BLAZIN CLIP: Neffe snaps after Elite tries to convince her to reconcile with Keyshia in this scene from the ‘All In’ finale


BET kinda cheated viewers by lacing Keyshia Cole with only a handful of 30 minute episodes for the premiere season of her latest reality series ‘All In’ instead of an hour, with all of their commercials stuffed into the short time slot it only left folks with about 20 minutes a week of watching Franky going HAM. But now that the season is coming to a close soon with the airing of the finale on April 21st I think that we all can collectively agree that it’s about that time for Neffe and Keyshia to finally put their ongoing beef to bed and stop driving their mother even more crazy..

Watch as Elite tries to step in and smooth things out in this scene from the ‘Keyshia Cole: All In’ Season 1 finale..