CHANNEL 420 FAREWELL: BET cancels 106 & Park after 14 years


On the heels of BET announcing that they’re cancelling it’s highly rated series ‘The Game’ a few weeks ago, their now sending out the memo’s that they are continuing on with the suicide of the network by cancelling another one of their popular shows ‘106 & Park’.. Which is kinda strange since the ratings were good, but maybe Bey pulled a power move on the low after they started dissing Blue Ivy on-air..

When the show first came on the scene back in the day it was no denying Free and AJ’s chemistry on-screen, but ever since their fallout with the network the show has always kinda had a dark cloud over its head as it tried to move forward with rotating co-hosts every other year. BET says that they still have a plan-B in mind to kinda keep the show alive going forward though, read their statement below..    


It’s been a great 14 year run as America’s top music/variety show on cable. And now that very valuable brand is going to take its talents to the digital realm. The interactive brand you helped build, 106 & Park, is alive and well..and it’s moving to the space in which our audience NOW interacts with music the most; online.

It’ll be very exciting to connect with the millions of people who are already engaged with 106 & Park and other BET digital and social media entities and bring content that will further evolve the 106 & Park brand and enhance the overall BET Networks brand. As we transition to the digital space, we look to continue 106 & Park’s role as both a leader of and a mirror to youth culture. We’ll have more information to share about how that is to roll out very soon. 106 & Park will air its final show on December 19th. (BET/Stephen Hill)