Claudette Ortiz gets the boot and singers ‘Brave’ and Stacy Francis join the cast of R&B Divas LA, Stacy responds to backlash via Facebook

It’s been said that TVOne’s hit R&B Divas franchise was initially birthed as an honor to the late-great Whitney Houston, but now not only is the family of Houston pissed over the addition of her ex-nemesis Stacy Francis to Season 3 of the show..but pretty much every R&B fan and fan of the show is a lil disappointed as well with the addition of Francis and singer ‘Brave’ formerly of the girl-group RichGirl..

-DailyMail reports;

MailOnline has learned that Houston’s family is outraged that former X Factor finalist Stacy Francis, 45, who had a public fight with Houston at a pre-Grammy Awards party in February 2012, has been tapped to join the cast of TV One’s hit reality series, R&B Divas: LA. The Houston family learned of this from one of the singers on the show and they’re outraged! They feel adding Stacy Francis to this show launched about Whitney is just another slap in the face DailyMail

So as tons of other talented songbirds of yesteryear continue to hold their breath in hopes on landing a spot on the hit show, it looks like production is still moving forward with the two chicks that nobody knows… which looks to me like ratings suicide.

Stacy recently took to Facebook to address the media backlash in regards to her controversial addition to the show, check out her lengthy response under the hood…

-Stacy Francis;

There must come a time that inner peace and forgiveness of self takes over. There must come a time when no matter what someone says about you to others that don’t know your heart that you forgive them. There must come a time when your own personal integrity is honored and all you do is honor today and the future you have the ability to create without regret of yesterday.

Where you take full responsibility and have the awareness that you can win and will win as long as you believe and have a clean heart and clean hands. It is my desire that everyone has love in their hearts and can treat others with respect but this is sadly not the world we live in but it is the world we can create. God bless and I don’t say that as some lame statement to show being holier than thou… I say it with the heart for God that I have and true desire that He blesses your life even if you choose to throw stones. Peace. -Stacy Francis Facebook