BLAZIN CLIP: Whitney Houston’s longtime friend and rumored lover Robyn Crawford gives her love advice in this scene from Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’ biopic

After directing what she refers to as her passion project over the past few months Angela Bassett is ready for both the good and the bad that’s going to flow her way following the airing of Lifetime’s controversial ‘Whitney’ biopic on the 17th, she will be tackling some of those old dusty rumors that have been surrounding the icon over the years including Houston’s lesbian affair with her long time friend Robyn Crawford and it looks like the first peek at the dynamic of their friendship has just emerged in a new clip..

Bobby Brown is also lacing up for his ‘Remembering Whitney’ one-hour TV Special that will be airing immediately following the movie Saturday giving the singer a chance to open up about their tumultuous relationship and also give his thoughts on the film.. until then you can hop inside to check out Angela Bassett discussing the biopic and Houston family backlash during her recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show