WATCH: The original “C” of TLC Crystal Jones speaks out on Atlanta’s V103 “If I couldn’t sing why offer me a record deal?”

After the blockbuster premiere of VH1’s CRAZYSEXYCOOL: The TLC Story the compliments, criticisms, and backlash is starting to roll in at a rapid pace around town here in the land of pretense, even though the movie just aired Monday night the haters were up bright and early this morning to hit up V103 here in ATL and point out all of the “lies” that were included in the movie and untold stories that they felt should have been included in the film..

The original “C” in TLC (the group was originally named “2nd Nature”), Crystal Jones, slid through the V103 station and she wanted to tell her side of things and clear up some of the false perceptions of her that people now have after seeing her wack performance during the movie, she definitely had a lot to say…