WATCH: Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx have Meet and Greet session with fans after cancelled concert

The Queen Bee was scheduled to perform at the Love Fest in the UK but her performance was cancelled at the last-minute by the event organizers due to Kim showing up to the event too late. The event organizers stated that since the rapper was late they had to cancel her set in order to keep the timing of the show, so in other words they’re saying that they don’t play that whole “black people time” trend that seems to sit well over here in the United States.  A statement released by organizers read..

“Lil’ Kim did not turn up to her set on time. The festival had no other option but to maintain the scheduled running order to ensure the other main stage acts were not disrupted.” (LilKimZone)

And Lil Kim’s publicist Lizzie Grubman also released a statement on Twitter in Kim’s defense stating..

“Due to circumstances that were out of Kim’s control, her performance at #LoveBox was canceled. Kim was on-site and on time for her performance and apologizes to all of her fans for the inconvenience.” (Lizzie Grubman Twitter)

In efforts to make it up to her fans Kim set up a meet and greet session with her and protegé’ Tiffany Foxx in the hotel lobby at the Andaz hotel so that she can meet the fans and apologize to them for the debacle. Check out video from the meet and greet event and a teaser clip from Kim’s upcoming video for her new single “Look Like Money”..