Mary Mary Season 6 Episode 5 – ‘Cut the Cameras!’

On episode 5, Erica and Tina arrive in Israel and tensions ignite, Tina demands to cut the cameras, and Warryn surprises Erica. Meanwhile, Erica’s vocal issues threaten a performance in Manchester, Warryn fears for Erica’s safety.

  • Shondeon

    Lol, me too while making the facial gestures and pretending to walk around Pam and Gina with some tight shorts, basketball shoes, and a fannypack on!!!

  • Tina

    Tina need to be a medication for real, I’m so glad she’s not on we’re the Campbell’s

  • EffU

    I read that first part in Sheneneh’s voice lmmfaooooo!!

  • EffU

    OMg! I said the same damn thing last episode. She really and truly does. I cant stand her ass and I hate how her family tip toes around her. The way her mom just sat there with her mouth open is prob the same look shes always had on her face throughout their lives, allowing her witch of a daughter to terrorize their damn family. I dont even think that her dad player favorites. I think he just decided not to put up with her bs and told her abt herself and how toxic she is. The way she reacted abt Teddy saying that their daughter my be a little depressed….ugh she really has the kind of personality that makes someone want to intentionally hurt her feelings just to bring her ass down a peg or two. Shes such a selfish bully.

  • EffU

    Me too!!! She has had some terrible moments but I have never wanted to physically assault her until this episode, until the scene abt her mama going home just to pack. Shes such a nasty person bc they had a plan in place to take the place of her mother during her absence which goes to show her nasty response had nothing to do with their mother but everything to do with Erica and the fact that it was Ericas idea.

  • EffU

    I dont care if Tina is bipolar or not, my sister is as well, that does not negate her selfish, hurtful, disgusting behavior esp towards her own damn mother. Tina has shown herself to be a huge, frustrating piece of work but this one topped the cake. To react to her sister and mother the way she did all about her mother, not going shopping, having some alone time to relax, but to pack on a trip she and Erica invited her to was just beyond wrong and it made me want to slap the dog shit out of Tina. She has the kind of personality that makes you want to hurt her damn feelings just to bring her down several notches back on down to reality where other ppl and their feelings exist. I really dislike her so much now. This reality show did NOTHING for her as a person, as part of a duo, and as a solo artist. I will never support her. She is a “nasty woman” as HER president would say.

  • EffU

    Oh trust me, Tina has fet the wrath of being a Trump supporter. I guarantee she regrets it. Shes such a mean spirited person so it was barely a surprise that she somehow identifies with Trump. She is just as selfish and as much of a bully as HER president is.

  • EffU

    OMg I said the same thing to my mom today when I watched the last few episodes earlier. None of her sisters nor her mother share her sentiments abt her father so I find it VERY hard to believe that what she said is true. It hit me that maybe her dad just didnt walk on egg shells around her and told her big bully ass the truth. Shes a toxic person and she makes everyone around her miserable when she cant get her way. I am so tired of that woman. For 6 seasons shes done nothing but bitch, moan, be selfish, blame everyone and get her way bc ppl dont want to deal with her. Her daddy put his foot down the their mother should have, she treats her mom like shes her mothers big sister or something and the mom just looks like shes too afraid to be honest with her. I know from experience with my bipolar sister (diagnosed btw) that the worst thing u can do is enable them to walk all over you. All it does is empower them to continue their warpath so when u finally tell them theyre wrong, they cant process it and they will turn it around and act as if its YOU who is in the wrong.

  • Ryan La’Sha

    I can not stand Tina…ughhh I just want to slap the shit out of her!!

  • Me_Tee

    I see why she voted for Trump she acts a lot like him.

  • Dontkillhes Vibe

    Well lookie lookie lookie in my (Sheneneh voice) I find it hilarious that it took Teddy trifling azz to make a trip to the holy land just to try & get crunk…booooii stop yo damn shirt on scene 31:40 looked more holyer then yo community dick looking azz!!! And for you ms.Tina—turnup can I prescribe yo azz a valium or perhaps a damn seroquel cuz yu clearly ain’t doin the work of the Lord by spazzing out on mom duce suge like honey need to turn biter on that azz and clock ha azz with a two piece…better yet just throw tha whole DAMN MARY AWAY!!!

