Blood, Sweat, & Heel’s star Geneva Thomas arrested after attacking co-star Melyssa Ford and bashing her in the head with a bottle [VIDEO]

The producers over at Bravo mustve told the cast of Blood, Sweat, & Heels that they had to turn up the ratchet factor in order for them to be granted a second season of their show and apparently Ganeva Thomas had no problem stepping up to the plate and granting their wishes to help bring in the ratings for season 2, cameras were rolling recently as the reality star spazzed out then popped her co-star and my babymomma Melyssa Ford in the dome with a bottle of Vodka..

Is this what grown folks are doing now? SMH this sh*t is getting sad.. Peep the details and video of the brawl after the jump…

-TMZ reports;
Bravo star Geneva Thomas has perfected her skills of being an out-of-control reality show bitch by getting arrested Tuesday night after cracking a bottle over a chick’s head. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Thomas was on a boat in NYC during a shoot for her show,”Blood, Sweat and Heels.”  We’re told she got into an argument with another woman and her choice of weapon was a vodka bottle, which connected with the other lady’s head.

Turns out the victim was Geneva’s co-star Melyssa Ford … whose rep tells us Ford had to get 3 staples to close the wound on her head — and also cut her feet on the broken glass. Ford was taken to a hospital where she was stitched up. As for Thomas … she was arrested for felony assault. Thomas had a less violent run-in last month … getting arrested for skipping out on an $18 cab fare. -TMZ