WATCH: Mo’Nique and ‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels battle it out on CNN over accusations of her being blackballed by Hollywood


I have to admit that when I first heard about Monique’s claims of being blackballed by Hollywood, I busted out laughing since it quickly reminded me of Paula Jai Parker making similar claims on ‘Hollywood Divas’ while taking out her frustrations on co-stars Elise Neal and Golden Brooks throughout the season. They say that “Hollywood” is a small place and that “Black Hollywood” is even smaller, so when Lee Daniels hit up comedienne Mo’Nique on the low to inform her about her apparent blackball status, all hell broke loose as the Oscar-winning actress took to the airwaves to make the revelation public while also mentioning Daniels by name as the culprit.

Now that the flames have been fanned the two industry peers are ready to step up and defend both sides of the issues by sitting down with CNN to elaborate, get into it below..