  • Jasmine

    Tina is mentally ill, end of story. She acts exactly like my crazy ass ex-mother in law, talking fast and crazy, yelling, intimidating folks. I don’t see how they do it. She keeps saying her dad had favorites and all that, but her slick ass mouth and antics is what probably caused tension between them. That dad probably ain’t tip toe around her like the rest of that family. And Teddy, well his ass has to be the “yes” man right now because he’s the reason her ass is acting maniacal and out of control. SMDH

  • Pebbles

    Fia gurl!

  • Precious Felix

    I rebuke the spirit of both Tina and Teddy in both myself and those around me IJN Amen

  • HonestyPolicy

    Sorry I wasn’t gonna say anything but Tina’s treatment of her Mother and thew way she talked about her like she was property made me FUME. If I was Erica or Goo’ I would have dragged the hell outta her, cameras rolling and all. That’s the problem, all those damn siblings and no one checks Tina.

  • HonestyPolicy

    I can’t say anything that y’all haven’t already but i’ve ever been so happy a series is ending. Tina’s behavior is absolutely disgusting.

  • Mattie McKnight

    Tina drives me nuts. She has a major attitude problem. She need to get down on her hands a knees and pray for that spirit to be taken away.

  • Ang

    My guess is they already paid Sony back. Warren sold his studio and they’re all getting paid from WETv and their side stuff.

  • Prive

    The only thing with that Ang is that they gave him some kind of power of attorney to make those decisions. Sony is not gonna front him $ just cause he is Erica’s husband, they had both their consent. So still liable, true she can then turn and sue, if it gets to that. But he’ll come back with them signatures and receipts. He did say that Tina would be in hot shit with them and part of that $ did go to them (Erica and Tina). So it is what it is at the end of the day, they’ll make that album like you said, “Sony don’t play”. Shit for all we know it’s a damn storyline and we having a whole dang discussion about it, lol.

  • Prive

    Yeah I know but when Erica choose to say she truly forgave him and he seems to have gotten his act right. I mean I rally don’t know what they are like away from the cameras but I can only go by what it looks like and I see LOL LOVE, lol… Yeah that Tina girl.

  • Ang

    Warren cheated on Erica too. But, Tina obvious needs to get some help.

  • Ang

    Warren took that money without their knowledge. If they didn’t authorize that they could easily get out of it. It was probably for production expenses. If Tina had to come out of pocket she would be right to sue Warren to repay her. Warren more than likely is paying them back from his own money, probably from this reality show. He said he sold his studio bc of what he owes. He’s not crazy. Letting it get to a lawsuit level would cost more. And Sony is not the ones to play with.

  • Prive

    Yep, I agree. They didn’t know but Warren does say Tina got her some $$ and in the end it’s Mary Mary, Erica and Tina will be on that lawsuit if it gets to that.

  • Ang

    Tina and Erica both said they didn’t know about it. The guy from Sony didn’t talk to them he talked to Warren. They both had times when they didn’t want to do Mary Mary. When it comes to business they’re all selfish.

  • Prive

    Lmao FRFR, you ain’t lying.

  • Prive

    Nah, they got paid in advance, Tina got $$$ too and can be held liable along side with them. And I get Erica why she’s trying to do the album shit that’s family. Tina would’ve been ALL up in her face had it been reversed and I bet you Erica would’ve helped her ass. She just comes off spiteful just b/c she knows they need her and she loves to be the dictator. Good don’t like ugly, there’s a reason Erica was #1 and Tina #2, there’s a reason she has a shifty marriage and Erica seemingly had a blessed one.

  • Prive

    She act like she got it going on without Mary Mary, I think she got on EVERYONE’S nerves this episode she went to hard though.

