WATCH: Trina pays tribute to Nicki Minaj with a performance at the BMI Awards

I’m all for honoring Nicki Minaj for what she has achieved over the past couple years but.. Trina has been in the game since 1999 and has dropped numerous mixtapes and albums over the years, now I know she may not be the best lyricist but she certainly gets a lot of respect in the Hip Hop community for the dues that she has paid in the game. To have Trina, who is a vet, pay homage to Nicki Minaj is kind of insulting to say the least, it definitely should be vice versa.

Trina recently performed Nicki Minaj’s hit song”Moment For Life” at the 2013 BMI Awards to an excited Minaj in the audience who danced along throughout the performance, she did a great job performing the song but it seems as if the entire audience was standing still in complete disbelief that TRINA was actually paying homage to Nicki Minaj.. Check it out yourself under the hood..