FOUL PLAY: Outrage from hypocrites within Black Greek Organizations causes some advertisers to pull out of VH1’s ‘Sorority Sisters’

If it’s one thing that I’ve noticed from all of the “outrage” that have been coming from Black Greek organizations over Sorority Sisters is that they seem to be ok with women being portrayed negatively on reality television, as long as she’s not in a sorority. Their outrage is isolated towards one particular show that only affects them personally, but I guess the other shows like ‘Bye Felicia’ are ok. It’s cool for sorority girls like Delta Sigma Theta’s K.Michelle to do other ratchet reality shows like Love & Hip Hop and cut up, as long as it’s not mentioned on-air that their in the sorority..

But as a guy who has spent a lot of time at ATL’s University Center (AUC) over the years and have met countless women from both Spelman and Clark in my day, I must say that VH1’s Sorority Girls represents how a large portion of them actually act when their “superiors” are not around. I’ve witnessed “sorority girls” doing a lot of unflattering things behind closed doors that their “founders” wouldn’t approve of.. at parties, after-parties, and after-after-parties.. How are they being “falsely portrayed”?

To front as if sorority girls are “better than” any other woman on campus is laughable and only further promotes the condescending and pretentious attitudes that you claim to despise on VH1’s Sorority Sisters. The behavior on the show doesn’t seem to be the problem, it’s the fact that it’s being exposed on television that they seem to have a problem with and unfortunately advertisers are now pulling out of the show in response to this “outrage” from social media…

-Washington Post reports;

Carmex announced that it would pull its ads from the network until VH1 cancels the program and Hallmark said it has no plans to advertise during future episodes of the show. A spokeswoman for Hallmark confirmed that the decision was made in response to public opposition to the show. The company, Linda Odell said in an e-mail, will not advertise during the show “because of consumer reaction to the program.”

Several other advertisers including Honda, Crayola, and JBL, a subsidiary of Harman International, have also said they are pulling their ads from the show. State Farm has responded to inquiries saying that they do not air commercials during Sorority Sisters. Washington Post