WATCH: Trey Songz treat fans with his new ‘Intermission’ behind the scenes Documentary (24 min)


Taking a page out of the Beyonce handbook Trey Songz dropped his ‘Intermission’ EP by surprise a couple of days ago to the delight of his fans, but being that I’m not really one of those fans I can’t tell you if the EP of scrapped tunes from the recording sessions of his upcoming ‘Trigga Reloaded’ album is any good.. but he did just release a new documentary in support of the project that’s kinda dope and worth a watch if you’re bored. Peep the 24 minute clip below..

-Trey Songz;

“A lot has happened in a year and after most recently completing two mega tours from the US to Europe, I felt re-energized by the love and wanted to share this glimpse of the journey while giving my fans some new music with “Intermission”. The love I’ve received is beyond belief, I’ve attempted to reciprocate it by sharing this vulnerable yet genuine piece.” -Trey Songz