Brand new Arsenio Hall Show returning to late night TV

It may be hard for some to believe that the king of late night television use to be a black man, especially in this day in age of Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Leno running the late night circuit. Funny thing is, a lot of what Fallon and Kimmel is currently doing with their programming is very similar to the format the Arsenio Hall created back in the early 90’s. The late night hosts of today now seem to have a lot more Hip-Hop and R&B acts on their programming but at one point in time there was only one late night show that really supported black artists and black music, The Arsenio Hall Show.

After nearly 20 years the tv icon is bringing black back to late night, the brand new Arsenio Hall show is set to debut September 9th and has been picked up to be aired on over 200 outlets. The new syndicated talk show will feature music, comedy and celebrity guests, it will also have its original theme song from the 90’s.

-Hall recently spoke with AP stating;

“It’s a huge challenge this time to bring people to the television,” Hall said. “Your biggest fan doesn’t watch you every night. You hope to get a guy three nights to check you out, the other nights they’ll be catching someone else.”

“I’m trying to be in the game,” he said. “I just got to be better than one guy that’s there.”

“Maybe they’re setting me up to knock me out,” he said, “but the bottom line is everybody is being real nice to me.”