WATCH: The new explosive extended preview for ‘Mary Mary’ Season 4 slides down the pipeline

During Season 3 of Mary Mary we were all plugging our ears and shaking our heads as Tina Campbell yelled and screamed at her husband, manager, and sister for an entire season after finding out that she was being cheated on, but while some folks tuned out from the redundant ranting and raving others continued to tune in to the series and bring in decent ratings.. So much so that the ladies were laced with another season by WeTv that’s on deck for a March 5th premiere, this means that you can definitely expect the screaming to go up a few more octaves and a lot more tears to come down as the ladies continue to sort out their personal and professional issues.

Peep out an extended first look at Season 4 below..

-Tina Campbell;

“This season we’re getting married again.We decided to share it all with the show. We didn’t hold anything back with our lives last year, once the devil got involved and wreaked havoc on our whole situation. So once God was able to turn that thing around, why would we withhold that part? It’s like a dream or something. I cannot believe how beautiful that day was for us.” -Tina Campbell /The James Fortune Show