Love & Marriage Huntsville Season 1 Episode 6 – ‘The Love Boat’

On episode 6, the guys try to spin their stories following their reckless bachelor party, and Tisha’s mom calls out Marsau for not wearing his wedding ring. Meanwhile, Melody grills Martell about his infidelity during the wedding reception.

  • Levelup

    Her mom was wrong for that, time and place for everything

  • Levelup

    Their married to a bunch of cheaters of course they insecure

  • Levelup

    Two years? This nigga’s disgusting

  • Levelup

    Martell is a mixture of all 3 SMH

    The Cheaper to Keep Her Cheater

    This type of guy is in a relationship or marriage that he knows has run out of gas. The relationship lost its sparks a long time ago, and he genuinely wants to end it so he and his significant
    other can go their separate ways. But he also knows that if he’s
    the one who breaks the relationship off, his woman and her lawyers will take him to the cleaners.He knows that officially ending his relationship and getting back in the dating scene means that he must lose his house, half his wages, and possibly his automobile. Starting a new life means he would probably have to dramatically downgrade his
    standard of living. And he knows getting some new poon-tang
    isn’t worth living in the projects for. So he keeps the wife around under the pretense of having a
    “business arrangement.” And he gets back into the dating
    scene with no remorse, because to him, his marriage is techni-
    cally over anyway.

    The Deflecting Guilt Cheater:

    This type of guy is in a relationship or marriage that he feels isn’t bad enough to break off, but it isn’t good enough to stay
    in either. And if he were to break the relationship off, he would feel a tremendous sense of guilt. So he becomes blatant with his cheating, in hopes that his main lady will find out, and decide to break up with him. Another type of guilt deflecting cheater is a guy who has a decent woman at home, but he wants to get some extra poon on the side anyway. He feels guilty about his desires, so he will find any little thing about his woman that he can nitpick or
    complain about. He does this because he is looking for justifi-
    cation to go out and cheat. And if he can find some little thing
    that his woman has done “wrong,” he doesn’t feel as guilty when he goes out and commits his own wrongs.

    The Take Out Order Cheater
    This guy is in a relationship where the woman uses sex as a
    bargaining chip. When the wife or girlfriend tries to deprive
    him of sex in order to manipulate him, he simply goes out and
    gets sex elsewhere.
    He doesn’t cheat to make a statement or to prove any kind
    of point. He cheats because he still needs his sexual needs
    met. These guys think like this: if there is no food in the
    house, a man isn’t going to sit in the house and starve. He’s
    going to go out and pick up something at a drive through,
    fast-food place.And he has the same mentality when it comes to sex. If the sex supply has shut down at home, his sexual desires don’t go away. So he goes out and gets “take-out order” sex from strip-pers, hookers, or call girls. A strip club is like a take-out food
    drive-through window to him: he just pulls up and places his
    order. “I’d like two titties and some ass please .. . and make
    that to go. Thank you.” He does his deed, he goes back home,
    and it’s back to the normal program.

  • Shondeon

    lol, I’m thinking she might surface eventually! I’m going to bet she’s not ‘prim and proper’ like Mel pretends to be. Ol’ girl probably gets down and dirty w/ hers! Ha ha

  • Myemaildied

    My nosey butt wanna know who this other lady is! I wanna hear her side

  • Rokses

    Girl I dont know cause honestly I would not accept this. But if I would , you best believe a mofo is going to answer questions whenever the f**k I would feel like it.

  • Lady Imz

    100% but leaving him for that 6 months and coming back hasn’t done much either.

    If she took him back that means she wanted to try and work things out – he obviously doesn’t want to speak about it anymore.

    Maybe she should have a longer break

  • Paizley

    I’m sicka all of them asking about the bachelor party! They’re so insecure!!!! They guys had fun and did what they’re supposed to do at a bachelor party! The women shlda had some strippers too or shut up! UgH! Ok don’t buy drinks for women, but if they bought bottles at a strip club the strippers r gonna b welcome to drink duh. They got on my nerves.

