VH1 stands by ‘Sorority Sisters’, has no plans to cancel the series due to whining and complaining from Black Greek Organizations

It’s kinda dumb to protest a TV show just because you don’t like the concept of it.. If VH1 was to cancel this show because of these hypocrites complaining then they might as well just go ahead and cancel every other reality show on television that follows the same formula.

The advertisers “pulling out” doesn’t mean that their pulling from the network altogether, what it means is that their going to just switch their ads to be aired during other ratchet shows on the network like Love & Hip Hop and Bye Felicia.. so there’s really no “win” in that happening. I have to tip my snapback to VH1 for not caving in response to these drama queens.. If you’re mad, stay mad.

-ABC News;

There are no plans to change the 10-episode series that “seems to be connecting with its audience,” the channel said in a statement late Wednesday. About 1.3 million people watched Monday’s debut episode. VH1 declined to comment on specific sponsors, citing confidentiality agreements, but said, “We do enjoy successful, long-term partnerships with our advertisers and are happy to honor any requests to move spots to other parts of our schedule.” ABC