  • Prive

    Yooooo! I want to bop Tina in her eye. Like dude it ALWAYS has to be her way. She is everlastingly a bitch. And then she says she doesn’t want to be in a place where she has a bad attitude (negativety) and go off on ppl, WORD?! But you ALREADY there, you selfish brat. Their poor mother man if I had $$ I would’ve done got my mother up under Tina dictating controlling ass. Dang, I don’t hate ppl but this episode gots me so annoyed with Tina. Poor Erica unlike her sister she is so calm and just humble. Her godliness shows in her demeanor, in her marriage. So loving, but then we have Tina ol’ hateful self, she has a complex… Girl you are far from God baptizing yourself closer doesn’t get you closer. Changing that stank attitude maybe will.

  • Shante’ Kaneisha

    why is tina acting like that? calm down.

  • Ang

    My comment is clear I don’t know what he spent the money on. That’s the problem. He hasn’t said where the money went. Everyone knows what advances are for. But he didn’t have those expenses because they didn’t make an album. That’s why the guy from Sony came to see him a season or two ago to tell him to make an album or give the money back. Warren’s problem is he no longer has the money and they didn’t have the money hence the reason he’s so stressed about Sony. Those are facts we all have from the show.

    None of us know Warren enough to know what he would or wouldn’t do. I’m not accusing him of anything but it’s fair to point out that it looks bad. Just because you don’t floss that doesn’t mean you aren’t spending. You don’t remember Warren and Erica’s pool broke and when Erica found out it cost 70k she wasn’t worried but Warren was? You never know someone else’s finances. Appearances don’t mean anything. Whatever the money went to we know for a fact it didn’t go to an album and Sony wants it back.

  • But what do you intimately know (for a fact) about how Warryn spent Sony’s “Mary Mary” album advance?

    With all due respect, knowing the industry and how much producers spend on managers (i.e. Mitch), attorneys (flake on a gig for whatever reason(s)), studio time, production, wardrobe, travel, marketing, PR etc. – I’m just saying that Warryn doesn’t seem to be the type to blow an advance on BS, and I’m thinking a good portion went towards Mary Mary expenses.

  • Dana Butler

    Tina and her yuck mouth dirty ding a ling husband our disgusting; seems she’s jealous of her sister and everyone’s scared to put her in her place!!

  • Ang

    Erica only wants to fulfill the Sony obligation because her husband took an advance without telling the group but appearently spent the money since he can’t give it back. Something about that doesn’t seem right. Tina didn’t even know about it. She was right to be pissed at Warren. Where’s the money if there’s no album? Tina has a lot of faults but Warren and Erica are sneaky. Erica went on the radio and announced that Tina would perform with her even though Tina had already said she didn’t want to do it. If Tina had done that to Erica she would have been pissed. But, she expected Tina to go along with it without complaining. That was all personal because Erica didn’t sound too good at that show and she needed Tina. Tina has a lot of flaws but she’s transparent. Erica acts sweet but you have to watch her.

  • Ang

    Tina and Erica are both following in their mother’s footsteps of tolerating a cheating man.

  • Ang

    Yes. Everyone forgets that Tina was practically begging Erica and Warren to do a Mary Mary album and they were very dismissive of her. She started working on a solo project because Mary Mary wasn’t an option bc Erica was so busy doing her own thing and they didn’t care about her. I swear Erica is a manipulator. She acts sweet and she’s not as loud as Tina so people overlook the messed up stuff she does and treats her like a victim. Erica and Warren expect Tina to be at their beck and call. That’s not right.

  • I’m not sure if you’ve watched from season 1, but let Erica dare commit to a concert date w/o first speaking with Tina (as Tina did re: Africa). …Not only would Tina have thrown fit #9,987, she would’ve whined ‘You’re taking time away from my children and husband’ (as if she’s the only married mother in the world), refused and walked out.

    Watching from season 1 to now, it’s clear that Erica wants to fulfill this final obligation to Sony and be done with Mary Mary (really, having to deal/work with Tina). It’s one of the reasons Erica went solo in the first place, along with the fact that Tina kept whining that she needed/wanted a break from Mary Mary.