  • LaKeysha Lane

    Very. It was almost like he had a debt or didn’t spend money like that on his wife idk

  • Lol Your meds miss you.

  • Candy Jones

    he even stated before that him and that girl still is friends and in contact with each other.. but he just told mel that he havent spoken to her in a year.

  • Candy Jones

    exactly thats how i knew to leave my ex u can tell when they have deep feelings or love for someone else and he wouldnt stayed if he didnt love that girl for 2 years

  • Candy Jones

    I know how mel feel. and him not correcting her insecurities and making things better he keeps blaming her for his action.. she will only be happy when she leaves his ass.

  • Candy Jones

    kimberly looks like she can be the rapper lil mama mother

  • daniella

    I don’t see why your ring should be off unless your bathing or washing the dishes

  • Lovë 22

    Melody, that man told you before y’all left home for Miami why we cheated told you clear as day and you still asking what lead him to the horse in which you helped him drink.

    Yes the girl is special this wasn’t a “wham bam thank you ma’am” they were in a whole 2 year relationship. I know it hurts but it’s the truth you either heal and deal or leave!

  • MéliMélo

    She definitely should leave but I think the reason why she can’t move on is because he’s half-assed apologised and he’s even defending the girlfriend to her face. Imagine your husband telling you that he doesn’t have to check his sidepiece when’s he’s being disrespectful to you? That’s crazy!

  • MéliMélo

    Because she knows her daughter is married to a douche.

  • ruprah

    Martell ain’t sorry, he feels like he shoulda BEEN forgiven. He will strike again if he hasn’t already smh

  • Ugo Tai

    Really Mel…..was Kimmi’s wedding reception the best place and time to discuss your husband’s cheating? You are starting to wear me out with this weekly nonsense. You either gonna leave your marriage or stay back and get on with it…

  • mikster

    Oh this his show????!!

  • MéliMélo

    Martell-not-Maurice-Chestnut is so unbelievable smh how’s do you ask why you should defend your wife to her face? Mel take your loss and move on. Lord Arsau is still annoying, I’m glad his mother in law called him out at every single opportunity lol

  • Josie da Goddess

    Poor Mel..she really wanna know what that other woman had that she didn’t and Marcel being so vague….Being married for over 15 years, I don’t under estimate No man no matter how he shows me or tells me he loves me Bc no one really knows what another person will do in a situation fr fr. She needs to make a decision…its obvious she still loves him…they need counseling..
    But if it was me being he had a long 2 year affair…I will also have to put an investigator or Cheaters on him at least once to be sure his actions is lining up with what he is saying?lol

  • Danielle Murray

    The wedding was beautiful. I’m not mad at Tisha mother b/c she seems to be the only one to check Marsau on his bs. Martell – lawdddddddddddddddddddddddd – you are a mess. Mel is struggling to trust him and get over the affair and he aint helping matters at all. I think she is going to divorce him. Trust is soooooooooooooo hard to get back once its violated. Martell just think him saying sorry and I want my family fixes everything but it doesnt. A whole 2 yr relationship with another woman – damn Mel – how you didnt see any signs – esp since Huntsville is a small town…..

  • Shondeon

    Yes, I’m here for the comment section! Sometimes, I watch it on tv and STILL come straight here for the comments!

  • Shondeon

    That ending was so entertaining. Martell is so nonchalant about Mel. Dude loved that other woman. You can tell by what he doesn’t come out and say!!!

  • leapyearpisces

    I agree with you, either it’s a deal, or NO deal. With that said, I think Mel”s issue is that Martell REFUSES to take ownership or accountability for his actions – he shows NO REMORSE, which is making it hard for Mel to move past it. All Mel wants is for Martell to GENUINELY say he is sorry, and to have a honest conversation of why he stepped out and carried on a full BLOWN relationship with someone else. Sad as it is, Mel just wants to know what is it that mistress had, so she (Mel) can become THAT women. When you break it down, Mel is not really “nagging” Martell, she just wants HONEST answers so she can acquire the attributes that the mistress has. It sad because she doesn’t realize that it’s NOTHING wrong with her, it’s Martell that has the issues.
    Martell is DEAD wrong because he never gave MEL the chance to try to become the woman he needed. He took the COWARD way out which was not communicating his needs / wants to his wife, instead of having a conversation and being vulnerable with his WIFE! A mistress is ALWAYS gonna be on her best behavior / and be the perfect make because she doesn’t have to deal with the “real” you. Negros STAY losing because they be mistreating their QUEEN – the black woman who ALWAYS had their back. Martell is a FOOL….because Mel is a DOPE chick!

