WATCH: ‘Sorority Sisters’ bad girl Adrene Ashford and Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Demetria McKinney slides through ATL’s V103 to vent

These pretentious Black Sororities have really shown their ugliness with this whole dumb Sorority Sisters boycott eh? Besides them being divisive and overrated most of these “organizations” usually just attract those insecure folks on campus who need to be part of some type of group and validated by others in order for them to feel important, so I find the whole concept to be counter-productive to those seeking real self-identity anyways..

After a few of the cast members from the series revealed that they have been expelled or have received death threats from other “Greeks” for being on the show, it quickly revealed to the world that some of these groups actually operate more like gangs and cults which says more about them than any reality show could have. Peep Sorority Sister’s Adrene Ashford and Real Housewives Of Atlanta newbie Demetria Mckinney chopping it up about their chaotic ventures into reality TV with ATL’s V103 below..