WATCH: Vivica A Foxx speaks on her feud with Jimmy Kimmel & beef with Kenya Moore on ‘Watch What Happens Live’


Vivica Foxx may be on the top of Donald Trump’s list a faves after her stint on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, but she’s also sitting pretty nicely on the top on Jimmy Kimmel’s sh*t list as well if you let him tell it. The celebrated comedian hit up Watch What Happens Live last year and griped over an interview that he had with Foxx a few years back in which he thought that she was high off of drugs and banned her from coming back, but now after remaining mum on the beef for a few months Vivica is taking to the same platform to respond and give her thoughts on it..


Fox appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in September 2005, and the interview started off on the wrong foot when Kimmel poked fun at Fox’s friend Star Jones in his introduction of the actress. Pointing out Fox’s various accomplishments, Kimmel concluded with, “…and most harrowing of all, Star Jones’ bridesmaid.” Things went downhill from there. Fox immediately became icy toward to comedian, claiming she didn’t find his jokes about her friend to be funny. 


“It goes both ways,” Kimmel chided. “I’m desperate to make this work,” he pleaded with his guest, who was on his show to plug her Lifetime crime drama Missing. “You know what? The four of us should get together — me, you, Star and Al Reynolds” Kimmel suggested. Fox responded grimly: “You would get your a** kicked.” Fox then walked off the set and Kimmel had to spend the next segment focused on her empty chair. -BET