  • Kay

    Seriously, she needs to leave that man. It’s very clear that she’s not over the cheating and it seems like she will never get over it, so what exactly are they doing? Plus, Martel is still up to no good. He shouldn’t have even attended that bachelor party given the state of his marriage, but he went and was getting lap dances and whispering in stripper’s ears etc. It’s a whole mess.

  • Kay

    I’ma need Melody to either leave Martel or stop talking about this cheating. You can’t forgive someone and stay in the marriage then bring up the cheating everyday. Get it together, lady.

  • LaKeysha Lane

    Why Tisha mom was so pressed lol like girl relax

  • Latoya Jackson

    Ok Mel, I can only imagine how you’re feeling about Martel’s infidelity but constantly bringing it up isn’t gonna help the situation. Either try to get over and thru it or just leave because I swear that nagging and constant bringing it up everyday, all day is annoying.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    oh his messy ass i forgot about him! no wonder the show been so damn dry lately

  • Baybeetricia

    So he is saying that he cheated because he wanted to. End of story. Mel need to let that, him, and all her anger go. He just confirmed the phrase once a cheater always a cheater. He is STILL cheating and no one can tell me any different. 2 flipping years?? And she only left for 6 months? Why TF she came back? She is NEVER gonna get over this especially since this is being documented on this show. He is not apologetic. He is not taking accountability. He is STILL lying. Hell, he is defending the other woman. SMT. I’m so mad she went back.

  • Baybeetricia

    Carlos King hit the jackpot with this show! Too bad he left RHOA.

  • Baybeetricia

    LOL. It’s like he lies just as much as he breathes…

  • Baybeetricia

    Martel is too good at lying to Mel…..

  • Juanita Applebaum

    Congrats to the couple, the looked great together. I knew something was a little off with Martell but now I realize that its his ears. He has Yoda ears and he isn’t right but Mel is a nagger like if the rest of the show is going to be about this they might as well show the side-piece conversation because she is not checking Martell and then staying, like girl enough. At the point you decided to stay you should have made peace, all that she is carrying is unhealthy. I wonder if they are staying together for business reasons or if she has a split personality. She was good when they were in the room all booed up then 5 minutes later it never ended. Oh and why did they have double beds, they not doing it. I’m not convinced. He still dirty-dicking.

  • QUEENDingaling

    They ha a beautiful wedding, now Mel done took over this episode too. I don’t think she should leave her husband. I think she should find a way to make herself happy. Find another hobby that doesn’t include her husband or kids. Heck, start your own business that Martell isn’t a part of.

  • Nikki Wjl

    It’s like Mel wants martell to fix the hurt and pain she feel on the inside and as a woman I understand but he can’t fix wat he can’t see it is best she leave

  • Rokses

    If she has questions , she should be able to ask them instead of going behind his back and do the same. The wound is still fresh. Seems like they didn’t have big issues before this and he still cheated, so keeping quiet is not the formula either.

  • CAHluvtheSHAW


  • CAHluvtheSHAW

    Talk about getting grilled over a bachelor’s party.

  • Nia Nicole

    They need counseling that isn’t televised. His attitude would be entirely different if the tables were turned.

  • Nia Nicole


  • Kiwistrawberi

    Kimmie and Maurice’s wedding was absolutely beautiful and was perfect. I use to think he wasn’t that interested in her but maybe he was just scared to express it. This last episode he really showed how much love and respect he has for her.
    As for Kimmie I understood where she was coming from Tishas mother does too much but I think it’s something she knows about her daughters husband that we suspect but haven’t touched on.

