WATCH: Lil Kim takes Sway on a tour of Brooklyn in honor of Notorious B.I.G


Lil Kim recently linked up with MTV’s Sway to give a tour of her old stomping grounds where she grew up in Brooklyn, NY. During her stop the Queen Bee shows where her and Biggie met and points out a few of the streets that she ran as a 12-year-old runaway on her own, they even made a stop at the old corner store where Biggie use to freestyle and battle rap outside of with other local MC’s.

Junior Mafia’s Lil Cease also makes an appearance in the piece when slay stops by the old stoop that they all use to hang out on with the late great MC, Kim didn’t get out of the vehicle to speak to the Mafia during that stop but it certainly would’ve been major if she did since she hasn’t spoken to them in years..