WATCH: Lifetime releases the explosive trailer for their upcoming Whitney Houston Biopic

With the super talented Angela Bassett in the director’s chair and the brown beauty Yaya Dacosta taking on the role of Whitney, Whitney Houston’s legacy just may be in safe hands as Lifetime laces up to air the controversial biopic on January 17th..

-Angela Bassett;

“I had been looking for, hoping for, if I were to direct, a story that I felt deeply passionate about. One that I could stay up all night just thinking about, caring for and nurturing. I’ve had opportunities in the past, but nothing that just grabbed me like this did.”

“I could only hope that the script would support my desire, and it did. It had to be grateful, respectful, honest, and all those things, because we know in her lifetime there was a great deal of pressure and scrutiny. I didn’t want this story to add to that.”  -Angela Bassett/EntertainmentWeekly

Check out the emotional trailer and some behind the scenes footage from the filming of the movie under the hood…