WATCH: ‘R&B Divas’ Chante Moore speaks on the gay rumors surrounding Kenny Lattimore and her new album

Now that R&B Divas LA Season 1 has come to an end the ladies have been hitting the airwaves to air out some dirty laundry and clean up a few dust ups that took place during filming that kind of left fans hanging with tons on questions. One of those surprising jaw-droppers was Chante Moore’s refusal to deny that her ex-husband singer Kenny Lattimore was homosexual while being grilled by Wendy Williams during the reunion show, instead Moore just let the question slide leaving viewers to wonder if that was the cause of their divorce..

Chante has now stepped forward to provide some clarity for the inquiring minds in a new interview recently, peep out what the vocal powerhouse had to say about the madness…

-Chante Moore;

I don’t know where they [sexuality rumors] started. I wasn’t personal friends with him for long. I was an acquaintance before we dated so I don’t know anything about that. That really isn’t a comfortable thing to talk about. Being that he isn’t my husband anymore, I leave it up to him to answer because that’s his life.

He isn’t somebody that I really want to talk about. I’m still pissed off about stuff that happened but it [child custody battle] was something that happened. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been something that I brought up.  If you want to know any more about what happened about my relationship buy my album because I wrote a whole album about it on Moore is More. Check the record because there’s things that I won’t talk about that I will sing about. -Chante Moore/JuicyMagOnline