WATCH: Who killed the pastor? Romeo Miller, Kimberly Elise, Tamala Jones and Malcom Jamal Warner brings ‘Megachurch Murder’ to Lifetime

It was just a year or so ago when deacon Woodrow Karey Jr of the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, LA made headlines for walking into his church during a revival service and putting two bullets into Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr.. Being that the motive behind the killing allegedly stemmed from claims that the preacher was sleeping with Woodrow’s wife and impregnated his daughter, most folks who caught wind of the murder and its confusing back story thought that it sounded like a Lifetime movie in the making..

Now that the dust has settled Lifetime have decided to bring a similar but fictional story to the small-screen in the form of their new film ‘Megachurch Muder’ that’s set to air February 7th.. The plot doesn’t involve a church shooting or impregnating the deacon’s daughter, but instead it revolves around the controversial murder of a church leader by someone in his congregation that was staged to appear like a suicide. Peep the previews below..