Angry fans lash out at TVOne and launch a petition to have Stacy Francis kicked off of R&B Divas LA


I’m not really in support of selective outrage when it comes to reality television since it’s all just entertainment, so I say that if you don’t like something then don’t watch it. But what do you do when you like everything about a show except for one particular cast member? Do you just ditch the show completely or do you cause a fuss in effort to get the person kicked off of the show instead?

Well that latter appears to be the solution for fans of R&B Divas LA who just launched a petition with to encourage TVOne to give newbie Stacy Francis her pink slip and send her back to skid row. Read their argument below..

Chang.orgTV One cancel the contract for Stacy Francis from R&B Divas LA season 4

If the only example a young person has is that of a mean, selfish, and self absorbed person, what would become of that young impressionable child? If all the public consumers see this show as a representation of Women of Color as foolhardiness, ratchet, conniving, back stabbing  and materialistic, would those same consumers ever see them positively? The African American community is hurting in more ways than one and we don’t need any more negativity.

With that being said I petition TV One to do the right thing and remove Stacy Francis from this show immediately. Stacy Francis has done nothing on this show that represents anything in regards to the upliftment and empowerment of the African American community specifically Women of Color. The viewers have spoken and we will no longer part take in negative stereotypes and propaganda that is causing division and destruction amongst Women of Color in the media.  We have a voice and our voice will be heard. We demand respect!!!!