    After Erica went solo, all of a sudden Tina wanted to do Mary Mary and expected Erica to fall in line with what she currently wanted. Now, Erica has made it clear that she loves her sister, but no longer wants to be held hostage to Tina’s anger, demands, late arrivals, selfishness etc.

  • Pebbles

    I knew it! I knew i heard right that her husband screwed the nanny that’s why she don’t have one..

    Yup! Yup! Clap! clap!

  • There are no words that can be said to justify that type of foul ass disrespect.

    It’s time for Honey and everybody else to stop catering to Tina just b/c she was hurt and devastated 4 years ago. Everyone on this planet goes through things, and Tina’s crossed over to the point of ‘using’ that (and threats to kill herself, children etc.) to manipulate her mother, sisters and even dirty d!ck Theodore.

  • Fia Brown

    Always using that ” but am I not a better person than I used to be” line. Every time Honey tries to tell her something.

  • Fia Brown

    Coming from a person who mom passed 4 years ago, she better love and pamper her mom while she’s here. Tina mom is getting in age, her behavior and workload can take off years they need. I hope Tina feels like shit for acting out like that! And the sisters for letting it ride

  • Fia Brown

    Yep! Mary Mary is about to be divorced after this! I was shocked at how she was coming at her mom. I thought I was watching one of them movies where rich people get foreign babysitters, but treat them like slaves “she get a day off when I say she get off”. SMH

  • leapyearpisces

    Yes!!!! I said the SAME THING after the episode last week. I have peeped low key manipulation in Erica. Her hands are dirty like Erica’s, but to a lesser extent. Erica, manipulates behind that smile of hers sometimes. I’m no fan of Tina”s as I said before, but I like she mince’s no words, she is very transparent. Put it this way, Tina is the type who will shoot you in the head point blank, where as Erica is the type who will poison you over time, both are fugged up situations, my point is why yeah Tina got issues / and a NASTY attitude, but she isn’t ALWAYS in the wrong. While, not OFTEN, Erica be poking that bear (Tina), sometimes

  • I just don’t get it, never got it, and don’t wanna ever get it.

    My mother and father gave (and continue to give) us sooo much love, understanding, support and patience, but there has always been ground-rules from the time we could toddle. Being disrespectful or talking crazy was never tolerated (esp. if you liked having teeth); forgiveness is a given, but you will be called out on your sh!t and expected to own it.

    It’s family that will always be there and love you (warts and all), not randoms you meet that claim to be ‘friend’ on Mondays and Wednesdays. Every wise and loving parent knows you don’t best serve, prepare or do your child any favors by excusing their self-centered/bad behavior(s), or supporting their choice to whine and play the victim.

  • Pebbles

    That’s what i’m saying : there is no way… gurlllllll! I showed my whole blach arse on that show cameras or no cameras …….

  • Pebbles

    There is still a level of respect that a child gives to their parents… I’m grown woman ,and my parents do things to irritate me to the fullest at times, my approach is still respectful.. Tina approach to her mother was very disrespectful regardless of how she felt she could’ve handled it in a better manner. All of her children ( the one’s we’ve seen) treat Honey respectfully, but Tina.

    She may enjoy it, but Tina behavior doesn’t make it worth it…. What we are witnessing from Tina is having a break down and she needs real therapy….

    This show was created to broadcast their talents and help them with their brand. I can honestly say that this show has shown the public why no one wants to work with them , the real reason why they’re unable to keep managers etc.

  • Pebbles


    It’s the same.. meaning we saying the same thing…. I was explaining no matter how much we complain about the show, or squabble amongst one another… each week same place,same time ,doing the same thing…LOL!

    LA (just enjoy and scroll pass unless you feeling petty…like I do some times and engage them LOL!)

  • Shanyce’ Holmes

    Thank you girl. You took the words right out of my mouth

  • Shanyce’ Holmes

    Tina and Teddy would have gotten SLAPPED ! Y’all not gonna take over this trip like that.

  • Mz DiDi

    Tina gets on my nerve she is so self consumed. I really do not care for her ways.

  • Chantel


  • futuresomething

    I truly hope Tina look back on this series to understand why she has lost some fans. Just a cranky old woman.

