R&B Divas Atlanta gets cancelled due to Nicci Gilbert’s lawsuit against TVOne? Gilbert responds to fan backlash

Eyebrows raised when the rising Black entertainment network TVOne recently revealed its new Caucasian president Brad Siegel who is said to be shaking things up at the urban station since his arrival, one of his early controversial moves comes from news that he allegedly decided to cancel the Atlanta edition of R&B Divas upon taking his post due to a lawsuit that original show producer Nicci Gilbert has against the network for allowing the new hit spin-off show Hollywood Divas into the mix without at least cutting her a check.

Nicci took to her website to respond to the rumors..

-Nicci Gilbert;

For the last few years I had hoped  for the opportunity to restore the franchise to the original vision, but unfortunately my partners at Think Factory refused to allow that to happen and the series took a turn for the worst during Season 2. It took 10 years of hard work to build the show that was once the number one rated series at TVONE but unfortunately according to Always A List it looks like it’s Curtains for R&B Divas ATL.

I created the series to give fans an inside look at the lives of their favorite singers and to give the cast members opportunities to create ancillary streams of revenue and touring opportunities. I wish all of the women associated with the franchise well and hope that this serves as a lesson that the real power & strength is in the sisterhood that created the original vision. Nicci Gilbert