After a hostile showdown in front on their child Eva Marcille files a restraining order against Kevin McCall

A wave of male bitchassness have been sweeping across the 20-somethings crowd and it’s really starting to pick up steam and become a national epidemic as news of yet another man-child tantrum taking place in Hollyweird surfaces, the bangin model Eva Marcille from “Girlfriend Confidential LA” and “Hair Battle Spectacular” fame is the latest victim of the plague of bitch behavior with her baby daddy Kevin McCall being the latest addition to the Chris BeatEmDown Brown School of Hard Knocks

After kicking down the door FBI style and going HAM on Eva during a recent domestic dispute, the praised songwriter watched as the brown beauty packed up her sh*t and got the hell outta Dodge… Marcille followed up with a restraining order which led many to believe that this was the end for the happy couple, but in a strange turn of events things kinda went in an unexpected direction…