BLAZIN CLIP: Romeo Miller details his taste in women and first date pet peeves to Patti Stanger as he chases love on ‘Celebrity Millionaire Matchmaker’


Romeo Miller may have spent the last few years chasing loose white girls around LA while living off of his dad’s money, but now that his wild college years have come to an end the former rap star is ready to find a nice decent woman to settle down with that’s not out to dip into his pockets or take advantage of him. So much so that now he even refuses to kiss any girl on the first date just to avoid misleading her or diminishing his chances of finding a quality relationship..

But as he pounds the pavement looking for his lady-love, watch as he takes the time to reach out to Patti Stanger to also do a little prowling for feline’s on his behalf to see what she can bring to the table..