WATCH: Raven Symone weighs in on Michelle Obama being called an Ape “Well some people do look like animals..”


Jaws dropped recently after talk show host and fashion expert Rodner Figueroa ripped the First Lady on television by making the statement “Look, you know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s part of the cast of the film Planet of the Apes”, besides him later being called out for being disrespectful Figueroa was also blasted on social media by Michelle’s supporters which ultimately prompted him to issue an open letter apology to the Obama’s in response to his on-air disses..

But when actress Raven Symone was asked to weigh-in on his comments during her recent stop at The View her response to the racial slur kinda left the other co-hosts a little shocked, check out a clip from the episode below and also watch Michelle Obama’s recent appearance on The Ellen Show.