BLAZIN CLIP: With new managers now on deck tensions start to rise between Ma’ri and Danielle on Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Season 5


Oprah Winfrey set her eyes on Miss Robbie and her historic ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ franchise early-on in the creation of her OWN network, and with ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s’ being one of the first reality shows to get the green light from the network during its rocky start it’s no denying the shows impact on injecting new life into network by quickly becoming a fan-favorite and bringing 4 consistent seasons to the channel line-up.

Now with its 5th season in full swing things somewhat take a turn in a new direction as a couple of fresh new managers ruffle some feathers in Miss Robbie’s restaurant upon her return from Memphis, get a dose of Season 5 below..