WATCH: On the eve of the Season 5 premiere Mary Mary gets you caught up with the Season 1-4 refresher


Viewers have somehow managed to tolerate 4 seasons of watching Tina and Erica Campbell complain and bicker throughout their WeTV reality series ‘Mary Mary’, and just when you thought that their decision to go their separate ways and embark on their own solo careers last season would bring a bit a peace to the mayhem, the duo gets hit with a serious case of deja vu on Season 5 as they continue their endless cycle of label drama..

Peep the refresher clip below to take a trip down memory lane and get caught up ‘Mary Mary’ prior to its March 3rd Season 5 premiere..


The Marys are back! Or are they? Will solo success destroy the group forever? It’s sister versus sister, as Tina and Erica get into it, with Goo trapped in the middle! Meanwhile Mitch seeks to find his way back into their lives, this time with a hot new artist as bait. Warryn tries to hold Sony at bay, but their demands for more music become ever more persistent. Pressures push the family to the brink, and beyond… straight into the hospital! -WeTV