.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Can ANY of these bitches keep a private conversation private?

  • Ancient Wisdom

    She a sneaky bitch. I still wouldn’t be fighting over a man. Keep that shit moving and cut the broad loose. Blessings to you goddess.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Bobby, go sit in a corner! Trina taking you for granted, how Sway? I still don’t like Hollyweird’s color-struct ass. Amara is popping so now he wants to ride her train. He said what he said and meant what he said. Fuck him.

  • NewbieNubian

    I loved that scene with those producers. Realest part of this episode for me tonight.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Jojo should’ve blended her makeup into her hairline.

  • iLoveRatchetTV

    I bet Jessie Woo out here re-evaluating her “friendships”.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Ehhhhh Trina with that Pink and purple hair. Stop it girl and lay it to rest.

  • Pebbles

    Can’t be to much of friends if she didn’t tell Shay she messing with pleasure.

    That’s why she wanted to keep it on the low

  • Pebbles

    I said! Last week they would be better couple than her and the other one because she and blue are the same and would make the show more interesting

  • Michele Ellis

    Jessie woo look like the grinch to me.

  • Michele Ellis

    I really don’t like jessie woo all she wants is screen time. Never trust a person who doesn’t have an upper lip.

  • iLoveRatchetTV

    Bobby slippin and slobberin all over the tv. He must not be used to those new teeth yet.

  • Sweetheart

    Miami woman need to do a better job with their lace fronts. If your going to wear a lace front at least get on that looks natural and don’t look like a lace. Shay just need to move on and not worry about who P dating. Apparently jo jo feels like you two are not friends so just keep it moving. Jo Jo is very sneaky and no one friends that’s why she a loaner because she don’t know how to be a friend to someone. Bobby is getting on my nerves he know eventually Trina will sign him. He just need to sit back and chill and do the work like she said. No one is giving him a free hand out. I’m glad Amanda and Hollywood was able to resolve their petty beef they had last season. Baby blue is crushing on Shay lol I think they may end up having something on the side later.

  • The Caribbean Empress
  • Xoxopinkey

    Tbh I wouldn’t put pass Jojo she has a rep of fucking her friends boyfriends…even tho Pleasure and Shay was involved….they were cool…you don’t do that to your friends.

  • Dee Cade

    How did she think she was going to get the song for free?

  • shasyl

    They aiight still people actually like them because the songs they have out are over a million views