  • SheoutChea

    All of this! You read my mind!

  • mikster


  • Fia Brown

    Yes! God need to give Honey strength to smack Tina quick & short. Honey getting old, Tina is a few years from getting a charge of taking advantage of the elders!!! All them sisters and Tina talking to momma like that? It would have been a whole different reality show!!

  • Lacy4u

    I did cringe a little to see how loud Tina was getting & the tone she was taking with her mother, especially outside the door, but Honey is a grown a$$ woman AND the mother of Tina. Pretty sure she’s not allowing Tina to do (or say) anything to her that she doesn’t want to be done. Maybe she chooses to check her off camera? After all, she raised Tina and all the other 20 kids she has (I’m exaggerating because I don’t know the exact head count). Tina is the one that’s following in her mother’s footsteps with the amount of kids, I guess. Anyway, Honey doesn’t seem like a pushover & she really seems like she enjoys looking after the kids. Maybe it gives her purpose in her senior years?

  • Lacy4u

    Well, at least he realizes how much he really needs this and is trying extremely hard to get it.

  • Lacy4u

    Yes, but haven’t the tables turned (now) on the Campbells? Didn’t they turn their backs on Tina when she wanted to continue doing Mary Mary songs but instead Warryn and Erica wanted no parts of Mary Mary because they wanted to only focus on Erica’s solo career? I’m kinda confused why folks are so mad at Tina right now for feeling the same way….smh

  • MissT-Rex

    Yes! My thoughts exactly

  • mandi

    tina needs mary mary her ticket sells didnt sell much so now she put off her tour she better make that last album with sony cuz who wants to pay over millions to a label when it couldve been resolved by putting an album together

  • ㅤㅤLa

    lol we saying two different things really. But I feel you

  • Putting my 2 cents

    I like both of the Mary’s Tina be trying act like she over teddy cheating but she really not I could see if it was 1 woman but gahdamn multiple women multiple times ain’t no way you over that you trying to act like it and keep busy that’s why she so stressed out and Warren only want this album to get sony off his back and put more money in his pockets and ain’t nothing wrong with that but don’t keep pressuring Tina to do the Album when you and ya wife said fuck Mary Mary we bout to hit em hard with Erica Campbell the solo artist and when y’all did that and later realized Mary Mary put more money in y’all pockets and sony want another Album now y’all all of a sudden team Mary Mary Tina got a hundred kids and a cheating husband who’s infidelity she hasn’t got over but trying to act like she did and forgave cus she a Christian whom also she trying to be this fake relationship counselor with when I don’t even know how cause she ain’t fully dealt with her own crap shiiid she need some peace I wouldn’t even bother her bout no album if she keep saying no fuck it leave it alone get y’all some money in the lil weed store lol and revisit it later when everybody is smoking the Lord’s herb and thinking clearly ✨

  • leapyearpisces

    And I will show compassion to the other people you mentioned as well. It costs NOTHING to be nice, and symphonize with others. Now, what you said about the whole voting thing, you are 100% correct. My daddy ALWAYS has said the Democratic was NOT meant for black people, that the REAL racists hide under the guise of being “pro-black “, I could say more, but honestly, I am tipsy as all hell (homecoming weekend), so we will have to finish this later, but I understand where you coming from.

  • leapyearpisces

    Yep, and I realized that me saying SHE NEVER had a sparkling personality was probably because most likely she was GOING THROUGH with that Teddy before they decided to do the show. At any rate, I wish the lady the best, and a healing.

  • Pebbles

    That’s what we do….. we talk ishhhhhh and come back next week ( God willing!) and do the same thing….

    Sometimes we squabble with each …… watch the show squabble again….then wait for our favorite shows..power, mary jane, queen sugar, etc.. talk about them also..

    it’s no big deal…

  • Tasticks

    Well said!

