WATCH: As the premiere of LHHATL Season 4 inches closer Lil Scrappy opens up about being in love with Bambi on ‘NiteCap with Peter Bailey’


With Kirk Frost and Rasheeda dealing with infidelity issues and Stevie J and MiMi going head to head with Nikko and his wife Margo on Season 4, it looks like lovebirds Scrappy and Bambi is the only Love & Hip Hop ATL couple that’s still going strong. The duo have spent the last few months sharing videos of their exotic vacations and blooming relationship via social media so I guess it’s safe to say that the Erica Pinkett and Erica Dixon saga is a thing of the past..

Season 4 premieres on April 20th so we’ll see how it plays out, but in the meantime watch as Scrappy opens up about his relationship with Bambi, armed robbery, Black on Black crime, and more in his new interview with ‘NiteCap with Peter Bailey’..