Married To Medicine Los Angeles Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘ATL in La La Land’

On the series premiere, Contessa brings Quad, Heavenly and Dr. Simone  to LA to visit her friends Iman and Britten. Meanwhile, Quad aims to get a break from all of the drama surrounding her divorce, and Contessa starts working on fixing her troubled friendship with Simone.

  • Tiffaney

    Quad…. It’s not always about you and your moment honey.

  • QBee

    That oven comment..was that necessary..she could have just left it that the Iman was light skin…I liked Britten;s response to her though…good intro to LA…let’s keep watching…

  • Kim Eland Meho

    lol this girl tried it. Sawubona means Hello, its a greeting,not l see you. Saying l see you is Ngiyakubona but oh well she tried besides it’s been a few years.

  • ok take me back did she just say our Zulu south african greating is Sawabowana – hell ma, its SAWUBONA to you Felicia

  • aaaaaaaaaah Quad makes me regurgitate

  • sashatabresejones

    They need to recast STAT.

  • Levelup

    I’m sorry too but I disagree. I don’t measure the meaning of someone’s life by wether they decide to bear children or not, I said what I said

  • Tlowe89

    Idk this one seems boring

  • Lele

    I love seeing positive depictions of black women. So inspiring ❤️

  • Lele

    Simone is unnecessarily mean.

  • Su Ja

    But Heavenly got kids to take care of and Quad has dogs. So Im sorry but Heavenlys life is a tad more meaningful than Quads

  • Su Ja


  • Suri

    I stay laughing at Heavenly. Yo she mad funny.

  • NessChappelle

    Toya annoying ass wasn’t there and neither was Mariah’s hating ass. They should have left Simone in ATL too lol

  • NessChappelle

    I hope Simone watches the show with an open and receptive heart and realizes how much of a hater she is…. so maybe she can change. Her judgmental comments are so annoying.. Like, how did she go to this anniversary party then turn around and talk shit because they wanna celebrate 2 years of marriage. At least they seem happily married.. unlike a lot of married folks. They can celebrate every damn year if they want to. Simone, worry about your own marriage boo. You seem very jealous.

  • GG

    Simone looks like a dog when she laughs

  • GG

    She’s executive producer and has rights to the show that she created. She definitely gets a cut

  • Thandazile Dlamini

    I don’t care what anybody says, but Dr Heavenly is funny as hell i laughed the whole time watching this episode. i’m not too sure about the cast though, didn’t see much of drama but we will see i’ll be tuning in.

  • NessChappelle

    Man! I had to pause the video because I was about to type the same thing. Simone seems miserable. I don’t like her ass.

  • Keepingreal1hundred♡

    she ain´t going nowhere , she´s actually one of the fans favorites . Ya´ll better get used to it .

  • Inipow

    But she thought she was really DRIPPING! Notice she didn’t get a outfit handed to her . She brought it with her . Forever trying to outshine everybody else.

  • Insight2020

    I love Britt!

  • Insight2020

    I love Britt!

  • Insight2020

    I love Britt!

  • PowerFanatic

    I have always liked Contessa. I actually like how they didnt just use someone she just so happened to know as a segway.. her and Dr. Britten are actually friends.

  • Camden

    Oh her! Lol I thought you were talking abot Dr. Britten

  • Camden

    Im from the Chicago born and raised out south and Southside Englewood is still rough to this day. She was a White looking girl growing up on the low end oh she definitely got teased because of her skin. I can attest to that. Chicago is probably thr most segregated city in the u.s. White folks primarly stay up North and Black Folks are out South. Seeing a little white girl in Englewood growing up amongst poor Black kids is NOT the norm here. So I am quite positive she had to prove she was tough enough in these Chicago streets. Especially coming up Out South.
    I like her the most.

  • mikster


  • mikster

    Lol they did that scene a few times too

  • La.Bruja.Caribeña

    I’m excited to watch this season! I think we definitely needed some fresh faces on the M2M scene. I didn’t think it was necessary to have the Atlanta girls introduce them. However, all of Heavenly’s typical shade made it funnier! Simone’s comment about Dr. Britten’s skin was tacky though. The new girls seem fun, educated, sarcastic and READY so let’s see how they do.

  • mikster

    Lol leave em be!!!!!

  • mikster

    Right plus my boos wasn’t there toya and mariah I love them fight me lol

    Heavenly had me goin though.

    Wait where was dr Jackie ? I just realized she was missing lol

  • mikster


  • Jennifer B

    Dr Britten

  • mikster

    Wait who we talmbout lol

  • Cynthia Watson

    i love how they introduce la i like them. it did seem fun

  • Straightshooter

    You know what??? Who uploaded this???? Who????? JK thanks for the upload but Damn!

  • Addae Brunder

    Heavenly daughter is pure beauty. lol She Heavenly still a mess though lolol, good 1st episode.

  • Inipow

    Cute, I enjoy crossovers . I think it’s neat when shows do this . But CON Tessa as the conduit . That’s a big NO for me ! Iman acted as though I don’t know or Re member you lol!

    I’m from the Go ! Please with all that bravado. Wasn’t nobody checking for you because you were mixed they were checking for you because you were OVERCOMPENSATING your blackness. In the hood poor is poor if you REGULAR no matter what color you are . Everybody gets teased and talked about equally the kid with the crack head mama to the fat kid to the mixed kid . That’s how you make your bones in the hood. Bitch you ain’t special . Stop it !