  • Gkelle
  • Sarah El

    Tina needs to let go of her shitty husband. She has not healed or forgiven him and it’s obviously eating her inside. She’s lashing out on her family. I genuinely feel like she has lost total control over her marriage and she will not let go of the only thing she can control ( her sister and begging husband who needs her collaboration ). Hence, why one minute she’s on board and the next she wants to half ass shit. I hope Erica and her hubby get’s a spinoff show. They should stop pushing the Mary Mary agenda and watch Tina knock on their door a couple of years from now when all her accounts are dry. Tables always turn. I hope she will realize that her solo career is not a good idea considering she sabotaged her brand and image. I’m really not a fan of hers, however I firmly believe that a brighter future is possible if she lets go of that anchor (her hubby) and of course with professional help.

  • Agree.

    Her own mother (Honey) and sister (Erica) went through some of the same issues, and Tina is just doing her usual of acting as if she is the only person who matters, and the sun doesn’t rise until she wakes up.

  • Ppl around the country and world are dealing with personal illness, sick children, death, losing everything in a hurricane etc. Tina is not the only individual on this planet that has gone through a devastating struggle, so she needs to get over herself. However, I agree with some of what you’re saying re: her voting choices.

    IMO Tina’s mistake is that she should have kept her politics to herself, but POC need to go to hell with acting like everyone is supposed to hold the same beliefs, agree, think, vote, worship etc. the same (or to their satisfaction) — else they start name-calling i.e. “self hater,” “sell out” etc.

    There is no monolith and everyone did not grow up in the same situations or areas, and it’s just ignorant to (on the one hand) advocate for an acceptance of diversity then (on the other hand) yell “Uncle Tom” at anybody who has a diverse/different POV. Trump is a piece of shit IMO, but AA’s have primarily voted Democrat for decades and how has that worked out? Democrats act as if the AA vote is a guarantee, and I don’t see them doing a whole hell of a lot to earn it.

  • A disgusting bully to the max!!!!

  • Yep, there are many individuals that can sing the phone book and make it sound good but singing ability, riffs and talent alone has zero to do with success in the industry. Some chicks are their own worst enemy and (all by themselves) plot their own lifetime path of constant struggle, unhappiness and pain, and fail to attain their goals.

  • Again, Tina is the most selfish, self-centered and “me, me, me, it’s all about me” drama queen on the planet.

    Honey should slap the disrespectful taste out of Tina’s mouth!

  • Keisha Sexton

    I was saying the same thing about Erica. Due to her husband being involved with owing Sony she wants to push for an album and Mary Mary . Tina need something strong and an attitude adjustment too. Lol

  • Mademoiselle Goldie✨

    Tina is so disrespectful, it’s disgusting. The way she speaks to her mother is just nauseating.

  • Sarah jane

    Tina is getting on my nerves, but it’s when Teddy try boss up and get rude to the man I was like sit your cheating ass down, liaaaaar and he had the cheek to say to the tour guide in his confession and I a quote “DO NOT LIE, IT IS FOR MY SALVATION”


    After this episode I’m truly convinced Tina is mentally ill and needs professional help and medication. Its exhausting watching her meltdowns.

    Erica and Waryn are so good together they need their own spinoff show

  • Nikke0208

    I agree. I’m not showing her any compassion but I do feel that she’s going through hell right now and it’s because of her husband.

  • April_Moon

    I feel so bad for their mom for having to deal with all of Tina’s kids during her late years in life. It’s gross how Tina justifies it by saying that she “pays her” to do it smh

  • Kim Wilson

    All I can do is Pray for Tina it break my heart to see she so broken.. She lifted up people for years and now need all that back double. I love Tina and it made me mad when she voted for trump but I forgive her But watching her break down before the world is painful.. We as Children of God need to lift our Sister up in Prayer because her Pain is deeper then we know.. All that anger is build up pain, denial, hurt, embarrassment, shame, guilt, confusion, list go on. We all human, my husband cheated 2 times and I lost it can’t imagine 10 times that’s why I divorced mines the trust was gone and couldn’t look at his sneaky face. Seeing all her anger make me want to Love even more I thank God he couldn’t break my soul like that.. Continue to Pray

  • leapyearpisces

    I understand. No offense taken. I get it, it’s just that we all know Tina ain’t never had a sparkling personality from the jump, all I was saying is that it’s obvious she going through, and that we should show her some compassion. Not talking about any posts on this site, but I’ve seen where people going innnnnnn, and if that woman ends up killing herself, etc. them same people gonna be fake mourning her.

