WATCH: Lisa Raye, Latoya Luckett, Denise Vasi & Charity Shea hops back on the scene with the new trailer for Single Ladies Season 4

After being cancelled by VH1 a few months ago Queen Latifah grabbed her ‘Single Ladies’ series and headed on over to the Centric network to broker a deal to keep the show on the air for another season, but being that Centric is just a mouse compared to the reality show juggernaut VH1, there definitely were a few budget cuts in the process as they moved the filming of the show from here in ATL all the way up to the stomping grounds of Canada where it was a lot cheaper to produce. Single Ladies Season 4 will take its spot on the Centric roster alongside Moesha, The Jamie Foxx Show, & The Cosby Show starting March 18th..

It’s kinda hard to tell from the trailer whether the series will appear to be more low-budget or not compared to its VH1 glory days, but if so I’m sure fans won’t bother to hold their tongues. Peep it out below..