WATCH: Peep the wild official trailer for Kenya Moore’s new series ‘Life Twirls On’


Kenya Moore have been a certified banger since her days as Mrs Bosack on ‘Martin’ in the 90’s, and the fact that in 2015 she still easily make basic broads insecure enough to hate on her daily and brew up voodoo potions on the low in hopes of ever looking like her makes her even more dope in my book..


If you’ve been a fan of Moore prior to her Real Housewives Days then you already know that she is a gem on-screen and has some decent acting chops under her belt, so with her new sitcom ‘Life Twirls On’ now being pitched to the major networks in search of a home she decided to release the official sizzle reel for the project and get the buzz going. Peep it out..