  • Tatiana Mahogany

    Ohhh okay I thought that’s what Teddy meant when he said he’s baptizing his whole family

  • hrgr2100

    I wonder if Sony even want another Mary Mary album. Tina is just too bad for business smh

  • Cynthia Watson

    Is that wtf she need cause i use to be all for her but now omg she is to much. Shes never gone be number one. Trump lover

  • BriDawk

    For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone puts up with Tina. Some people, you have to love them from afar. Every single thing involves bickering, arguing, and raised voices. Tina needs to be focused on Mary Mary since she had to cancel her tour. No one is featuring her after all that Trump stuff.

  • Kimberly Haynes-Belk

    Tina is selfish and disrespectful. Her sister needs to just say forget it and move on solo cause she sings better anyway

  • BriDawk

    WeTv is so dramatic with their reality shows.

  • Nikke0208

    With all due respect, we’re not upset about who she voted for. It’s how she responded to it that made her lose fans.

  • Kristal Styles

    I’m sorry but the way Tina treats her mother like Jesus she is not your slave she’s a your mother treat her better. Tina needs to seek a head doctor because she is not right!

  • Preciosita

    I understand Tina has issues and usually she’s really over the top on her own accord but Erica is starting to get on my nerves. Erica wants Mary Mary to work and wants an album and all of that but the minute Tina actually books concerts and shit goes wrong its Tina’s fault. Everything is Tina’s fault. I’ve been noticing Erica does things that convenience her and she does it in a sneaky way. And for Tina she is overwhelmed and stressed the fck out, she clearly needs some help. She might need to join that marijuana venture and smoke some to chill the hell out.

  • Alexa Michelle

    Girl I cringe every time any scene of hers come on.

  • Sunshinegirl

    She just makes my skin crawl. I cannot with her.

  • Alexa Michelle

    If Tina dont go get herself a fat ass blunt n chill somewhere … she is way too over the top for no appearant reason

  • ㅤㅤLa

    People here kill me talking about how they don’t like this show or it’s “cringy” to watch yet watching every single week each season. Caring enough to post here. Same with any other show. No one is begging you, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There’s plenty of other things that can entertain you. Unless you’re being paid to watch what you hate, nobody cares.

  • ㅤㅤLa

    What “old me” is Tina talking about??? She been selfish and mean since season 1

  • leapyearpisces

    Indeed! She does, and possibly some meds like another poster said. When you start going “off” on your own mother like she is somebody off the street, and referring to your own mother like she is an indentured servent, it’s time for some help, and I DON’T mean ole Ilyana either.

  • kneesee

    And I dont know why they choose to do a reality show anyway….name one person that reality has worked for besides Cardi B??? And to be honest I think its only gone last so long for her too. No one with common sense will sign on to a reality show unless its positive and even then its not worth it…Look at TI and Tiny. Reality shows have KILLED these celebrities.

  • kneesee

    LORD I dont know what to say about these two. They both are selfish at times. However, Erica is way more compromising but only when its convenient for her which it makes it even more sneaky and is why I think TIna rebels.

    They both jeopardize the sisterhood based off what they HUSBANDS want. Teddy, sir I laugh when you try to call the shots. No need to be all snoody with the man. He warned yall that yall dont wanna go to a SWAMP! And when yall get there TIna will be the first one complaining….talking all fast “uhh nooo, I not gonna do it, Imma have swamp juice all in my hair, we gotta perform, then my kids gonna have swamp juice in they hair and I gotta stay up all night to get the swamp juice out because i dont want them to die from swamp juice we in a foreign place and I dont know whats in this swamp juice, I mean I know Jesus will cover but Jesus also said dont be a fool and I am not about to willing get myself in swamp juice knowing that its gonna kill us…why this man bring us here in the first place…come on Husband uh uh no Im not doing it. Can you pull the cameras please, I mean pull the camera right now.” LOL!!!

