R&B crooner Eric Benet lands his own reality television show

R&B’s barefoot bandit has reemerged and he now has his sights set on reality television, Grammy award winning artist Eric Benet has just landed his own reality show in which he will scower the dusty subways of America’s major cities looking for the best unsigned talent in a new show titled “Sub Stars”. I just hope that he wears shoes for once while chasing all of those talented crazy people hanging out in the subways… Check out more on this below.

Billboard reports;

In a press release announcing the production, “Sub Stars” will “pit the best ‘underground’ musicians, discovered in the subway systems of major U.S. cities against one another.” Contestants will vie for a record label deal and cash prizes. To help support the television show’s first season of production, a Kickstarter campaign goes live today. Eventually fans will help scout for talent and vote for winners using a “Sub Stars” smartphone app. The “Sub Stars” Kickstarter campaign will continue through December 20 in hopes of reaching and exceeding a $399,000 goal.

“We are truly trying to make history together and deliver a fan experience like never before,” states creator/executive producer Phil Viardo in the press release. Adds Benét in the statement, “[‘Sub Stars’] gives truly unique characters, with a different and innovative sound, a platform to showcase their musical individualism and talent.” (Billboard)