  • Babe

    yes! if only it was a skirt, she would have looked like the aunties in nigeria


    And corny

  • Tasticks

    Does she mean Houston? They filmed a second season that never aired.

  • mikster

    I never saw Dallas

  • mikster

    Nope not needed at all. It made it hella confusing

  • Putting my 2 cents

    I really enjoyed this

  • Debra Irabor

    ahaah yeaaa Robert seems funny ! can’t wait for the next episode!

  • mikster

    I think the Atlanta cast overshadowed the introduction for the new ladies. As everyone here mentioned we didn’t need that. I live in LA so I’m excited to see how this whole smoke and mirrors thing works lol. I’m from Detroit it’s not in me to fake an pretend anything. I drive my lil ass car. Work my two jobs and shop at Ross lol no shame

  • mikster

    She needs to find a new husband stat!!!

  • Pebbles

    Maybe they wanted to try something different.

    There was an ingredient missing from the Dallas show and I did try to watch but after the second episode I knew there wouldn’t be a season 2

    This show has potential to grow on me and my favorite so far is Robert because he seems messy and extra for no reason

  • Naj

    Loved this! I’m excited for the season now! Wish Toya was there 🙁

  • Jus post my damn comment



    This transition was not needed… These intimidated idiots just showed their entire asses


    Heavenly’s ignorance never ceases to amaze me. She’s a whole FOOL.

  • Debra Irabor

    well she’s executive producer.. she’s in the credits so she still gets her money haha

  • Anah


  • Blak Rage

    Mariah has nothing to do with the LA show. Thank God!

  • Harvest

    I’m starting to think Women don’t hit prime time reality tv till you get old lol

  • I don’t think we needed Atlanta to introduce us to L.A. Anyway, never got into M2M in general. We’ll see how this group turns out.

  • Latoya Jackson

    Simone is so ignorant. That was an uncalled for comment she made toward Britten about not being in the oven long enough. Her and Heavenly make themselves look stupid each time they open their mouths.

  • Nikki Wjl

    I do not like Simone big mouth ass

  • Debra Irabor

    i hope this doesn’t flop like the dallas one ! boring start ! tbh they didn’t need the atl ladies! they should’ve just started the season like they always do ! but congrats to mariah a new city a new paycheck!

  • Bey Martinez

    Looks like the makings of a good show!!!!

  • Sunflower

    I always knew that Contessa was more than the “bubble” they tried to squash her in. Networking- Queen-at-Large.
    In reality “Heavenly-Hell” must be around to spice up the scenes with her off the wall jealous infused remarks.
    Love it…

    Quad already feels the “They are hotter Doctors and richer than me Pressure” and is already begging for kindness and friendship – the only thing she forgets… is that she is usually THE pretentious instigating arse.
    Married to Medicine L.A feels like it is going to be a special delivery of rare chocolates.

  • Nikki

    What do you mean deluded blacks do you think everyone is supposed to be the same?

  • Lacy4u

    Wow, so there’s about to be a cheating husband right out the gate. Allegedly, Asha’s husband of two years was messing with his ex during the entire time they’ve been married according to Shaniqua (with her Kevin Hart fun-sized husband Robert). smh

  • Maisha Bora

    those deluded blacks have no clue about history and their identities.. they do know..chosing the easy bit

  • Maisha Bora

    the power is shifting.. lolol now they are understanding towards Quad lolol

  • Bellacam32

    That acting in the opening scene needs some work. I am always entertained with Quad’s 1-on-1, she is hilarious!
    I knew Britten had some flavor before she even mentioned her background and I knew Imani was from NYC before she even started speaking lol
    It’s gearing up to be an eye-catching season.

  • Rhea

    I like the new ladies, i think it’s going to be intresting! Let’s see….

  • Scarlette

    Damn Contessa has gone from just being a boring newbie to being the queen bee and helping bridge the gap of a spin off…Alright girl i see you ✊

  • Dizzii Nelly

    Lol I like it.

  • I feel you sis but she’s biracial. Now if she identifies as black that’s one thing (which I feel all biracial people have a right to do) but let’s stop the one drop claiming of people. It’s 2019.
    And to the ‘we’re all just one human race’ that’s cute and all but we’re actually a species of beings and there are distinctive DNA markers that can pinpoint to you the differences among us. Like those who are neanderthals.
    Anyways. Simone is crass like Heavenly. No charm all shade and Contessa gives me too much pageant smiling and excitement. I’ll be watching.

  • LaNiece Robinson


  • Ashley Neal

    Ungrateful ass women.

  • rp

    Not feel the show, it is a wash!!!

  • shasyl

    This started off a bit dry

  • julie kibuthu

    Always focusing on Contessa’s spanks. lol

  • R C

    I don’t know who I watched lol

  • Shacora L Jones

    I’m loving the new LA Ladies!!!

  • R C

    I was catching up with real housewives.

  • Shacora L Jones

    Well shit…. good morning lmao

  • Sweetheart

    Can’t wait for LA

  • 2sweet

    Quad still in the show i thought she took the hint

  • not realistic

    You’re quick!