BLAZIN CLIP: Raven Symone opens up to Oprah about her weight gain and coming out as lesbian but not wanting to be labeled as “gay” or as a “black” woman

Raven Symone wants the world to know that because she has light skin, light eyes, and “good hair” that she should not be considered a “Black” woman, yes indeed both of her parents are Black and Louisana bred but the actress has an interesting explanation for why she see’s herself differently which she recently shared during a revealing interview with Oprah..

In her interview Raven also goes on to discuss her weight gain a few years ago and coming out to the world as Lesbian with a longtime girlfriend that she loves, but says that she doesn’t want to be labeled as “gay”.. I’m sure social media will handle her accordingly in response to her odd comments so I wont even touch on it.. Peep Raven’s interview with Oprah under the hood…