WATCH: Nene Leakes kicks off Episode 2 of her new online talk show ‘Fab Gab’

Nene Leakes have been trying to land her own television talk show for a while now but it doesn’t look like any of the networks have yet to take the bait, so what’s Plan B for Leakes? She decided to pitch her own online talk show titled ‘Fab Gab’ via her website where she interviews random celebs in random places about random stuff..

My educated guess is that this is a move to see if the online videos can generate enough views to interest the TV networks and convince them into maybe giving her a television platform in the future based off of the success of the online talk show, if she tanks online then I’m sure she can scrap her TV hopes as well..

Check out episodes 1 & 2 of Nene Leakes ‘Fab Gab’ under the hood and see if she has what it takes…