    The stressed because they tryna pleased them husbands. Take a chill pill. If he gone cheat chile he gone cheat, I dont care what excuse he telling you on why.

  • T Hale


  • Anastasia Roberson

    Ik wat Tina needs to calm down she needs a Blunt or 2 then she’ll b smooth sailing lol

  • Anastasia Roberson

    That stuff with her husband broke her down and she’s n denial abt it. She needs to talk to a professional

  • Anastasia Roberson

    Amen to that hunni

  • Anastasia Roberson

    Tina b n her feelings too much

  • Cha Cha

    Tina definitely has mental health issues. She’s a bully to the entire family, and I would just love to see somebody, anybody buck back !!!

  • Jade Campbell

    Geez Tina is exhausting. Yikes I could never work with her. She is just mean as heck.

  • leapyearpisces

    I see a lot of posts talking about Tina, and I am NOT captain SAVE A HOE (Briana from Growing up HIP-HOP learned me GOOD about caping for NOT SHAT females), but I will say this, I do not care for Tina AT ALL!!!! With that said, I am going to give her some compassion because what we are witnessing is the break down of a human being whose SPIRIT has been broken. So, even though I DO NOT CARE for her, I am going to acknowledge the fact that her spirit is broken, and that’s why she is “acting out”, and ANOTHER thing, people need to back waaaaaaay the fuck up over her saying she voted for Donald Trump. I voted for HI’ll are of course, but to see people be so callous towards her is basically BULLYING the way I see it. So what????? She voted for Donald Trump, yeah she a coon for that, but there is no need to tear the woman down when we KNOW she is already going through the ringer with her “secret squirrel ” husband. At some point, even if we don’t like her, for the TRUE ADULTS, our compassion HAS to kick in at some point. Once again, I am NOT a fan of Tina’s, but I be HOT DAMN if I kick a horse when they down. I am going to pray for HER, and send good vibes her way. It can’t be easy what she is dealing with between the backlash of her voting for 45, and Teddy fucking ANYTHING with an orifice (hole), she going THROUGH, and I am going to do the HUMANE THING, wish is to send good vibes her way. I am not a person who finds pleasure in others pain / struggle.

  • Tatiana Mahogany

    If Tina don’t get on some anti-anxiety meds and gtfo this show! Teddy is baptizing the whole family and he’s had more affairs than they have family members. Tina don’t wanna talk about Mary Mary in Israel but Mary Mary is the only reason they’re there. It damn sure ain’t because of their solo careers. I’m so sick of all of them & tbh this show is cringey to watch. I don’t want nan nother Mary Mary album anyway.

  • MelaninGoddess

    Lets just hope that Erica and Warryn don’t end up being the next Tamar and Vince. Especially with him owing all of that money to the label just like Vince, and we see what happened with that

  • ImSomebodyToo

    Tina is SO ungrateful and annoying. Difficult ass! She deserves Teddy and he talmbout his salvation. He has slimebucket written all over his face! I cant deal with his face on the screen. fake churchy ass

  • Long Locs

    I hate going in circles repeating the same problems over and over so I’m just gonna pretend that Tina and Erica haveva secret pact (consciously or subconsciously) to do their solo projects and leave Warren to solve the financial problem he created with Sony on his own. Erica, I’m hoping, is just going along with Warren to be a good wife but has no intention of making another Mary Mary album in real life. It’s not that I don’t want the group album, it’s that watching this show is giving me a headache! Tina, go take your meds before the family has you committed. Please and Thank you kindly maam.

  • Nina Divine

    Tina exhausted me in that episode… What’s going on with her ? She’s facing lots of challenges , she’s very confused. I think she’s trying to make sense out of everything but it gets her mind into a spiral and it affects everybody around her. I pray that she gets some clarity

  • ImSomebodyToo

    the video wont play!

  • Tonika Bentley

    Tina please girl. Hopefully you know that ppl are getting sick of you and your evil condescending spirit. Damn didn’t you have to cancel your tour. Be careful the public can and will destroy you.