WEAVE RIOT: Women get pepper sprayed by Orlando police while trying to get their hands on free weave, Tamar Braxton weighs-in on ‘The Real’

The chicks here in ATL always brag about having $900 and $1,000 fresh off of the boat weaves so they may not get too amped by hearing that there is a sale going on at a beauty store in the hood pitching $50 weaves for only a penny to the first 50 people through the door, but the women down in Orlando nearly lost their minds upon hearing the news of penny weaves at their local hair shop as hundreds flooded the parking lot and store within minutes of opening in effort to be one of those lucky first 50 people to qualify for the deal..

-KDN reports;

The store’s two security guards tried to keep the customers in line, and allow only 10 people in at a time but shoppers did not listen to them, and eight police officers arrived to help with crowd control, the store manager Zaid Muhsen said. “The police tried to hold them up, they pushed the police, the police got mad. It started getting outta control, and then they [police] pepper sprayed,” Muhsen said. Two of the officers aimed pepper spray over the heads of customers, who immediately scattered, Muhsen said. Sgt. Lovetta Quinn-Henry, an Orlando police spokeswoman, said the officers’ conduct is being reviewed “to make sure everything was within OPD policy.” -Kaperville Daily News

After songbird Tamar Braxton caught word of the Orlando weave riot she took to ‘The Real’ to chop it up with the other ladies and give her thoughts on the madness, peel back the lid to get an earful from Tamar and more on the weave riot…