    Marsau has got the game down and ran with, he knows how to spin his wife very well to the point you don’t know if you want to keep questioning him or just smack the shit out of him. He gives me hidden cocky vibes but I must admit he holds his shit very well, quick thinker and liar…….recipe for divorce.

    MELODY GIRLLLLL even a blind and a deaf man would tel you to leave that man. But after a decade of marriage and two kids and business partnership I understand. It’s like she wants Martell to embrace her and let her know he messed up and he’s going to do everything to make it right. But the TRUTH and the sad reality behind this is. This is something no woman would forget and move past. It’s easy for him to say and do such because she’s the aggressor in this situation. He’s the one who cheated and lied so he has to endure the blacklash. He just wants it to all be over like it never happened but Melody wants to the Martell she had back before the cheating but sadly that Martell won’t be back. He established a relationship with another woman and his wife ACCEPTED THIS and stayed to work things out. There is no happiness in a sacred bond after such behavior. She is in a unhealthy marriage and soon Martell will get sick of the nagging and just leave for good. While melody is hoping the nagging will change him he will just end up leaving and she will still be stuck in a “BUT WHY” state of mind. That man is a whole BITCH and insensitive to women and his wife’s feelings he needs to be divorced.

  • Elaina Lowery

    Melanie should stop nagging Martel, a year after finding out is too much. I get it that she is trying to find out from him what the other woman has, that she doesn’t. She feels like they were this “ power couple “ and had everything together. She feels like they had sexual relations during the time he was cheating, so what is missing? She knows that the other woman did fill something that she is is lacking in the marriage. It was a full blown relationship, can’t understand why she wasn’t enough. Melanie have to stop pestering him, he is not going to say the truth because it will hurt her feelings. Since he doesn’t want counseling, she should get counseling to know if staying or leaving should be her decision at the end of day.

  • Elaina Lowery

    I was shocked when Kimmi said their mothers met for the first time, after they been together for 7 whole years?? What is that about?? Maybe his mother lives out of state??? That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • Lady Imz

    Kimmie looked SO happy!

    Melody listen girl….. the nagging isnt going to help.

    IF you decide to stay with someone after they cheat you CANT continue to bring up the situation it’s will only push him away again

  • Nia Nicole

    But his vain would die pretty!

  • Nia Nicole

    You’re right but I’m thinking she didn’t get the closure she needed in the beginning OR she went back sooner than she should’ve accepting too many “I’m sorry” and “I want you back” type of stuff.

  • Lady Imz


  • Josie da Goddess

    2 year mistress..oh Martell liked her…damn near fell in love…that’s why he couldn’t checked the mistress when she called that time. In cases like that, you can tell when a man has developed feelings for the other woman. Mel was just blindsided period..and thought they had “dee” perfect marriage like she said. See Mel knows it’s something deeper…Bc most men who love their wife and so happens makes a mistake stepping out…..they don’t go have a 2 year affair unless there are some deeper issues.

  • Josie da Goddess

    Me too…I’m like what??!! That’s odd…

  • Maisha Bora

    you dont go back to cheating husband and start questioning him and torturing him over and over.. move on if that is what you wanted.. or separate

  • LiLondon

    If Melody ever did the same to him he would die on the spot

  • LiLondon

    Same thing I thought

  • Dizzii Nelly

    Just happened to me, currently looking for another website so I can finish lol

  • Jelisa Thomas

    did anybody else volume go out on this episode, and the video kept repeating itself and stoping after he said “Hey Wanda!!” and the girl was like “I’m super excited to see my mom”.. I’m asking for a friend..

  • Monica Rae

    the volume is out on the video….omg…

  • Xoxopinkey

    Wait does Martell have a belly button tattoo???? You know he a hoe.

  • Lacy4u

    Melody keeps bringing up Martell’s infidelity so apparently the other woman or ‘girlfriend’ as Martell referred to her as, must’ve somehow resurfaced back in to the picture recently.

  • Susie Best