WATCH: Ex-pimp Chrissy Monroe speaks on the dangers of butt surgery, details stories of kidney issues, disfigurement and infections


While watching the news in the mornings it’s not abnormal for me to see a commercial for butt surgery play inbetween ads for laundry detergent and orange juice, living in one the most superficial cities in this country you kinda get use to seeing people willing to pay top dollar to look like a bootleg video vixen. But plastic surgery use to just be known as a “white girl” thing since most Black women are naturally curvy and usually blessed with more butt and boobs than any other race of women, I guess that huge wave of young teenage mothers that swept the 80’s and 90’s never learned how to tell their own daughters that they were beautiful and perfect, which ultimately led to a new generation of insecure young girls who are now willing to risk their lives just to get a man’s validation of being a “bad bitch”.

Check out Love & Hip Hop NY’s Chrissy Monroe telling a horror story about a friend of hers who had a butt surgery that went terribly gone wrong..