Phaedra Parks now facing disbarment from the Georgia State Bar over ties to Apollo Nida bank fraud and Identity theft scam

It appears that The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks are quickly becoming the face of bank fraud and identity theft here in ATL and with Apollo already on the chopping block there have also been a lot of questions of whether his wife Phaedra also have been playing a part in the shady deals around town.

Well the gossip hens out there couldn’t help but to go dig into the situation a lil deeper to get to the root of the suspicion and as expected they have found ties between Parks and many of Nida’s fraudulent businesses…

-RadarOnline reports;

Documents from the Georgia Secretary of State corporations database obtained by show Parks listed as a founding officer, with Nida, of several businesses including “National Recovery Group, Inc.,” “Nida, Inc.,” “Nida Fitness Inc.,” and Nida Group, Inc.” Though none of these companies were listed in Nida’s federal indictment, as first pointed out, this new evidence shows that Parks was involved in her husband‘s business dealings — even if it was in  name only.

The complaint reads, “When i describe these businesses as fake, what I mean is that while they may have been validly organized as entities with the Georgia Secretary of State, they existed for a purpose other than the apparent business purpose implied by the entity name. In other words, I believe [they] were set up for the purpose of obtaining access to LexisNexis, Equifax, and similar databases.” For now, Parks has not been charged. But according to some reports, the practicing lawyer is already facing disbarment from the Georgia State Bar over her connections to the ongoing case. (RO)